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Yoga Riot is a business that offers a range of yoga-based classes, workshops and community events for all ages and abilities. Founded in 2011 by two friends who met in the yoga studio, Yoga Riot has grown to become one of the UK’s leading yogic lifestyle brands. This growth is driven by the company’s strong commitment to providing unique and accessible classes while respecting traditional teachings.

The inception of Yoga Riot was prompted by a desire to offer as many people as possible access to the benefits of yoga in an affordable and enjoyable way – whether it be helping someone reduce stress or teaching them sun salutations for their personal wellbeing. The founders had seen first-hand how beneficial these lessons could be, however they felt current offerings did not meet their expectations and wanted to do better.

With this vision in mind, Yoga Riot opened its first studio in London and aimed to teach classes that combined innovative methods with traditional yoga practices rooted in ancient knowledge. It rapidly gained traction for its experienced teachers, quality curriculum, and inspiring atmosphere that attracted students from all walks of life.

Yoga Riot has since expanded through more studios across the UK along with digital products such as online courses and custom content designed for larger organisations. Each offering furthers its mission to remove barriers to accessing better health outcomes through yoga so everyone can create space in their lives for physical, mental and spiritual wellness.


Yoga Riot is a philosophy focusing on personal growth and self-development that helps practitioners continue to reach their goals. It emphasizes the importance of setting a goal and breaking it down into smaller, more achievable steps to ensure effectiveness and progress towards the desired outcome. This philosophy also encourages practitioners to focus on both physical and mental aspects of yoga practice as a means of achieving overall well-being.

It suggests creating awareness during each stage of the practice so that one can make adjustments or modifications as needed for further improvement. Moreover, Yoga Riot emphasizes working through challenges without judgment, learning to be mindful in our daily lives and ultimately enjoys the journey along the way. All these characteristics help us develop confidence which then allows us to manifest success by letting go of limiting beliefs and allowing ourselves to take those necessary risks for growth.

Ultimately, Yoga Riot is about using the practices of yoga to propel long lasting transformation from within – from discovering our true purpose in life, developing moment-to-moment awareness, cultivating resilience and embodying personal strength in all areas of life.

Classes & Services

Yoga Riot is a studio and community center that offers various classes and services to meet the needs of its clients. Yoga classes are available for people of all experience levels, ranging from complete beginner to experienced advanced yogis. Aspiring teachers can take advantage of the education programs offered, which provide an opportunity for personal growth and learning about different disciplines. There is a therapy program offering monthly workshops focusing on relaxation, emotional awareness, and other healing practices. Private one-on-one sessions are also available for those needing additional support. Workshops featuring renowned yoga teachers from around the world also come to the studio regularly to provide instruction and share their knowledge with the community. Other services available include guided meditation classes, yoga retreats, and group workshops exploring breathwork, mindfulness, philosophy of yoga, and more.


Yoga Riot believes that teaching yoga should be a journey. That’s why we want you to get to know our instructors and the incredible amount of passion, education and training each one of them brings to the practice.

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All of our instructors are certified from some of the highest rated programs created and lead by renowned instructors in the industry. Moreover, Yoga Riot encourages continuing education for each instructor, convening throughout the year for professional development workshops to hone their skills and remain current on issues in yoga therapy.

Each instructor is also incredibly dedicated to making sure every student has a quality experience. They set aside time before and after classes to provide advice and answer questions both on a physical or broader philosophical level. Our community atmosphere makes sure all our students feel supported, respected and welcomed no matter what level they are at in the practice.

Apart from their high teacher qualifications, Yoga Riot’s instructors have a unique personality that adds even more value to your yoga journey This includes a multicultural background bringing diverse perspectives on yogic lifestyle, individual support during challenging postures or simply a great conversation! We strive to make sure all our classes feature specialty guest teachers so there’s always something new to learn or be inspired by.


Yoga Riot has an overall positive rating, with customers reporting modern and spacious studios, friendly teachers, and classes of various difficulty levels. Customers describe the classes as challenging yet rewarding. Many customers praise the personalized attention they receive during each class, confirming that the instructors are knowledgeable, motivating and attentive to their needs. Some customers found the prices of the classes to be too pricey but do acknowledge that it is worth it for the quality of service offered. Other customer reviews suggest adding more mats and space in order to accommodate larger numbers within a single class. The overall consensus seems to be Yoga Riot is an excellent center offering great classes and experienced instructors, albeit at a premium price.

Step-by-Step Guide

The first step to practicing yoga with the help of Yoga Riot’s instructors is to join their online class. This can be done by creating a free membership and completing the signup process. After that, you will have access to a variety of live classes, pre-recorded tutorials and even virtual private sessions with Yoga Riots’ experienced instructors.

The second step is to attend one of their live classes offered at convenient times throughout the week. During these classes, instructors provide detailed guidance on breath control, body alignment, meditation, and more. These classes are tailored to all levels so beginners can feel comfortable learning alongside more experienced practitioners.

The third step is to ensure that you’re following proper form during your practice as incorrect form can lead to injury when done incorrectly. Should you require assistance or have any questions regarding proper posture and poses, their instructors are there to help throughout each class session.

The fourth step is to take advantage of Yoga Riot’s extensive library of pre-recorded tutorials and demonstrations for further guidance in mastering a pose or sequence. You can also view any instructional videos and follow along with them in order for your practice become both safer and more rewarding.

Finally, if you would like personalized instruction from an experienced practitioner specialized in whatever level of experience you need assistance with for your practice then taking part in one of the virtual private sessions offered by Yoga Riot may prove useful as well.

Environment & Atmosphere

The environment and atmosphere at Yoga Riot is truly something special. When you first enter the studio space, it’s almost like entering an entirely different world. The walls are lined with artwork, adding to the bright, vibrant atmosphere of the studio. The music playing in this space adds a calming yet invigorating background, perfect for accepting and digesting the spiritual teachings that occur during yoga classes and events.

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Beyond just artwork on the walls and music in the background, Yoga Riot also provides its guests with additional amenities that can be used before or after class. These amenities include complimentary herbal tea, lounge chairs and aromatherapy oils that can help relax and soothe both body and mind. They also provide water jugs throughout their practice space to ensure every guest stays hydrated during their work out.

Yoga Riot’s inviting environment and atmosphere creates a place of warm hospitality where guests are more than welcome to explore yoga at their own pace. With plenty of joy-filled moments along with time for personal reflection, it is no wonder that this studio has become a hotspot for many experienced yogis as well as those just beginning their journey into this practice!


Yoga Riot provides people with a unique way to get in shape, both physically and mentally. Practicing yoga not only builds strength, flexibility, and balance in the body but it can also create peace and clarity in one’s mind. Those who practice yoga at Yoga Riot can experience the following benefits:

• Improved posture by building awareness of body alignment
• Increased mobility through strengthening muscles and joints
• Enhanced circulation that encourages organ health
• Creation of inward focus which leads to an improved mental outlook on life
• Stress reduction from carefully managed breathing exercises
• Enhanced sleep as relaxed states are able to be achieved throughout the day pratice of yoga
• Lower levels of cortisol production, a hormone connected to stress
• Cultivation of presence that allows for stillness, peace, and emotional clarity


Yoga Riot has recently been covered in several different media outlets. The New York Times highlighted the group’s mission of “breaking barriers and helping those with physical disabilities to find a sense of freedom through yoga.” Additionally, popular news websites like HuffPost and Fox News have showcased YogaRiot for inspiring others to practice better health habits.

Yoga Riot has garnered further attention with the creation of their YouTube channel, which provides viewers with guided classes and helpful tips from experienced instructors. Moreover, various celebrities have also expressed their admiration for the organization by doing Instagram Takeovers, where famous people post about their own personal yoga experiences. Finally, YogaRiot has even been featured on television networks such as ABC and NBC.


Yoga Riot has proven to be a successful program for helping individuals reach their desired goals. The comprehensive approach of the yoga classes, along with its accessible and welcoming atmosphere have been instrumental in achieving success. Whether it’s improving physical health, mental wellbeing or overall health – Yoga Riot has enabled many to reach the objectives they set out to accomplish. As the program continues to grow and reach more individuals, we can look forward to hearing more success stories about how Yoga Riot was an integral part in it.

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