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Yoga Source Los Gatos is an exceptional yoga studio located in the heart of downtown Los Gatos. It provides a unique community-focused environment and leads the industry with its innovative classes, experienced teachers, and professional services. Unlike other studios, Yoga Source Los Gatos is dedicated to providing top quality yoga instruction for every skill level with a focus on developing body awareness, building strength and flexibility, and promoting overall wellbeing.

Yoga Source Los Gatos focuses on creating an inclusive atmosphere of acceptance in each session. Students of all ability levels are welcomed, regardless of experience or degree of mastery. They believe that everyone should be able to practice without judgment or competition. The instructors emphasize proper alignment to ensure optimal physical benefits and also draw upon relaxation techniques in every class to ensure that each student has ample opportunity to connect with their own internal healing practices.

The studio offers a variety of classes including Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Yin yoga, meditation, and more. Each class is tailored to cater to different energetic levels while challenging participants in a safe manner through poses that align the breath and body movements. The instructors provide detailed instruction so each participant can find poses that suit their individual needs making sure there are options accessible for ALL students in order to receive the most out of each practice no matter what level they are at currently. Furthermore, Yoga Source Los Gatos also offers private sessions for both individuals or groups designed for specific health needs or lifestyles which may require modifications from traditional class structures.

In summary, Yoga Source Los Gatos stands out from other studios by offering a safe practice space where students can cultivate their spiritual journey without anxiety or judgement from peers or instructors . With adaptive class structures , experienced instructors ,and tailored 1-on-1 private sessions Yoga Source los gatos allows you to explore your potential at whatever stage you are at without feeling pressured or rushed .

Benefits of Practicing and Why You Should Join Yoga Source Los Gatos

Yoga Source Los Gatos is more than just a yoga studio – it’s a place of solace and self-discovery. It offers a variety of different classes that can help students find their yoga practice through mindful movement, breathwork, and relaxation techniques. It caters to all levels of yogis from beginner to experienced, as well as specialty classes like prenatal and kids yoga.

Practicing yoga at Yoga Source Los Gatos has multiple benefits for both the body and the mind. Physically, it helps increase flexibility, strength, balance and coordination. Mentally, it helps restore inner peace and reduce stress and anxiety. In addition to these tangible physical and mental benefits, practicing yoga allows us to become more aware of our bodies, minds and thoughts so we can better access our inner wisdom. With regular practice leaves us feeling calm, strong and connected – both on the mat and off the mat – leading to greater confidence in our selves.

In addition to offering top-notch classes for all abilities, the yoga teachers at Yoga Source Los Gatos are highly experienced professionals who offer personalized instruction with an emphasis on cultivating self-awareness. Every class is carefully designed with creative flows targeted at facilitating transformation from within so every student gets something special out of their practice every time they come in! If you are looking for a place to take your yoga journey then Yoga Source Los Gatos is your one stop shop where you will surely find yourself feeling deeply content with each visit.

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Variety of Yoga Classes Available

Yoga Source Los Gatos offers a wide variety of yoga classes to suit every individual’s needs and preferences. From gentle beginner classes, to invigorating power flow sequences in a heated room, they offer something for everyone. Their signature classes focus on alignment and breathwork using principles from classical Iyengar and Hatha lineages, while adding creative Vinyasa sequencing to combine strength, flexibility, and balance with greater ease in body and mind. They also offer workshops on various topics such as meditation, mindful eating habits, yoga philosophy, recovery yoga and more. For additional support you can also choose from private one-on-one sessions with their experienced instructors which gives you the opportunity to explore poses in detail tailored specifically for your needs. In addition Yoga Source Los Gatos provides prenatal yoga classes that help pregnant women stay strong and balanced during this special time of life. Finally the studio also organizes corporate events for companies with the aim of introducing mindful practices like meditation into the workplace.

Expert Instructors and Their Specialties

Yoga Source Los Gatos is a premier yoga school that has been serving the community for over 10 years. They have exceptional instructors who are highly experienced and enthusiastic about yoga and its accompanying philosophies. These expert professionals each have their own specialty, ranging from beginner to advanced classes, therapeutic sessions, Pranayama breathing techniques, meditation instruction, and more. Additionally, they also offer private one-on-one sessions where students can learn specific postures and sequences as tailored to their individual needs. For those wishing to deepen their practice of yoga beyond the physical aspect of the discipline they offer workshops on anatomy and physiology with special attention being paid to muscular system function, injury prevention and recovery techniques, alignment training techniques, Ayurvedic nutrition theories, Self-enquiry practices such as journalling and self-reflection exercises. The instructors at Yoga Source Los Gatos are passionate about their work and eager to share their knowledge with students. With this wealth of resources available it is no wonder that this school has become a place for longtime practitioners as well as newcomers alike to find quality instruction in the ancient art form of yoga.

Specific Amenities or Perks of Joining Yoga Source Los Gatos

Yoga Source Los Gatos offers an array of amenities and perks to those who join the facility. These include unlimited access to yoga classes, workshops and clinics, nutritional and health seminars, a private studio room for one-on-one practice sessions, access to infrared sauna therapy, equipment rental services, discounts on products in the store, free Wi-Fi access in the lounge area, complimentary tea and snacks during some classes, exclusive retreats at local venues as well as abroad with affiliated teachers and much more. Additionally, members receive special invitations and offers for select events throughout the year.

Pricing and Special Offers

Yoga Source Los Gatos offers special pricing and packages to make classes and products more affordable. For clients on a budget, options like the Ten Class Pass may be ideal. This pass allows clients to attend ten different classes—paying at each class they take—for just $85. For those that prefer to commit upfront, there is a discount of 10% when purchasing fifteen classes in advance or 20% off when buying twenty-five classes in a bulk package. Unlimited passes are also available for those really wanting to make the most of their yoga practice. The one-month unlimited pass gives access to an unlimited number of classes during that time period for only $135. Finally, monthly membership plans are offered which provide unlimited use of the yoga studio at discounted prices from regular drop-in rates. These memberships vary in length from month-to-month, three months, six months or yearly plans depending on commitment level and desired savings.

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Accessibility and Contact Information

Yoga Source Los Gatos is conveniently located on 365 Village Lane, Los Gatos, in the heart of downtown. It is easily accessible via car or public transportation as it is close to both the 85 and 17 freeways. The center has free parking as well as bike racks for those coming via bicycle.

The Yoga Source Los Gatos provides both group and private classes. Group classes are available daily, early mornings and evenings, with different styles and levels to choose from such as vinyasa yoga, restorative yoga, Hatha yoga and more. Private classes can be booked based on availability of instructors. Fees for all classes vary depending on the length and type of class chosen.

Those interested in attending can book online or over the phone using a major credit or debit card with a valid ID number. For more information about fees, schedule or other offerings please call (408) 376-9976 or email [email protected] Additionally, patrons may visit their website for updated information about their latest offerings and promotions:


Yoga Source Los Gatos provides a unique and welcoming environment for both beginner and advanced yogis alike. With its friendly and knowledgeable staff, variety of classes, and community events, everyone can find something at Yoga Source Los Gatos to suit their needs. For those looking to deepen their practice or explore something new, they can take advantage of the workshops and retreats available. We also offer private lessons tailored to each individual’s desired goals by experienced instructors who are passionate about helping you unlock your full potential. Whether you’re looking to relax or reach peak performance, Yoga Source Los Gatos is the perfect place for you. Furthermore, we prioritize safety protocols such as frequent cleaning and sanitation throughout the facility and offering contactless check-in options. With this in mind, achieving health or wellness goals should be done with peace of mind. That is what makes Yoga Source Los Gatos the right choice for you.

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