Yoga Urbano

Introduction to Yoga Urbano

Yoga Urbano is a form of yoga that combines traditional yoga postures and breathing techniques with contemporary music and urban dance. It is fast becoming one of the most popular forms of yoga around the world.

The history of Yoga Urbano can be traced back nearly two decades, when it was first introduced in the United States by Latin-American exiles fleeing dictatorships in their countries. The style drew inspiration from a mix of cultures, including Native American, African and South American roots and fused these with western sounds to bring together a unique form of exercise.

Yoga Urbano combines various forms of movement to increase mindfulness and flexibility while also allowing you to express yourself artistically. This style relies heavily on breathwork and emphasizes powerful movements which allow you to have complete control over your body and your alignment. Additionally, practitioners often add particular styles depending on personal preferences such as capoeira moves to their practice.

The main benefits of practicing Yoga Urbano are improved physical strength, better mental health, increased flexibility, improved focus, better organ functioning as well as emotional wellbeing among others. Practicing this style can also help reduce stress levels due to its calming nature and focus on relaxation techniques rather than forceful movements or high intensities commonly found elsewhere. It provides practitioners an opportunity for self-expression through both movement and postures alongside meditation techniques for inner healing.

Directions and Location

Yoga Urbano is located in San José, California, at Building 101 W Julian Street. The easiest way to get there is by car as the studio has free onsite parking. For those taking public transportation, bus lines 183 and 193 stop right outside of the building. Additionally, light rail station 972 – Julian / Santa Clara and 975 – Santa Clara Station (VTA) are only a few blocks away.

Types of Yoga Classes Offered

Yoga Urbano offers a variety of classes to accommodate practitioners of all levels. Beginner classes provide an introduction to the fundamentals and philosophy of yoga, while advanced classes introduce more challenging poses and help practitioners deepen their practice.

Power classes offer an energetic flow with vigorous sequencing and maximize strength and stamina training. Flow classes are intense yet calming; they link postures together in a continuous sequence that helps improve balance, flexibility, and concentration. Yin yoga is a slower-paced style of yoga with passive postures that concentrate on lengthening the connective tissues and deepening into one’s breath. Meditation classes focus on bringing stillness to both mind and body through mantras, mindfulness techniques, visualization,pranayama breath work, etc. Restorative classes combine simple breathing exercises and gentle movements followed by some deep relaxation. There is also the option for private sessions tailored to individual needs and preferences. This allows for a more personalized practice that helps create new relationships between mind and body as well as support one’s overall wellbeing.

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Community Spirit

Joining the Studios of Yoga Urbano can be a truly inspiring journey. By joining this particular community, individuals can benefit from being a part of something larger than themselves that goes beyond just physical postures and the movement of their bodies. Members will not only get stronger in their practice, but they’ll also come together with other passionate yogis and learn more about themselves.

The benefits for being part of the Yoga Urbano community include connecting to others on a spiritual and mental level as well as allowing for growth and connection through collaboration and sharing ideas. The power found in having a like-minded community cannot be understated, where individuals can help each other work through areas of self-improvement as well obstacles on their yoga path. It also allows peers to find comfort in knowing they are not alone when it comes to learning more about the practice and its many disciplines ” stronger friendships are formed between members which inspire each other day after day.

One inspiring story comes from Stacy, who attended classes at Yoga Urbano for around 12 months before realizing the power of connectedness within her yoga community. By taking classes regularly with fellow members she felt completely supported through challenging times in her life and was able to achieve mindfulness during her sessions – eventually taking part in further retreats or workshops supported by those around her. It is through deep rooted relationships that Stacy found increbile success in her practice reaching higher states of peace and equilibrium with which brought positive changes throughout every aspect of life!


Yoga Urbano offers a wide range of yoga classes to meet every yogi’s needs. Prices vary depending on the type of class and package purchased. Single drop-in classes usually cost between $10 – $20, while students can purchase packages that include multiple classes for a discounted rate (e.g a 10-class pack may cost$100 – $150, depending on the package). Some teachers offer discounts for new students, so be sure to inquire about any special offers before booking your first class. Yoga Urbano accepts cash and credit/debit card payments in addition to PayPal and Venmo.


Yoga Urbano offers a variety of workshops, special events, and social activities to enhance the practice and experience of yoga. Popular workshops include Yoga Nidra, Meditation & Science of Pranayama, and Relaxation & Stress Release. Special events such as Yoga Festivals and Retreats also occur throughout the year. Social activities are held that foster community amongst local yogis such as work/study exchanges, potluck dinners, movie nights, concerts, art events, and neighborhood cleanups. Classes are complimented by other offerings such as massage therapy sessions, dietary consultation & meal service deliveries, Ayurvedic cooking classes, holistic health coaching sessions, specialty retreats for physical healing & spiritual growth, and mentorship programs for young yogis interested in deepening their own practice.

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The people who attend the classes at Yoga Urbano have only positive things to say about it. Many of them describe it as a peaceful oasis in the middle of a hectic city, where they can find time for themselves and focus on their mental and physical well-being. People particularly appreciate the diverse range of instructors that teach at the studio, all of whom bring something unique to the practice which helps to keep things interesting and engaging. The classes are designed to meet different needs depending on what type of session is being attended, from beginner friendly sessions to more advanced level yoga classes.

Many people who attend report that Yoga Urbano has had a major impact on their lives. It’s been known to reduce stress levels, improve flexibility and strength, help with chronic pain relief and also boost overall mental health and wellbeing. People feel welcome in this vibrant community and make lasting friendships with other practitioners, which further gives its overall appeal. Overall, most people leave the classes feeling completely recharged – both mentally and physically – which encourages them sign up for the next class at Yoga Urbano!

Concluding Remark

Yoga Urbano is an incredible way to connect with the minds, hearts, and souls of urban dwellers. As an invigorating guided journey through physical postures, mindful practice and anxiety relief, Yoga Urbano revolves around creating a space for healing and learning in the city. It’s not just about mastering a yoga pose but about harnessing one’s highest potential”on and off the mat.

We invite you to explore the benefits of this enlightening form of yoga by joining a class or workshops. You’ll gain practical tools that allow you to keep your practice alive while exploring your infinite potential. We’d also love to hear your stories after joining our classes or workshops so feel free to share them with us! We believe they will be great encouragement for others looking to make the same connection with their bodies that Yoga Urbano can bring.

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