Yoga With Adriene Day 15


Today’s practice will focus on lightening both your physical and emotional load as we continue to explore the theme of community. Through breath work, mindful movement, and meditation we will create a supportive space for ourselves. We will use our breath as a metric to assess stress levels and neutrality in the body while we enjoy gentle stretching. When it comes time to practice stillness, we’ll settle into a relaxing guided visualization focused on healing with love and kindess. This practice is appropriate for all levels; you may choose your own intensity throughout! By exploring the theme of community and discovering greater balance within, this class is sure to leave you feeling refreshed and energized. Come hop on the mat with Adriene today and unlock the many benefits that yoga has to offer!

Yoga With Adriene Day 15 is an empowering experience designed to allow practitioners to escape from the daily stressors of life through mindful movements, guided visualizations, breath-work, and meditation. Building off yesterday’s focus on community, today’s class encourages each individual to admit stress in whatever form it takes – whether physical or emotional – so one can be liberated from any negative feelings present in the mind or body. As practitioners move through each pose thoughtfully and slowly, they are sure to notice an improvement in their mental state with each stretch that follows. Once finished, each individual will have found greater balance within themselves which should leave them feeling confident and energized!


Day 15 of Yoga With Adriene builds on the progress and improvements gained from previous sequences. The emphasis of this day is creating a balanced practice, with an open heart and strong focus. You can expect to enjoy deep stretches that may be challenging but still enjoyable. Mindful lengthening will challenge your strength in motion as well as breathe work creating an even greater sense of awareness. Throughout this powerful and mindful day, you will continue to find a balance between active endurance and inhalation in order to move the body long-term. By the end of this sequence, you should feel more connected to yourself both physically and mentally, better able to offer others true understanding and acceptance, and feeling refreshed and energized.


Yoga With Adriene’s Day 15 Sequence provides many physical and mental benefits. On the physical side, the sequence includes a combination of standing and seated poses that target every area of your body, helping to increase flexibility, core strength, and balance. The various stretches focus on the spine, arms, shoulders, and hips in order to open up the body and release tension. Additionally, focusing on deep breathing while holding postures helps to reduce stress, clear the mind and body of toxins, boost energy levels, improve circulation throughout the body, regulate hormones, and promote deeper relaxation in both body and mind.

On the mental side of things, Day 15’s Sequence is specifically designed to help strengthen concentration through breathwork. This focus on breathing encourages deeper self-awareness as you move from one posture to another making it easier to peace out distractions like nerves or worry that want to intrude into your practice. As a whole focusing on these poses with mindful awareness boosts clarity in order for you to gain greater insight along your yoga journey.


Yoga With Adriene Day 15 is an opportunity to focus on strengthening the core and back. To make sure you get the most out of the sequence, here are some essential tips and techniques:

Yoga Health Tips That Will Change Your Life

1. Set a calming atmosphere for your practice. Diffuse essential oils, light a candle or two, play soothing music, or create whatever ambiance helps your mind connect with your body and practice.

2. As you start the sequence, be mindful to warm up and stretch before jumping into a challenging pose right away. Spend time tuning in to your body and connect with your breath, allowing yourself to transition gradually from one posture to another while still holding each pose for a few breaths.

3. When engaging in postures that focus on core strength and back muscles, make sure your moves are deliberate, focused and efficient. This helps prevent injury and exhaustion as well as ensuring that you get the maximum benefit out of each exercise.

4. Throughout the entire sequence take intermittent breaks when needed as well as moments of rest by lying down in Shavasana– Corpse Pose ” at any point during the practice. This will allow you to catch up with your breath and release any tension so that you can continue with more clarity and positive energy once again!

The Sequence

1. Mountain pose (Tadasana): Appearing at the beginning of each practice in the Yoga with Adrienne series, mountain pose is a standing posture that can help to improve posture and balance by connecting you to your center of gravity. It involves engaging your core by pressing slightly into the ground with each foot, lifting your ribcage upward, and bringing your shoulders back and down as you reach for the sky with graceful arms.

2. Crescent lunge (Anjaneyasana): This active posture helps to build strength in the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, hip flexors, and chest as well as openness in the hips, groins, calves, ankles and feet. Start this posture on all fours with your hands beneath your shoulders and your knees directly beneath them. Exhale while stepping one of your feet backward towards a high-plank position and bending your front knee until it is at a 90 degree angle. Reach your arms forward or up towards the ceiling as you energetically push away from the floor and press down through both feet.

3. Low lunge (Anjaneyasana Variation): By moving into this variation of crescent lunge you will be able to deepen the stretch felt in both legs as well as gain access to more challenging arm balances and hip opening poses. To transition into this pose begin by walking both hands back towards your trailing foot maintaining an upright spine throughout the transition process before finally dropping down onto either bent or straight elbows on either side of your trailing leg .

4. Downward facing dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana): An inverted V-shaped yoga pose great for strengthening arms, legs, core muscles as well as gaining mental clarity; downward facing dog can be done either alone or after transitioning from one of its variations such as low lunge or table top pose palms pressed). To transition into this pose keeping palms firmly pressed into ground before draining weight through arms so that chest raises up towards skies while tailbone lowers down easily via exhaling without transferring too much weight onto toes. After aligning correct form continue working to increase length through sides of body while gently rocking back eight inches then two inches upward allowing throat area become nice long line ending final resting period where both heart & head come together naturally squeeze out any tightness left within muscles .

Yoga Sequence Poster


I have been practicing the Day 15 sequence for Yoga With Adriene and it has been quite the journey. I’ve found that this particular set of poses has really challenged me in ways that were unexpected. One of the biggest surprises was how much core strength I needed to support myself in some of the poses. I also had a bit of a mental challenge since I was pushing myself further than usual and willing to stay with each posture all while staying present, calm, and conscious.

The day’s practice was incredibly calming overall and gave me a great sense of relaxation towards the end. As I reflected on what I have accomplished throughout this yoga journey thus far, it truly made me realize my own physical strenght and capabilities. In times where I thought completing a successfully hold in say a warrior 2 pose wouldn’t be possible – it was definitely achievable. It is amazing to see what one can accomplish when they focus their energy into something they truly love doing.

Closing Thoughts

Today’s yoga session was a great way to connect with your breath and practice stillness. After practicing the 15 Day Flow, you should feel better than you did before ” lighter, stronger and more connected to your own body. Through this sequence, you were able to focus on relieving tension from your back, neck and shoulders allowing for a sense of lightness and ease in your movements. Additionally, the core work aimed at providing additional strength for the abdominal muscles for improved Core Support.

The intention today focused on letting go of any unnecessary stress or pressure and trusting in one’s journey as well as creating space within the body not only physically but mentally too. Whether that looks like taking deep breaths during postures or using affirmations to shift your perspective ” these simple acts can have an exponential effect on our overall wellbeing both on and off our mats.

At the end of the practice today, take some time to reflect on what has been accomplished throughout this 15-day program: noticing subtle differences in strength, flexibility, breathing techniques; realizing physical limitations that may have developed due to repetition of habits or lack of self-attention; or tapping into greater self-awareness during poses by checking alignment and perception of pain or discomfort. All of this is part of being mindful about how we function both structurally and spiritually every day so take whatever lessons resonated with you from these 15 days and use it going forward as a tool when life starts throwing challenges at us left right center!

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