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Lakshmi is an experienced yoga instructor and teacher. She has been studying, practicing and teaching yoga for more than 25 years. Lakshmi has a passion for helping others find balance and inner peace and she strives to share her knowledge with her students.

Through her classes, tutorials and workshops, Lakshmi offers unique classes that focus on breath and alignment techniques that create a safe space for students to explore their practice in a supportive environment of acceptance and trust. Her positive approach to learning encourages students to expand their body awareness, build strength and flexibility while developing the power of focus and mindful presence. Every class is tailored towards individual abilities making each session an enjoyable experience. Students will be inspired by Lakshmi’s respect for self-care, connection with nature, joy in movement and merging meditative music with mindful flow that helps bring out the best from within. She also provides recommendations for helpful resources such as books, websites or video exercises so that students can continue to learn in between sessions.

Benefits of Yoga With Lakshmi

Yoga with Lakshmi is a great way to improve both physical and mental wellbeing. Physically, the intentional stretching of one’s body helps to build flexibility, strength, endurance and balance. As participants become more flexible, they become less prone to injury and can recover faster from physical exertion. Endurance and strength increase by doing simple poses that use all the major muscle groups in their fullest ranges of motion. By increasing core strength, participants’ posture will also be improved.

Mentally yoga with Lakshmi can reduce stress levels as strengthening one’s physical endurance is also strengthens emotional resilience to life’s trials. Through meditation techniques and breathing exercises taught by Lakshmi it can help people clear their minds from day-to-day worries and escape into mindfulness for a short period of time. Additionally, because many of the poses are done lying down or sitting on the floor, it creates an opportunity to focus on calming activities instead of getting lost in thought loops which can fuel anxiety or depression. Lastly, practicing yoga helps build awareness in the body so participants have increased knowledge of what their bodies are capable of and how to move optimally throughout daily activity.

A Detailed Description of Lakshmi’s Course Offerings

Yoga With Lakshmi is a unique program that can help participants gain physical, mental, and spiritual nourishment. Through the teachings of traditional yoga combined with modern techniques, Lakshmi’s program offers an created a unique combination that has proven successful for her many satisfied students.

The program includes four components tailored to meet individual needs: physical postures, breathing exercises, meditation, and conversation about issues in this world today. Each session begins with a mixture of warming up postures to increase flexibility and strength, followed by cultivating inner stillness through conscious breath work and guided meditation. Provided also is an opportunity to connect deeply with one’s true self without judgement or expectations. Each session ends in light-hearted dialog where authenticity and vulnerability are shared amongst peers.

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Individuals looking for deeper understanding of themselves may find personal value in this program as it encourages one to think more holistically about life itself. Through each practice you will be enlightened on the different aspects of life such as the body-mind connection, healthy eating habits and much more! The class provides flexibility too so all levels of experience are encouraged – from beginners just beginning their yoga journey all the way to experienced yogis looking for new insights into poses they’ve already mastered!

Overall, Yoga With Lakshmi provides an opportunity for individuals – no matter where they are at in their yoga practice – to deepen both their understanding of yoga and themselves on an individualized level. Anyone looking to foster peace within themselves should consider participating in this one-of-a kind course!

How to Access Yoga With Lakshmi

Yoga With Lakshmi is a global wellness program designed by renowned yogi Lakshmi Vivekananda. Participants can join the program in-person or online depending on their preference and the type of class they want to take. Pricing for Yoga With Lakshmi varies depending on the length of the classes, whether participants are taking a single class or subscribing to a plan, and if they sign up as an individual or with a group. Scheduling can also be flexible; there are both pre-recorded lessons available 24/7 as well as live instructor sessions at various times during the day throughout the week.

The program also offers an extensive range of yoga styles, such as hatha and vinyasa, that are suited for all levels – from beginner to advanced practitioners. On top of regular yoga classes, participants can also opt for additional programs such as yoga workshops, retreats and teacher trainings. Regardless of what type of class you choose or how intense it is, Yoga With Lakshmi promises to be an experience filled with joy and connection that will help you nurture your body, mind & soul – so why wait? Sign up today!

Testimonials from Satisfied Participants

“Yoga with Lakshmi has truly been life-changing for me. Ever since I started attending her classes, I’ve felt more connected to my breath, more energized during the day and more relaxed overall. Her classes are challenging yet accommodating and her positive attitude is contagious! I leave every single class feeling uplifted and empowered.” – Sam

“I can’t believe how much my yoga practice has grown with the help of Yoga with Lakshmi. It used to feel like a chore to do yoga, but Lakshmi’s classes have made it something I look forward to doing each week. She is such a teacher dedicated to helping her students grow and reach their goals!” – Maria

“I had been struggling with chronic fatigue for years before finding Yoga with Lakshmi. After just a few weeks, I already feel much better physically and emotionally from regular practice. The atmosphere she creates in her classes is so supportive and encouraging. Her enthusiasm towards helping everyone find greater wellbeing is inspiring.” – Linda

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A Comprehensive Guide to Living a Yoga-Centered Life

Yoga With Lakshmi is a comprehensive guide to living a yoga-centered life. Written by an experienced practitioner, it provides in-depth advice on integrating yoga into all aspects of life. It is designed to make the journey between identifying that yoga is beneficial and actually putting it into practice manageable and rewarding.

The book begins with an overview of some of the key concepts behind yoga, discussing core principles such as breathing, meditation and mindfulness, pranayama and physical postures, or asanas. This helps readers to gain a better understanding of this multidimensional approach, which is essential for establishing a truly balanced lifestyle.

Next, there are practical steps that can be taken in order to start incorporating yoga into everyday life. This includes tips and tricks on how to simplify the process of getting started with a consistent practice; from dealing with monotony or fear of injury, psychological blocks caused by perceived perfectionism or the feeling of being too stiff to practice certain shapes – these are all addressed within its pages.

Finally, Yoga With Lakshmi incorporates advice from experts on topics including nutrition and diet, maintaining energy levels throughout the day and how best to move forward with any setbacks or difficulties encountered along the path toward mastering this ancient art form. By utilizing modern insights alongside ancient wisdom and yogic principles, this book offers clear guidance for achieving personal growth through yoga.


Yoga With Lakshmi has been a powerful program for its participants. Through the combination of physical and breathing exercises, participants deepen their yoga practice and increase their strength, flexibility, and mental clarity. With Lakshmi’s guidance, practitioners can reconnect with their body and become more mindful of their energy levels and emotions. This program is suitable for anyone of any level, as the classes are tailored to both beginners and advanced students. Through this program, one can reach greater levels of wellbeing, self-awareness, physical fitness, inner peace, relaxation, concentration – all while having fun! Yoga with Lakshmi provides a unique approach to supporting each student’s individual journey in life to reach whatever goals they have set forth!

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