Yoga With Adriene Day 4


Yoga With Adriene Day 4 is here! The goal of this practice is to bring balance, harmony and a sense of ease to the body, mind and spirit. We will be working with postures that develop skills like awareness, strength, flexibility and breath control. This Day 4 practice includes slow intentional movement, as well as moments of rest. It will help to release tension while easing digestion and encouraging healthy circulation. Expect to create space in the body by dropping into some deep releasing postures and funny poses. Connecting with your breath throughout this practice will bring a greater sense of clarity and peace of mind. Let yoga serve you in whatever way feels best today – allow yourself to enjoy the day’s offering!

Check list

Pre-Practice Checklist:
1. Find a space to practice in that is comfortable and free of distractions.
2. Make sure to have your yoga mat and any other props such as blocks or straps ready.
3. Take a few moments to do some light stretching or deep breathing exercises to warm up your body and focus your mind.
4. Put on comfortable clothing with enough flexibility for you to move freely during the practice.
5. Choose an upbeat, energising playlist of music to get yourself into the flow of the exercise routine.
6. To avoid getting thirsty during the practice, make sure you have a bottle of water nearby for drinking breaks if needed.
7. Have a towel handy for avoiding sweat in uncomfortable places!


Yoga With Adriene Day 4 is a 40 minute full-body practice focusing on mindful movement, breath and allowing your body to find balance. This sequence encourages self-care and will improve balance, strength and flexibility while promoting mindfulness throughout the practice. During this video Adriene guides you through foundational poses such as downward dog, warrior two, eagle arms and chair pose. She also offers variations for each of these poses to ensure that everybody has the opportunity to customize their practice according to their own needs. At the end of the session she will guide you through Savasana (relaxation pose) which helps you to connect with your breath and allow your body tension to ease into a balanced state before concluding the practice. Click the link below for more information:

Safety Tips

It is important to practice yoga safely in order to avoid injury. Before each pose, be sure to warm up the body by doing a few minutes of light stretching or walking in place. Also, be sure to practice the poses with proper alignment. The poses should feel comfortable rather than painful. Make sure that you are only going as far as your body allows and never further, as this could lead to an injury. You can modify or expand upon the poses depending on your skill level and strength. Variations that allow for more challenging or dynamic movements can also be incorporated, such as adding arm balances or closing postures in a slightly different way than indicated in the video series. Remember that the most important thing is to stay safe and enjoy your practice!

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Day 4 of Yoga With Adriene focuses on alignment. Proper alignment is essential to having a safe, effective and enjoyable yoga practice that will keep you injury-free in the long run. To maintain proper alignment during your practice, focus on actively engaging your muscles and paying attention to your body’s individual needs as you move through the poses.

Keep your core muscles engaged and look for even weight distribution between both sides of your body. Squeeze muscles up towards each other rather than allowing them to drop down or away from one another. Be mindful of the position of your spine throughout the practice: maintain a neutral spine free of any twists or tilts and make sure hips, shoulders and neck are all square with one another. As always, it’s important to listen to your body’s cues throughout all the poses—stop if anything starts to hurt or feels uncomfortable.

Prop Set Up

1. Begin by finding a comfortable and clear space to practice in. Make sure you have plenty of room to move!

2. Place two blankets folded into rectangles perpendicular to each other on the floor, leaving enough space between them for your body to fit as you practice with Adriene.

3. Place one yoga block on each side of your body near your hips, so that when you begin practicing with Adriene you can easily rest your hands on them for support.

4. If desired, place a strap near the end of your mat so that it is available for use during practice sessions when needed.

5. If some parts of the floor are too hard or uncomfortable to lay on during practice, feel free to place an extra blanket down over those areas for added cushioning and support!

Mindful Moment

Before the practice begins, close your eyes and bring awareness to your breath. Try to focus on each inhale and exhale for a few moments. Notice how you feel in this present moment, being mindful of what’s taking place around you and within you. Focus on releasing any judgments or expectations that may be circling around in your mind.

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During the practice, take deliberate pauses between the poses to check in with yourself and your breath. Instead of noting every subtlety in your body movement or postures, spend a few moments focusing on how each inhale and exhale makes you feel as a whole. Notice how certain thoughts, sensations, or feelings rise up while practicing yoga asana. Allow them without judgment, non-reactivity being your guiding force.

After completing the practice take a few more moments to sit quietly with yourself before opening your eyes and getting back into the swing of things. Reflect on how this yoga practice served you today; likewise jotting down anything that still resurfaces from during the session will help process those experiences further if needed. As always ending with gratitude towards yourself can aid in establishing this mindful state throughout daily life outside of yoga too!


Yoga with Adriene day 4 has helped you begin to build upon the foundations of your practice and develop a deep connection to breath, movement and your body. Through this practice, you have learned to explore different postures with intention and understand how adjustments can bring new strength and stability, particularly in the core. You have also been equipped with practices to reconnect with yourself and honor any sensations or emotions that arise in your body.

By continuing to practice yoga, you allow yourself space for continual growth on a physical and emotional level. With patience, dedication and trust in the process, each challenge can become an opportunity for learning and deepening of your yoga journey towards wellness. Future practices may now be approached with increased confidence as you continue to cultivate healthy habits both physically and mentally.

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