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Yonder Yoga Old Fourth Ward is a brand new yoga studio located in the historic neighborhood of Old Fourth Ward in Atlanta, Georgia. The studio offers classes for all abilities and experience levels, providing the perfect opportunity for beginners to learn about yoga, as well as those seeking to deepen their practice. Additionally, Yonder Yoga Old Fourth Ward offers workshops and events that aim to create an inclusive and welcoming community.

Practicing yoga can offer numerous benefits for people of all ages and backgrounds. From gaining better posture and flexibility to reducing anxiety and stress, people who practice yoga have experienced enhanced physical health as well mental well-being. Being able to quiet your mind while practicing mindful movements can help you feel more connected to your body. Not only can you gain strength physically, but mentally as well through increased mindfulness and focus on breathing techniques. There are various forms of meditation taught throughout the class which helps participants become aware of each moment both on and off the mat. Further, getting into a good flow during class can result in improved blood circulation throughout your whole body while helping lead towards relaxation.


Yonder Yoga Old Fourth Ward, located in Atlanta, Georgia, is situated in a unique historic neighborhood that adds to the overall yoga experience. It’s an up-and-coming district characterized by diverse businesses and cultural activities that create an exciting atmosphere. Old Fourth Ward is a thriving blend of past and present – the area is home to antique shops, trendy galleries and nightlife spots that offer something for everyone.

The historic nature of Old Fourth Ward can be seen around Yonder Yoga’s studio with its unique architecture. People enjoy wandering the cobblestone paths, exploring artist alleyways, eating at eateries located in century-old buildings, or taking part in outdoor activities along nearby parks and trails. The area provides a perfect backdrop for Yonder Yoga’s classes, which focus on spirit-centered practices inspired by rajasic living – a combination of meditative yoga postures with elements of calming meditation techniques perfect for urbanites looking for balance while even better set against the beautiful accompaniment of what Old Fourth Ward has to offer.

Yonder Yoga’s platform also offers interactive courses online allowing you to stay connected through virtual sessions and workshops with live instructors right from your own home no matter where you are. And if remote sessions don’t quite do it for you then nothing beats being back in the Yonder Yoga Old Fourth Ward studio surrounded by peers finding harmony together as one collective yoga unit.


Yonder Yoga Old Fourth Ward offers a variety of yoga classes to suit all sorts of yogis. For those looking for a more vigorous workout, there is Power Vinyasa Yoga, where precise postures are linked with the breath to build strength, stamina, and flexibility. For a slightly slower pace there is Flow Yoga and Hatha Yoga where students learn a variety of poses at in an uplifting yet relaxed atmosphere. Yin and Restorative classes offer a way to wind down at the end of the day by deepening into poses with props like bolsters and blankets while allowing the body to rest deeply. Meditation classes allow studsents to learn how to still their minds through various techiniques such as breathing excercises and mindfulness practices. Finally, every Thursday Yonder holds Chant & Pranayama Practice which includes yoga postures, singing with devotion and mantra recitation. Each class offers something unique so make sure you come prepared for an amazing experience!

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Yonder Yoga Old Fourth Ward offers a team of highly dedicated and experienced instructors who are passionate about helping students to reach their yoga goals. Each instructor at Yonder Yoga brings something unique to the studio, ensuring a diverse and inspirational teaching style that allows for personal growth.

The instructors at Yonder Yoga Old Fourth Ward each provide detailed profiles on the website, enabling students to gain an insight into how each instructor teaches. This helps to ensure that students find an instructor whose style best suits them. All instructors emphasize the benefits of mindful movement, using breath and intention as guiding forces in the practice of yoga. Additionally, many of the instructors specialize in particular areas such as Vinyasa Flow, Pranayama Therapy, Hatha Yoga or Yin Yoga. Not only do they offer classes that accommodate different levels; they also have sessions specifically tailored for pregnancy and postnatal yoga.

At Yonder Yoga Old Fourth Ward all of the instructors are knowledgeable and qualified with years of experience in teaching yoga practices. They strive to help students reach physical and mental well-being through exploration and development of self-awareness. The instructors are endlessly encouraging while providing a safe space for individuals to explore transformation, relaxation, discipline and connection with their inner selves.


Yonder Yoga Old Fourth Ward offers a variety of amenities to enhance your yoga experience. Enjoy a relaxing atmosphere in the lobby with couches, refreshments and reading materials to relax and decompress before or after class. For convenience, there is also a stocked pro shop offering mats, towels, props and other supplies necessary for classes. Private changing rooms with lockers and showers are available to help you get ready for your practice. Wireless charging stations are located throughout the facility should you need to top up your devices before or after your session. The studio also offers complimentary opportunities such as yoga workshops and other unique programming on a regular basis. All these extra features help ensure that each customer has a comfortable and enjoyable experience at Yonder Yoga Old Fourth Ward.


Yonder Yoga Old Fourth Ward has helped many people in their journey towards physical and mental wellbeing. People who have taken classes with Yonder Yoga have consistently reported being happy with the quality of teaching, environment, and overall experience. The teachers not only provide guidance during classes but also encouraging students to push themselves throughout the class. Through carefully crafted sequences and focus on alignment, Yonder Yoga Old Fourth Ward ensures that each class offers something new for all types of yogis.

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Furthermore, class attendees often comment on the warm and welcoming atmosphere at Yonder Yoga Old Fourth Ward which helps make each student feel comfortable no matter their yoga experience level. This perfect blend of pace and instruction keeps classes engaging while allowing space to explore different opportunities of practice without feeling overwhelmed. After a session in this studio people seem to feel relaxed, joyful, and empowered by the growth they have achieved as they step off their mats feeling rejuvenated. It’s no surprise that so many come back time and time again!

Special Offers/Discounts

Yonder Yoga Old Fourth Ward offers a variety of discounts and special offers for students. These include discounted packages for those attending multiple classes, punch card discount options, student and military discounts, group deals for groups taking classes together, special rates for new members who sign up for monthly memberships, and free or discounted trials. There are also occasional promo codes available through the studio’s social media channels and email newsletters which can be used over online purchases or in-person reservations. Additionally, Yonder Yoga Old Fourth Ward offers coupons from time to time to reward existing clients with a lower rate on select yoga classes or products.


Yonder Yoga Old Fourth Ward is a great place to find serenity and a quality Yoga practice. This well-rated yoga studio provides experienced instructors who are focused on providing a nurturing space for you to learn more about the philosophy and embodiment of yoga. With a peaceful atmosphere and top of the line equipment, Yonder Yoga Old Fourth Ward is sure to meet the needs of beginners, experts, and everyone in between. So if you’re seeking an opportunity to deepen your practice and find peace, be sure to check out Yonder Yoga Old Fourth Ward. Taking part in its classes will not only help you develop awareness and clarity in both daily life and during asana practice but will also help open up unexpected possibilities for personal growth. Once you start practicing at Yonder Yoga Old Fourth Ward, you won’t be able to get enough!

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