Yoga Sequencing Book

Yoga Sequencing Book: Create Vibrant Flows for Every Occasion

A yoga sequencing book is an essential tool for yoga instructors and home practice. It offers customizable practices to use in classes as well as at home. It can help you create, organize, and practice a variety of dynamic and restorative flows to meet students’ needs.

Advantages of Having a Yoga Sequencing Book

  • Organization: Having your yoga poses, flows, and variations in one place makes it easier to plan classes, teaching sequences, and plan your own practice.
  • Variety: With a yoga sequencing book, creating custom yoga sequences for each class becomes easier and more enjoyable. You can customize a practice for each individual and find new ways to flow each time.
  • Time Saving: Having a yoga sequencing book ready and near your mat or in the studio allows you to pick and choose from a variety of practices in order to save time and get creative when presenting new poses and flows.

Choose the Perfect Sequencing Book for You:

When choosing your yoga sequencing book, think about the goals and level of practice you’re teaching. Here are some of the factors to consider:

  • Style of Yoga: Do you teach traditional or contemporary yoga style? If you’re teaching a style such as Bhakti, Tantra, or Kundalini, look for a book that has sequences specifically for that style.
  • Level of Practice: Are your classes for beginners or more experienced practitioners? Look for a book that has sequences for all levels of practice.
  • Restorative: Do you want to include restorative poses in your sequences? Look for a book that contains sequenced restorative poses.

Once you’ve chosen a book, you’ll be able to start creating you own customized yoga sequences. Have fun!

Popular Yoga Sequencing Books:

Book TitleAuthor
Yoga Sequencing: Designing Transformative Yoga ClassesMark Stephens
Teaching Yoga: Essential Foundations and TechniquesMark Stephens
Sequencing Hot YogaPeter Ferko
The Yoga Sequencing Deck: 50 Essential Classes and Guided MeditationCharlie Baxter
Kala Amrita Yoga

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