Yoga You Can Do In Bed

#Yoga You Can Do In Bed
There’s no denying that one of the best parts of yoga is the peacefulness you feel after a session. However, it isn’t always possible to practice yoga in a studio or even on a yoga mat. Fortunately, there are plenty of yoga poses you can do while you’re still tucked in your bed. Here’s how you can experience the ultimate in relaxation.

##Start the Day with Bed Yoga
If you’re looking for an easy way to start your morning, look no further than bed yoga. Practicing yoga before you get out of bed gives you a chance to greet the morning in a peaceful and mindful way. Here are some poses that can help get you started:

* Plank – Place your hands on the mattress and draw your belly button in towards your spine as you raise your body off the bed.

* Downward Dog – Step your feet back until your hips are above your knees, then press your feet and hands down on the bed.

* Warrior II – Extend your arms out parallel to your shoulders and step one foot back into a gentle lunge.

* Seated Forward Fold – From a seated position, extend your legs along the bed and slowly bend forward, reaching your hands toward your feet.

##Experience In-Bed Yoga Before Bed
Just like starting the morning with a few yoga poses, doing just a few poses right before bed can leave you feeling both relaxed and energized. Try out any of these restorative poses as you’re winding down for the evening:

Getting In Shape Is Fun When You Use Great Ideas To Pump You Up

* Corpse Pose – Lie flat on your back in your bed and let your arms and legs rest naturally.

* Child’s Pose – Kneel on your bed and carefully bring your chest to rest between your legs.

* Reclined Spinal Twist – Place your left arm straight out from your body, then draw your left knee in towards your chest and gaze over your left shoulder.

* Legs Up The Wall Pose – With your legs resting on the wall and your upper body resting on your bed, let the blood rush to your head and enjoy the feeling of the stretch.

##Mix It Up With An In-Bed Yoga Flow
If you’re feeling ready to mix things up, why not put together your own in-bed yoga flow? Here is a simple sequence you can try out:

1. Plank
2. Downward Dog
3. Warrior II
4. Seated Forward Fold
5. Child’s Pose
6. Reclined Spin Twist
7. Legs Up the Wall
8. Corpse Pose

With just a few simple poses and stretches, you can have the perfect in-bed yoga experience. So go ahead and get cozy in your sheets, and enjoy the feeling of being completely relaxed.

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