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Yoga Shelter Grosse Pointe is a yoga studio located in Grosse Pointe, Michigan. It was founded in 2005 by Meg Manion, an expert yogini and yoga teacher who sought to provide Michiganders with an opportunity to access high-quality yoga instruction and practice in the Detroit area. Yoga Shelter Grosse Pointe quickly became one of the hottest spots for practitioners of all levels, from beginners to advanced yogis. Manion offered an extensive variety of class styles such as hatha, vinyasa flow, restorative and meditation at both the beginner and intermediate level. The studio also offered special workshops in alignment, philosophy and astrology for those eager for an even deeper experience. With years of experience instructing across Michigan at studios such as Seva Yoga in Royal Oak and Mayu Sanctuary in Ann Arbor, Manion’s passion had finally found its home ” Yoga Shelter Grosse Pointe ” where she continues today to offer practitioners a truly transformational yoga experience.

Location & Services

Yoga Shelter Grosse Pointe is conveniently located at 17515 Mack Avenue, Grosse Pointe. The studio offers a variety of classes to suit all levels, from beginners to advanced practitioners, including Power Vinyasa Flow, Yoga Meltdown and Sunshine Vinyasa. Private and semi-private classes are also available on request.

The studio also features a retail shop stocking everything you need for your practice as well as an organic juice bar offering energizing juices made with nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables. It provides complimentary Wi-Fi throughout the studio for members and visitors to use during their visit. There is also a spacious changing room with lockers to store personal belongings and showers so you can freshen up before or after class. Additionally, modern mats, blocks and straps are provided free of charge for members’ use during every class.


Yoga Shelter Grosse Pointe offers a wide range of yoga classes to suit varying levels of yogis. From beginner classes to advance poses, each class will focus on different poses and lessons. Beginner classes are tailored to become familiar with the poses and movements, while advancing classes look towards mastering more complicated techniques.

Regardless of the level each student partakes in, all classes have a number of physical benefits such as increased flexibility, better posture, muscle strength and toning. In addition to this, yoga helps with mental clarity by reducing stress and focusing on breathing exercises. Research has also suggested that regular practice may lead to a decrease in depression, anxiety and pain over time.

On top of the physical health benefits mentioned, yoga can also be incredibly beneficial mentally stimulating better alertness, focus and mental clarity; with learning how to control your body growing confidence in controlling your mind too. Furthermore enhanced concentration from calming the nervous system can further help with problem solving when stuck or confronted by obstacles – all skills that can provide an individual with greater resilience and enable them cope during times of difficulty.

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Qualified Staff

Yoga Shelter Grosse Pointe is home to some of the most qualified and experienced instructors in all of Michigan. Each instructor brings their own unique style and passion to the practice, ensuring that our clients can always find something that perfects speaks to them in each session.

One of the standout members of staff is Tiffany Harris. After an initial pursuit of a career in journalism, Tiffany decided to take her first steps into the world of yoga following a life-changing visit with family to India. Just as soon as she stepped foot onto her first mat, she knew it was something special – and over the course of 8 years has developed an expansive portfolio of qualifications including certification from the Yoga Alliance and completed training in Hatha, Vinyasa and Ayurveda principles.

Sasha Porter also boasts an impressive background having picked up teaching gigs all around the world with her time split between Los Angeles, Vancouver, New York City and Ghana. With her qualifications in Ashtanga Yoga and Pranayama Therapy taking precedent, Sasha has been a star at residence here at Grosse Pointe for 5 years now where she is always eager to share her wealth of knowledge with students old and new looking to deepen their understanding of this ancient art form.

Finally we have Chris Mullen who decided 10 years ago that yoga was how he wanted to live his best life despite facing doubts due “not being flexible”. With determination flagging no lower since then, Chris has become certified across multiple disciplines such as Asthanga Mysore Style and Acro Yoga while making fantastic contributions on YouTube reppin’ our Grosse Pointe team everyday!

Pricing & Programs

Yoga Shelter Grosse Pointe offers various pricing and program options to suit different budgets and schedules.

Drop in Classes: The drop in classes are the most flexible and inexpensive way to get into yoga at Yoga Shelter Grosse Pointe. This option allows you to attend any class on the schedule without signing up for a series of classes. Drop in prices range from $17-25 depending on the location and class type.

Series Purchases: A series purchase is perfect for practitioners that would like to commit more fully to their practice as it allows them access to 10 or 20 classes to be used within 3 months. 10 class packages cost $155-170 depending on the location, while 20 class packages range from $290-320 which works out to a great deal per class!

Monthly Passes: With this option, you receive unlimited access to all classes within your monthly pass period which can be purchased monthly, quarterly or semi-annually depending on your preference. Monthly passes are priced at $135/month, $365/quarter or $720/semi annually (billed per 6 months).

Child Care Services: For anyone looking for childcare while they attend a yoga or fitness class, Yoga Shelter Grosse Pointe offers Kidz Club services at their Shelby Township studio during select classes times. Kids can enjoy supervised activities focused around creativity & movement while parents participate in their yoga practice stress free – what could be better? Rates begin at $10/child.
additionally, students who purchase any of these Memberships may also make use of discounted rates for workshops & private sessions such as massages and naturopaths therapies at selected Wellness Providers around town

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Testimonials & Reviews

There are so many ways to capture the wonderful experiences that students have at Yoga Shelter Grosse Pointe. Consider collecting video testimonials from some of the studio’s most dedicated members and incorporating them onto the website and on various social media platforms. These videos should highlight why people love coming back to Yoga Shelter Grosse Pointe whenever they have the chance.

In addition to video testimonials, seek out reviews from customers who have left glowing reviews on the studio’s website or via traditional or digital channels such as Google, Yelp, Facebook, etc. See if there are any unique stories or experiences that stand out in particular and make sure to showcase these! Share photos of some of your favorite classes and familiar faces that make up each session – this will allow potential visitors to get a sense what it’s like to be part of a class at Yoga Shelter Grosse Pointe.

Final Thoughts

Yoga Shelter Grosse Pointe is a great place to practice yoga for all levels of students. They offer a variety of classes which can accommodate beginner, intermediate, and advanced practitioners. For first-time visitors interested in getting started, we recommend their “Beginning Yoga” course as the best place to start. This class teaches the fundamentals of breath work, alignment, and basic poses. If you’re an experienced yogi or looking to challenge yourself further, they also have more involved classes such as Vinyasa Yoga and Hot Power Flow.

No matter which class you attend, it’s important to note that Yoga Shelter has an excellent staff with qualified instructors who are passionate about helping all members learn the practice safely and effectively. They value each individual’s healing journey and ensure everyone gets individual attention from the teachers.

The best time to come in at Yoga Shelter Grosse Pointe is early morning or evening when you’ll be able feel relaxed after a day full of responsibilities. We recommend signing up for classes in advance so that you can easily get into lectures as they get booked quickly due to the popularity of this studio!

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