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Yoloha Yoga mats have been a key product for Yoloha since the company’s inception. Founded by experienced yogis in 2008, the company has become a leading manufacturer of lightweight, eco-friendly yoga mats and yoga accessories designed to help yogis realize their full practice potential. The original signature cork and natural rubber mat continues the tradition of harmoniously blending nature with technology. Yoloha believes in creating high-quality products that are good for people, the planet and its practice – a mission echoed throughout its entire range of products.

Yoloha mats evoke meditative vibes inspired by nature within every slip-free pattern. As well as being lightweight and easy to transport, they are 100% free of toxic materials like phthalates, latex and silicone. Each mat is also stocked with sustainable cork sourced straight from Spain, which is naturally antimicrobial and antifungal to ensure extra hygiene during your practice sessions! Cork also incredibly absorbent so it’s comfortable no matter how long you stick around in your favorite pose or style. To top it off, each Yoloha mat is neatly trimmed with tight overlock edges for additional cushioning without any bunching on its edges or grip issues as you’d find with regular foam mats – making them perfect for performing even the most complicated poses!

Design and Quality

The Yoloha Yoga Mat is designed with maximum comfort and durability in mind. It features a lightweight, textured design that provides an optimal grip for any pose or exercise you’re doing. The mat is made from a special blend of all-natural cork and rubber for excellent cushioning, anti-slip traction, and maximum support. Its material allows it to absorb sweat to keep your feet dry so you can really stay in the moment and focus on your practice. The 3 x 6 foot design encourages full body stretching while keeping its shape over several uses.

This cork yoga mat has been expertly crafted to be difficult to tear, providing reliable performance through many poses and months of use without losing its attractive look. Plus, cork is naturally antimicrobial, preventing bacteria buildup if properly cared for. The high quality stitching ensures the corners will not curl up so you can really stretch out during sweaty poses without worry! Coming in three vibrant color choices, this eye catching mat promises stability and endurance as you achieve balance in all areas of life. Visuals of the mat could help show what these features look like – showing how strong the stitching is or how supportive the material feels when in use could give viewers an idea of how sturdy this product truly is.

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The Yoloha Yoga mat is a great way to practice yoga and stay fit. Not only does it offer excellent support to help keep your balance, but it also has numerous potential health benefits associated with its use.

By using the Yoloha Yoga Mat, you can potentially gain improved posture, flexibility, and balance. These factors all work together to help you achieve maximum physical potential while preventing injury during your yoga sessions. Improved balance can also create better form as well as help you move more efficiently through each pose. Additionally, improved posture can lead to greater muscular strength and endurance because your body will be kept in proper alignment for each posture throughout the duration of your practice.

Finally, increased flexibility can not only help reduce risk of injury from rigorous workouts but also allows for larger ranges of motion which leads to a fluidity and gracefulness that many strive for during their practices. All these benefits come together on the Yoloha Yoga Mat to create an overall healthier and stronger experience that is sure to take your yoga practice up a notch!


The Yoloha Yoga Mat is an eco-friendly choice for your daily yoga practice. It is made with sustainable cork and recycled foam core, making it sustainable in multiple ways. The natural cork material is harvested from the soft bark of cork oak trees, which are a renewable resource. The use of this natural, renewable component helps ensure that fewer resources must be consumed in order to produce the mat. Additionally, the foam core is made from recycled car tires, making this product even more sustainable. As well as having a smaller environmental footprint than traditional yoga mats, the Yoloha Yoga Mat also provides an incredibly strong grip due to its textured cork surface ” great for hot yoga!

The Yoloha Yoga Mat has achieved certification from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and the Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS). FSC certification verifies that products originate from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits. GOLS is a certification program that requires production practices that support organic agriculture sustainability while ensuring customer safety and satisfaction. Purchasing certified products such as this yoga mat helps ensure that our environment is managed responsibly and sustainably.

Customer Reviews

“I love the Yoloha mat! The pattern is beautiful and it provides good grip and cushion while I practice. I definitely get a lotta miles out of this mat, doesn’t show wear and tear that easily.”

Many customers are raving about their experience with the Yoloha Yoga Mat. For starters, many appreciate the aesthetic of the mat, as it features a unique and beautiful pattern. In addition to its visual appeal, users also find that it provides good grip which helps them remain steady during their yogic routine and also helps keep them from slipping during intense poses. Furthermore, customers note that the mat has an unexpected amount of cushioning given its thickness which keeps them comfortable throughout their practice. Another bonus of using this mat is that it does not show signs of wear and tear easily; allowing for long term use without having to worry about replacing it soon after purchase due to damage.

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Price and Availability

The Yoloha Yoga Mat can be purchased for $149.99. This price includes free shipping and handling, and if you purchase 2 or more mats you will receive an automatic 10% discount. If it is your first time ordering from the Yoloha website, you can get 15% off your purchase with the code “FIRSTTIME.” You can find out about upcoming promotions and sales online on their website or by signing up to their email newsletter. They also offer financing options that allow you to break up payments into small monthly installment plans, making it easier on your budget.


The Yoloha Yoga Mat is a revolutionary product that supports sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyles. The company’s goal is to make yoga and wellness accessible to all, regardless of financial or mobility constraints. This mat allows for better cushioning, superior grip, and a low environmental footprint. It can last four times longer than traditional mats, is made from 100% renewable reflex foam, has a natural rubber base, and comes in vibrant colors that allow yogis to showcase their personal expression and style. By providing an ethical, sustainable alternative to traditionally manufactured yoga mats Yoloha Yoga Mat contributes directly to the company’s goals of making yoga more accessible while caring for the environment.

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