Yoga Restoration

## What is Yoga Restoration?
Yoga Restoration is a style of yoga designed to help individuals to restore their physical and mental strength quickly and efficiently. It is also a tool used to reconnect the mind, body and breath through conscious movements, poses, breathwork, and meditations. The practice can be used by individuals of all ages, levels, and lifestyles in order to enhance the quality of their lives and reach a higher level of physical fitness.

## Benefits of Yoga Restoration
Yoga Restoration offers many benefits for individuals who practice it regularly. Some of these benefits include:

– **Improves physical flexibility:** Through the practice of different postures, gently stretching and strengthening muscles, Yoga Restoration helps increase one’s mobility and range of motion, increases blood circulation and flexibility.

– **Supports mental & emotional well-being:** Through practices such as breathing exercises and meditation, this style of yoga can help reduce stress, anxiousness and mental fatigue while enhancing inner-strength and wellbeing.

– **Delivers restorative effects to the body:** The practice of Relaxation poses in Yoga Restoration is designed to restore the body’s energy and promote healing processes. This helps re-energize and relax the body to its fullest overall potential.

– **Enhances overall quality of life:** By helping individuals increase core strength and balance and become mindful of their bodies, Yoga Restoration enhances the overall quality of life by cultivating awareness and mindfulness.

## What Does a Yoga Restoration Practice Look Like?
A typical Yoga Restoration practice may include various elements such as:

– **Gentle warm-ups:** Warming up the body before practicing any yoga postures is key and helps the body prepare for the practice ahead.

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– **Poses for strength & stability:** Moves such as Warrior poses and lunges help to increase strength, stability, and balance.

– **Activating & reenergizing postures:** Flowing and dynamic postures help to energize the body, stimulate the organs and promote the self-healing benefits of yoga.

– **Restorative poses & breathing exercises:** Relaxation and restoring postures help to relax the body and reverse stress, while breath work helps to restore balance and mental clarity.

– **Closing with Meditation & Yoga Nidra:** Finishing a practice with Meditation and Yoga Nidra helps to bring the mind and body into balance, letting the body restore and heal.

## How Do I Start Practicing?
If you feel intrigued by the idea of Yoga Restoration, there are several ways to get started! You can:

– **Find a class near you:** Use platforms like [Classpass,]( [YogaTrail,]( or [YogaFinder]( to search for Yoga Restoration classes near you.

– **Hire an online instructor:** If there aren’t any Yoga Restoration classes available in your area, or if you find it difficult to attend local classes, consider hiring an online instructor who can guide you through the practice over video calls.

– **Explore podcasts & videos:** There are numerous resources available on the internet that cover yoga, restoration and breath work. You can explore podcasts, video clips, and tutorials to learn the basics before diving into the practice.

Overall, Yoga Restoration is a powerful practice that can help individuals to restore physical and mental strength and quicken the rate of healing. Through a combination of postures, breath work, and meditation, this form of yoga helps bring relaxation, balance, and mental clarity – ultimately improving one’s overall quality of life!

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