Yoga With Period

Yoga with period is a form of exercise specifically designed for women dealing with menstrual issues and other reproductive health issues. This type of yoga combines special poses together to help participants focus on relaxation, reduce cramps, and ease the discomforts that accompany most periods.

Additionally, it provides strategies on properly dealing with emotions that come up during menstruation such as stress, anxiety, and depression. With this practice becoming more popular in recent years, many women have sought out the benifits yoga offers for their physical and mental states when they are experiencing pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS) or during their period.

Physical Benefits: Combatting Menstrual Discomfort

The physical effects of practicing yoga with period can be seen in significant relief from some common menstrual complaints. During PMS or your cycle itself, Pilates can keep you committed to your movement routine while giving your body new challenges alongside providing relief to abdominal pain and muscle cramping.

Performing gentle stretches associated with certain poses can decrease congestive symptoms like breast tenderness by stretching tight muscles responsible for compressing organs found near the spine, ultimately loosening difficult knots formed during general inflammation due to menstruation or other causes. Additionally, breathing techniques commonly taught in these classes act as a tool for unwinding tension held deeply within muscles without straining yourself too much throughout the process.

Mental Benefits: Dealing With Emotional Changes

Another key benefit brought by yoga with period is emotional stability. Commonly practiced breathwork is especially helpful for individuals dealing with mood swings before or during their periods since it helps you relax your body little by little while allowing you to rebuild your mental strength afterwards.

Yoga teachers often encourage postures that help express feelings such as anger or sadness instead of suppressing them which encourages healthy relationship dynamics through self-awareness and understanding; attitudes that aren’t typically nurtured by traditional forms of physical activity methods are affirmed here making it beneficial both physically and emotionally when practiced on a regular basis.

A heightened mental state achieved through meditation also produces sensations peacefulness not only post-class but can be used in daily life struggles as well if practiced heavily enough.

What is Yoga With Period (Definition and Origins)

Yoga with Period is a type of mindfulness practice specifically designed to help menstruating women better understand their cycles, manage their symptoms and learn how to embrace the changes they experience during different times throughout their cycle. This form of yoga combines physical yoga postures, breathing exercises, meditation and relaxation techniques in order to achieve hormonal balance, improved mental clarity and emotional stability during this special time in a woman’s life.

Yoga with Period also incorporates ayurveda principles for further benefit.

This practice originated from the work of Dr Mikel King Rivera who initially proposed the idea of Yoga With Period after observing patterns and fluctuations that occurred in her own body as well its effects on different environments while teaching yoga classes for over 20 years. Her proposals were inspired by traditional Chinese medicine practices and Vedic traditions that have each been passed down through generations.

To bring this concept into fruition she teamed up with leading experts who offered guidance on the types of postures that could aid menstrual wellness, understanding of symptoms and much more.

Today the practice of Yoga With Period is being globally taught by certified teachers through specialized courses and programs so that others may access its benefits too. These involve learning how to create mindful movements tailored to a woman’s current phase in her cycle along with age-old rituals such as Ayurvedic guidance for nutrition, chakra balancing as well as understanding spiritual connections to one’s period journey.

Moreover, practitioners are receiving support on how best to communicate with their bodies during different stages; through taking moments for relaxation or increasing physical exercise depending on if they’re having an energy shift or feeling any cramps or discomfort amongst other things.

Gearing Up For Yoga With Period

Yoga is becoming increasingly popular, especially with those who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you’ve been looking for an innovative way to practice yoga, Yoga with Period may be the perfect fit for you. With this spin on traditional yoga classes, you can focus on relaxation and acceptance while focusing on your menstrual cycle. To ensure that you have an effective and enjoyable session of Yoga with Period, it’s important to know what supplies are necessary.

The first item of importance when signing up for a Yoga with Period class is your mat. You want your mat to provide enough grip to keep you from slipping, but also be comfortable enough so as not to irritate any skin sensitivities that may rise during the course of your practice.

Aside from that, bring a water bottle or other personal items that create a distraction-free environment and make sure your period hygiene supplies are well stocked should they be needed during the session.

When dressing for the class it’s wise to wear something comfortable yet supportive; avoiding clothing with heavy fabric since they can distract from the movements in this type of yoga session. A good pair of leggings or shorts paired with a tank top should do the trick.

Of course no yoga session would be complete without accessories such as incense or essential oils that aid in creating a calm atmosphere. While these items aren’t required they do give an additional dimension of relaxation and allow deeper introspection into yourself and your body during the meditation portion of the class.

Yoga is an experience meant to help one build strength in both body and mind – having all the necessary items at hand will make your journey successful and fulfilling. Not only does Yoga With Period provide a unique experience like no other form of workout routine; its goals are designed specifically around women who seek peace within themselves each month as they go through their menstrual cycles and changes in hormones.

Different Methods of Practicing Yoga During Your Menstrual Cycle

Yoga is a timeless and holistic practice that helps to reduce the physical, emotional, and mental symptoms associated with menstruation. With period yoga, women can embrace the changes their bodies go through during this time by using various yogic tools such as meditation, breathwork, gentle stretches, relaxation poses, and calming pranayama.

This type of yoga offers an opportunity to create an internal space of love and nurture for yourself while helping to support your overall wellbeing. There are many different ways one can practice yoga during their menstrual cycle depending on the individual’s needs and preferences.

One method for practicing yoga with period is Yin yoga. Yin allows us to connect deeper into our bodies by holding poses for longer periods than traditional dynamic flows. During this time we can start to allow ourselves to fully relax into the pose seeking where physical sensation becomes mildly uncomfortable but not painful.

Yin also offers us an opportunity to release tension in the body particularly in areas we may tend to hold onto like calves or hips. Incorporating restorative poses into yin practices such as setting up bolsters or blankets underneath our bodies helps encourage further relaxation and aids in cutting down on any pain one may be experiencing due to cramps or other premenstrual syndromes (PMS) related discomfort.

Another type of yoga that can be utilised during menstruation is vinyasa flow or ashtanga vinyasa. These dynamic sequences offer gentle stretches combined with breath work allowing an individual to move energy around the body without risk of injury or exacerbating menstrual pains and aches, while toning muscles and loosening tight joints at the same time.

It’s important when doing any dynamic forms of movement on your period that you listen for signs from your body needing rest by taking short breaks throughout the flow sequence or taking certain postures out all together if needed.

Paying attention throughout the practice will help prevent anything from becoming too uncomfortable due to heightened sensitivty some may experience throughout menstruation. Additionally you may want keep elements softer by enjoying lower intensity movements such as coming in and out of postures with close proximity rather than fast skips or hops between them, making sure if a posture causes pressure it should be completed mindfully yet without resistance at each step throughout the pose duration.

Can Yoga Mess With Your Period

DIY At-Home Yoga With Period Routines

Yoga With Period routines are a fantastic way to stay active during those special times of the month. This innovative program offers women personalized, at-home yoga practice that is tailored to their unique menstrual cycle and can help promote physical and emotional well-being throughout the entire month. Whether you are dealing with cramps, heavy flow, or PMS symptoms such as bloating, headaches, or anxiety – Yoga With Period has something to offer every female body.

When working with Yoga With Period, users will be able to customize their routine according to where they are in their cycle. Each stage of the cycle brings new needs and potential issues, so tailoring your sequence is incredibly important for best results. Depending on where you are in your cycle you may do different poses that help target uncomfortable cramps or lower back pain associated with menstruation.

As well as this, certain cycles may leave us feeling mentally drained or stress out which is why using mindful breathing techniques and gentle restorative postures during around these times can be extremely beneficial for calming our mind as we relax into our practice. Postures such as Supta Baddha Konasana (Reclined Bound Angle Pose) even claimed to reduce stress hormones while increasing those of relaxation which results in an all-over sense of peacefulness and relaxation.

Another great benefit of Yoga With Period lies within its ability to both strengthen the pelvic floor muscles (while toning them) whilst reducing any aches and pains associated with periods cramps etc. Asanas such as Janu Sirsasana (Head To Knee Forward Bend) work directly through the abdomen hitting areas like our ovaries; this can potentially ease pain around this area too.

It’s also great for boosting energy levels when you’re feeling particularly tired as it’s low impact making it more manageable than other forms of exercise but still offering an effective dose of cardio per session at the same time.

Combining easy postures with visualization techniques such as counting mantras have proved to increase serenity from the inside out giving us a sense of overall well-being whilst also helping us connect closer mentally within ourselves too. In conclusion, Yoga With Period combines incredible benefits both physically and mentally no matter where you are in your monthly cycle – this makes it an excellent form of exercise for anyone who wants something a bit customizable when practicing at home by themselves.

Physical Benefits of Yoga With Period

Yoga with period can have a range of different physical benefits. This form of yoga was created to help women understand how their menstrual cycle affects their bodies and to bring balance to any discomforts experienced during this time of the month. Doing yoga postures such as hip openers, twists, and forward folds can be beneficial for relieving cramps.

These postures target parts of the body that are most impacted by menstruation such as the lower abdomen, back, and hips. Gentle exercise helps to increase blood flow which can reduce overall pain while triggering endorphins which naturally release tension in the body.

Yoga with period is also known for helping regulate hormones and improve digestive health. During this time of the month, many women experience bloating and indigestion due to imbalanced hormones caused by their menstrual cycle. Practicing postures specific to menstruation can help promote balanced hormone levels and encourage proper digestion during the week before your period starts. This will help you avoid stomach cramps, constipation, or an unpleasant feeling in your abdomen due to poor digestion.

Exercising with yoga during this stage is also beneficial for restoring energy that may be lost during your cycle due to fatigue or hormonal fluctuations. Exercise not only increases blood flow but oxygenated blood throughout the body; it also activates endorphin receptors known as “happiness chemicals” that help keep us lightheaded and cheerful.

The increased energy gained from practicing yoga will give you greater strength throughout your day so that you can continue working hard while keeping your mood positive despite experiencing the natural emotions associated with the monthly cycle.

It is important when practicing yoga with period to listen to your body – if certain poses feel too strenuous on certain days or are cause discomfort in general then it is okay to skip those postures for a day or two instead of pushing yourself too much and exacerbating any existing issues you may have experienced due to menstruation.

Mental Benefits of Yoga With Period

During menstruation many women often feel tired, anxious, easily irritable and can find it difficult to concentrate. Intense cravings for certain foods or the desire to isolate oneself from family and friends are also common symptoms. Fortunately, yoga can help with these struggles.

Yoga breathing techniques have been proven to be beneficial during this time as they can reduce stress, anxiety and depression caused by hormone imbalance. By doing these special poses that target different parts of the body and mind we’re able to bring awareness to our physical state as well as slowly change our thought habits towards a healthier pattern of living.

In addition, taking part in yoga with period classes can give us an outlet from feeling overwhelmed and our emotions get validated which is really comforting.

Breathing exercises such as alternate nostril breathing (nadi shodhana) or kapalbhati pranayama helps bring about balance between the left and right hemispheres of the brain which can improve moods during menstruation. This is done using an alternating breath technique that switches between the two nostrils while focusing on exhalation when practising this type of yoga.

This type of movement will relax your body, allowing blocked energy around the pelvic area to release so that cramping and other negative manifestations will decrease significantly during your menstrual cycle each month.

Pranayama is especially helpful for managing premenstrual mood swings and calming down excessively active minds particularly those crammed with too much white noise. Ujjayi, nadi Shodhana, kaoshikii , brahamri but also surfacing meditations such as observing the breath or mantra chanting gives you something else to focus on rather than random thoughts which, asking themselves over-products excess cortisol in our bloodstream leading to more menstural cramps usually during PMS.

But apart from relaxation purposes those aforementioned practices mentioned are there greatly beneficial for regulating hormonal balance that is essential during your period cycle phase either pre or post menstrual period cycle.

During these periods you might be prone too prone to emotional issues related to problems encountered at work or relations associated with peer groups all resulting in additional bodily discomforts expressing any form of anxiety with difficulty managing strenuous activities due a sudden energy drop etc hence requiring some restore measures available through yoga practice espcialy tailored designed during menses.

Understanding Key Poses and Techniques for Yoga With Period

Yoga with Period is a form of yogic practice designed to be especially beneficial for women during their menstrual cycle. It combines several traditional yoga techniques with specific poses specifically tailored to the female body, which can help reduce symptoms like cramps and general discomfort associated with menstruation. Due to its focused nature, Yoga with Period is often practiced in a more relaxed atmosphere than traditional yoga classes.

The class usually begins by setting an intention that focuses on healing and acceptance and celebrating the beauty of the menstrual cycle. Here we will explore key techniques and poses that can make your practice more comfortable when managing this special time of month.

One of the most important elements of any yoga practice are proper breathing techniques. When combined with certain poses and modifications specific to Yoga With Period, this technique helps to open up your body while providing relaxation and comfort. Ujjayi breath, or ocean breath, is a powerful breathing technique used by many yogis due to its ability to reduce stress hormones while also increasing clarity and focus.

During this type of breathing, you should inhale deeply through your nose while gently constricting your throat muscles as if you were saying “ahh” out loud without voicing it Our final deep exhale should be released through slightly pursed lips as if you are sipping from a straw.

This sound-producing technique not only creates lift in chest but slows down your rate of breathing allowing for a release in tension as well creating an internal peace for the practitioner1 practicing yoga with period.

Another great element about Yoga With Period is that it encourages practitioners to modify certain poses according to their individual needs instead feeling pressure to keep-up with their peers or instructors. Many poses are intended to be specifically tailored based levels pelvic pain where props may be used such as blankets and blocks so that each student can find release from any strains they may experience during their session.

Corrections related to alignment can also be modified according what area requires extra attention by building heat internally rather than adding too much intensity externally2.

Yoga And Period

Finally, it’s also encouraged that students allow themselves rest whenever necessary during their session3. Taking moments between poses can provide time for self-reflection helping participants feel connected both physically and mentally at same time4. By doing these things practitioners will benefit by recognizing how vital it is manage being an attentive listener towards one’s own body during Yoga With Period practice see real progress over time even after just one class5.

Making Friends With Your Body and Mind During Yoga With Period

Yoga with period has become a popular form of exercise for many women and people who experience menstruation. It is designed to help them connect with their bodies, minds and spirits, and find comfort in moments of physical discomfort. By combining yoga poses with breath work and meditation, it helps the individual to understand the emotional transition that comes with periods and provides a way to nurture self-love.

The benefits of yoga during menstruation are vast. Not only does it allow people to admire the strength and beauty of their bodies, but it can also help to relieve cramps and bloating associated with PMS. It also lowers stress levels, which can aggravate common symptoms such as mood swings or insomnia.

Additionally, yoga has been known to encourage healthy eating habits so that individuals may become more mindful about what they consume. Practicing gentle yoga can be a really effective way for people to reduce anxiety or depression around this time as it focuses on relaxation over physical intensity.

Through yoga with period, we can learn how to honor ourselves from within even when experiencing menstrual pain. This kind of practice is very helpful in uncovering feelings of empowerment within us while progressing our practice further through understanding the cycle of life itself regardless of our bodies monthly changes.

In addition to helping us gain insight into our own process of transformation during menstruation ,it shows us how gratifyingly powerful productive periods can be if we include indulging in an activity like this.

Instead of being afraid or avoiding certain movements due to limitations in our capabilities – we will learn how beneficial movements are in fact often counterintuitively more accessible during those special days which leads us closer into noticing beauty & grace lying within each pose practiced specifically during those times.

What To Do When Yoga With Period Feels Too Challenging

It may seem difficult to do yoga while on your period, especially if you are new to practice or have not built the stamina and flexibility that many seasoned practitioners possess. Periods can cause cramps and exhaustion, and can even create mood swings which is why it may feel too challenging to even think about setting up a yoga mat when Aunt Flo is visiting.

However, there are several simple ways to make it easier on yourself and so that you can still reap the positive benefits of yoga during your period.

For starters, focusing on gentler poses like restorative postures rather than more dynamic ones such as Vinyasa flow can be beneficial. By holding basic twists and lunges, backbends, hip openers or supported postures for longer durations instead of pushing oneself too hard with faster-paced styles of yoga practices.

These poses will help release physical tension while gently moving the body and maintaining mobility during your cycle. It also allows for true relaxation to occur which then leads into releasing mental tension – something most of us could use whether we are menstruating or not.

Another option is to incorporate mindful breathing exercises into your practice as well as meditation practices which focus on getting in tune with your body’s cycles. When connecting mindfully with one’s body it becomes much easier to notice what really needs tending to in that moment and adjust accordingly without feeling overwhelmed by expectations set by a particular style or sequence.

Giving yourself permission to take rest whenever necessary but at the same time paying attention to how strong your body really is might pave the way towards a healthy relationship between both physical and mental self-care while on your period.

Finally, having a supportive community where you can openly talk about menstruation-related issues might be beneficial in normalizing periods among yogis so additionally fostering an environment of understanding between practitioners where everyone has each other’s backs no matter what their menstrual status may be.

For example, incorporating rituals around healthy menstruation into specific hatha classes would go beyond just engaging our muscles but tools for grounding down our energies which ultimately enriches our day-to-day life experience through understanding our intimate connections with nature within ourselves.

Building a Safe and Supportive Community

Yoga with Period is a unique platform that serves to provide much needed support to menstruating individuals. The non-profit aims to eliminate the stigma surrounding periods and provide community support for those who menstruate since it can be a challenging experience for each individual. Their mission is twofold: break the silence around periods and build a safe environment in which people can share their experiences openly.

The internet has made it possible for organizations like Yoga with Period to bring together communities of menstruators from all over the world. They create an online space that promotes empathy, understanding, and respect towards modern period education. In this space, individuals can connect with people who are passionate about menstrual health and who are actively working to destigmatize periods, helping people feel empowered rather than ashamed about their bodies.

To ensure that everyone in their growing community feels both comfortable and supported, Yoga with Period offers various resources such as webinars and downloads on topics ranging from nutrition and self care, to menstrual activism and more.

Furthermore, they also understand that sometimes talking through experiences may require extra help – they encourage individuals to reach out for counseling or medical services if needed as well as refer them to other organizations that specialize in certain areas where further assistance might be available.

Ultimately, Yoga with Period‘s aim is not solely providing community support but also engaging in conversation on making period education accessible worldwide. Knowing where access points are available without judgement or shame is essential so individuals can find support when they need it most.


Yoga with period is worth the effort for many reasons. Firstly, it can help alleviate menstrual pain and discomfort. Through stretches and mindful breathing techniques, cramping and bloating can be reduced significantly as well as improving mood fluctuations during menstruation.

Secondly, performing yoga with period not only helps with physical health but also mental health; mindful breathing exercises and relaxation techniques have been found to help reduce stress levels and anxiety during the menstrual cycle. Finally, practicing yoga with period allows us to honor our bodies in a unique way by embracing all its natural ups and downs, including the often uncomfortable menstrual cycle.

Moreover, although some poses are not recommended during menstruation such as twists and inversions, there are plenty of other poses that can be performed without any limitation even while on period. For instance, even though forward bends are contraindicated during menstruation because they put pressure on the abdomen which may cause increased bleeding or increased pain for some women, there are other ways to modify these postures so that you can still practice yoga without doing harm to your body.

Cat/Cow stretches and gentle Warrior poses are great alternatives to hold for a few moments each if you want to practice something similar to a forward bend while feeling included in your practice despite being on your period.

In conclusion, combining yoga postures and mindful breathing exercises with periods is an excellent way of honoring oneself’s body in its entirety – along with all its quirks – while enjoying all of the potential benefits that come along with it.

From reducing physical discomfort related to menstruation such as cramps and bloating to helping manage mood swings during the menstrual cycle more effectively – Yoga With Period offers character-building support no matter where you’re at in your journey through life.

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