Yoga Poses Good For Period Cramps

Yoga poses are a natural means through which individuals can manage period cramps. Certain postures have been proven to reduce pain as well as other symptoms associated with menstruation such as nausea, fatigue, and anxiety.

Improved blood circulation helps reduce clots and stimulate the release of endorphin hormones that act as natural painkillers in the body. In addition to relieving physical discomfort, research has shown that by focusing on breathing techniques during these postures helps alleviate stress and depression which are linked to experienced cramps.

Benefits of Yoga Poses for Period Cramps

The practice of yoga poses is very helpful in releasing pent up tension in muscle groups, which can be beneficial in reducing menstrual cramping sensation. Studies have also indicated that regular yoga practice strengthens core abdominal muscles enabling better control over bloodstream flow which can ease cramping while keeping bloating away significantly. Furthermore, different poses help move energy around certain specific areas within the body and improve peripheral circulation, making it easier for toxins to flush out effectively.

Different Yoga Poses Good For Period Cramps

Cat-Cow Pose: This pose increases flexibility in the spine by gently stretching the whole trunk from shoulders to hips in an alternating sequence of movements that warmup the body whilst improving digestion at the same time. Additionally, this pose moves fresh oxygenated blood throughout targeted regions where low oxygen levels may cause cramping sensation during ovulation or menstruation.

Child’s Pose: Child’s Pose is ideal for opening up your hips and relieving lower back and abdominal tightening associated with intense periods of cramping or hot flashes caused by hormonal imbalances. This pose involves resting your chest directly on your legs while stretching out your arms all forwards accompanied by deep inhales and exhales followed by several minutes of relaxation before rising slowly into a sitting position afterwards.

In conclusion, yoga poses offer a wonderful remedy for period cramps apart from drugs or other medical therapies available on the market. People dealing with such pain associated with menstruation should consider incorporating these useful postures into their lifestyle routine regularly and feel comfortable naturally once again.

Benefits of Practicing Yoga During Your Period

Practicing various yoga poses during your period can provide numerous benefits. Yoga helps to relax the entire body and mind, which can help reduce cramping, bloating, and overall discomfort associated with menstruation.

By practicing specific yoga postures during your period, you can increase mobility in certain areas of your body that feel tense due to the hormone fluctuations that occur during this time. Additionally, some poses also work on strengthening the core muscles around the pelvic floor, which can help reduce menstrual pain further.

Yoga asanas that focus on relaxation and stretching are particularly beneficial for alleviating period-related discomforts. Low-impact stretching poses such as reclined twists, half moon pose, and hero pose not only gently open up any tightness in the lower back but also soothe away muscle tension around the uterus area.

Certain postures more commonly known as ‘forward bends’ have been known to reduce anxiety levels and uplift moods by soothing energizing channels within the body which have an affinity for quieter meditative stretches. Warrior I pose is a great posture for stimulating circulation throughout the abdomen, hips, and perineum – – all areas that are especially impacted during your cycle.

Poses such as bridge pose and butterfly stretch create a gentle external weight on the abdominal area providing soothing pressure through applied pressure – immensely beneficial if cramps or irritability are present. Not only does it alleviate physical discomfort but these types of postures lessen mental stress levels too; something that most women struggle with during their monthly cycle whether they themselves recognise it or not.

Combined with more calming practices such as pranayama (breathing exercises) or restorative postures such as Child’s Pose – yoga is a wonderful tool to restore equilibrium within body and mind when symptoms from premenstrual syndrome flare up each month.

Examples of Proven Positive Effects of Exercise During Menstruation

Menstruation is an unavoidable fact of life for women, and while there are many painful side effects that come with it, exercise can help ease those symptoms. One form of exercise that may be particularly useful for relieving period cramps is yoga.

As a low-impact exercise, yoga combines meditation and physicality to create balance within the body. By paying close attention to proper posture and using deep breathing techniques, the muscles in the abdomen are relaxed, resulting in less tension and discomfort during your period.

Yoga poses specifically created or tailored for menstrual cramps can give you further relief by targeting the abdominal area where the cramping typically occurs. A few easy yoga poses that can be beneficial during menstrual cycles include Corpse Pose, Bridge Pose, Legs Up The Wall Pose (Viparita Karani), Reclining Bound Angle Pose (Supta Baddha Konasana), and Cat/Cow Poses.

The Corpse Pose helps relax the neck and shoulders while providing a comforting effect on the nerves in the abdomen. The Bridge pose gently stretches back muscles and tones abdominal muscles as well as stimulating circulation within the pelvic area. The Legs Up The Wall Pose actually works from the ground up by calming your nervous system from head to toe; making it helpful to relieve tension, bloating, fatigue, pain and even cravings related to your menstrual cycle.

The Reclining Bound Angle Pose opens up your hips and softly expands your pelvic area as well as improves blood flow to reproductive organs easing both cramping and mood swings often associated with one’s period. Finally, Cat/Cow poses work wonders when releasing built-up stress that results from aches associated with period cramps; increasing flexibility also aids in boosting energy levels often referenced during one’s time of month.

Though uncomfortable symptoms are associated with periods such as irritation, bloating or headaches; participating in yoga poses designed or suited for menstruation will not only improve blood flow that could lead to reducing pain but could potentially help us develop a calmness of mind aiding us in finding our inner peace too.

Why Yoga is an Effective Tool to Help Period Cramps

Yoga poses are an effective tool to help with period cramps. Yoga combines stretching and breathing techniques inspired by the ancient practice of integrating physical, spiritual, and mental aspects of daily life to induce relaxation. The physical poses help release tension in joints, muscles, and connective tissues while the focused breathing helps reduce stress hormones and increase oxygen flow throughout the body. Many yogis have reported being able to reduce their menstrual cycle-related cramps through yoga postures alone.

There are many different kinds of yoga poses that can be used to help relieve a variety of aches and pains associated with menstruation, but there are a few in particular that stand out as particularly beneficial for treating period cramps.

For example, bridge pose is an excellent choice for relieving lower back pain which is common during the menstrual cycle; it involves lying on your back with knees bent before lifting your hips off the ground and holding for several minutes at a time.

This pose offers incredible relief by allowing space between the vertebrae and improving circulation in our abdominal region – where most women experience intense cramping during their periods. This position also strengthens our core muscles, improves balance, posture, and digestion – all helpful during this time of month.

The triangle pose is another useful one for reducing period pain and other related symptoms; it focuses on stretching your inner thighs while opening up the torso with both arms up overhead. In addition to reducing bloating during menstruation, triangle pose still encourages blood flow while strengthening the hamstrings – two key necessities for proper posture near or directly on our periods.

This leggy twist has tremendous benefits for aiding in digestion as well offering gentle compression in the reproductive organs which can often decrease discomfort around those areas when dealing with intense cramping or irregularity within them.

In conclusion, yoga poses are truly valuable tools when it comes to relieving period cramps. Bridge pose and triangle pose are especially helpful due to their capabilities of increasing circulation in our abdominal region or offering gentle compression in reproductive organs combined with prolonging stretchses within muscle fibers respectively; enabling us to gain control over contractions that trigger painful cramping sensations so we embrace our periods without fear.

Simple Yoga Poses to Help with Period Cramps

Yoga is a great way to help relieve the pain and discomfort of period cramps. There are plenty of poses that can be done to help stretch tight muscles, warm your body, and improve circulation throughout the abdominal area.

What’s most important with any kind of yoga practice is that it’s done right – paying attention to alignment and making sure that movements are fluid and comfortable. Here is how you can get started with simple yoga poses for period cramps:

The first step is to make sure you’re comfortable and warm before beginning your practice. It’s recommended to do some gentle stretches and breathing exercises first to help relax your body so you can move through the rest of the practice easily. Cat-Cow is a simple pose that will help by soothing your nervous system while gently stretching out the spine. This pose can also stimulate digestion, helping reduce stomach pain caused by menstrual cramps.

When you’re ready, it’s time to move into some more specific yoga poses for period cramps. Hip Openers such as Reclined Pigeon Pose or Janu Sirsasana (Head-to-Knee Forward Bend) are often recommended because they work on areas such as hamsstrings which can become very tight in response to stress or pain from period cramping.

These poses provide a gentle stretch which helps alleviate tension in these areas while encouraging blood flow which helps reduce pain overall. For even more relief from abdominal pain, Child’s Pose helps take pressure off your lower back while calming down the central nervous system which further reduces any tension in the lower body caused by cramping.

Period Cramp Yoga Pose

Finally, it’s important end your practice with restorative poses like Supported Prasarita Padottanasana (Wide-Legged Legs Up The Wall) for five minutes so your body has time to relax after the pain-relieving workout it just underwent. This lets all those lovely postures integrate into your body without having periods of intense stretching followed by abrupt stops–that could potentially create more tension/pain than relief if not given time for integration.

Allowing yourself this restful closure also gives you a sense of peace that can last beyond your actual yoga session so that when next month rolls around (and hopefully less painful period symptoms. ), you have more tools at your disposal come pain relief time.

Types of Poses Based on Your Comfort Level

Yoga can be an effective and natural way to manage period cramps. There are a variety of poses that can offer relief from menstrual pains and discomfort. Depending on your comfort level, some poses may be better suited than others for alleviating period cramps.

The most basic yoga poses that could be used to ease period pain include Child’s Pose, Reclined Twist, Cat-Cow, Garland Pose, and Bridge Pose. All of these require minimum strength or flexibility and are suitable for beginner yogis as well as those more experienced in the practice. Working these stretches into your daily routine can help bring relief each month when you experience cramping.

Those looking for a slightly higher intensity workout should consider incorporating Eagle pose, Warrior 2, Reverse Warrior, Triangle pose, Half Lord of the Fishes or Half Camel. Combined with other seated or standing postures such as Cobra pose or Standing Forward Bend, these poses will not only stretch out tight muscles in the abdomen but will also stimulate proper circulation which is needed during menstruation.

If virabhadrasana (warrior II) feels too intense during your periods then use trikonasana (triangle pose) instead to reap similar benefits without feeling discomfort in your hips and inner thighs while practicing it.

Finally, one should also consider rejuvenating restorative postures such as Corpse pose to reduce both physical tension and mental stress during their cycle. Taking time to relax naturally helps reduce cramping due to relaxed muscles provided by this pose allowing more oxygenated blood to flow throughout the body easing any inflammation, fatigue and muscle aches caused by fluidal shifts taking place during menstruation.

Accompanying your yoga practice with mindful breathing exercises such as the 4-7-8 technique will further help relax the body which is essential during times when period cramps are especially strong.

Forward Folds

Forward folds are a great pose for helping to reduce period cramps. Not only do forward folds provide relief from cramping, but they also help to release tension and create a sense of relaxation. To perform this pose, start in a standing position with feet hip-width apart and arms by your side. As you exhale, slowly fold forward at the hips until your torso is parallel to the ground and your hands can reach the floor.

You can either keep the knees bent or straighten them if comfortable, allowing your back and head to hang heavy as gravity pulls down towards the floor. Be sure to keep breathing deeply while in this pose – it is a stress-reducing technique as well as a pain relieving one. If possible, stay in this pose for up to five minutes before gradually rolling up through your spine and coming back into standing position.

Child’s Pose

Child’s Pose is an excellent way to both relieve period cramps as well as decrease stress levels during menstruation. To get into child’s pose from all fours (or table position), sink your hips back onto your heels and bring your forehead down towards the floor, allowing your chest to expand with each deep breath in.

If you have tight hamstrings or prefer more support for your low back, feel free to place a bolster or stack of blankets under your belly for additional support. This pose helps activate the parasympathetic nervous system which brings us out of an active “fight or flight” response and into our restful “rest and digest” mode that helps us relax our bodies even during painful periods.

Wide Squat

The Wide Squat, often referred to as “4 Corners Hold” or “Garland Pose”, is an excellent variation on traditional squats that helps soothe period cramps with its combination of deep hip opening and grounded stability. Start in a tall standing position with feet wider than hips distance apart (toes can even point outward slightly for extra hip opening).

Then, lower yourself down into a wide squatting position with both feet firmly rooted into the floor – spreading outso toes like roots makes it easier to stay solid here.

Once stable in this position, bring both hands onto shins bringing weight forward slightly while shifting pelvis back firming buttocks so legs are straight but not locked. This slight forward/back balancing helps open up tight lower spinal muscles which can be beneficial during period cramps as well as other sources of low back pain. Breathe deeply and evenly while maintaining good posture throughout this posture before releasing out slowly when ready or after 3-5 breaths if desired.

Low Lunge

Low lunge is a yoga pose that can be used to help relieve period cramps. This pose helps stretch the hip flexors and pelvis, which can help to ease cramping. Begin by coming onto all fours with your hands beneath your shoulders and your knees beneath your hips. Step your right foot forward between your hands into a low lunge position.

Ensure that your left knee is behind or slightly out of line with your left ankle. Inhale and lift up through the chest as you press down into the mat lifting your back knee off the ground for stability. Keep tightening across the front belly and hold this pose for 5 breaths before releasing and starting on the other side.

Bound Angle

The Bound Angle pose is an effective way to reduce cramps during a menstrual cycle as it helps open up the hips, inner thighs, sacrum, abdomen and groin area. To practice this pose sit with both legs extended out in front of you then bend both knees bringing both soles of feet together so that they are touching one another, gently pressing them together forming a small triangle shape with the legs.

Then take both arms inside of the bent legs, wrapping them around them if possible putting pressure on either side of the folded legs pressing them closer together and toward you. Stay in this position for 5 deep exhales while focusing on feeling grounded in this moment by letting go any other tensions that may be held within you body to assist in relieving those menstrual cycle cramps fast.

Chair Spinal Twist

Cat-Cow Pose

The Cat-Cow pose, also known as the Marjaryasana-Bitilasana combination is a gentle way to help reduce period cramps. It can be done both standing or seated and involves a rhythmic flow between arching your back (cat) and curving your back (cow). The rhythmic movement helps relax the muscles in the abdominal area, where most of the tension caused by cramps occurs.

This pose is also beneficial in stretching out the spine and helping to relax and ease tightness in your lower back. By increasing blood flow in this area, it encourages pain relief all over the body. Moving from cat to cow helps create a releasing sensation that keeps menstrual cramps at bay.

Pelvic Tilts

The pelvic tilt is another great yoga pose for relieving menstrual cramps. This pose requires you to lie down on your yoga mat with your knees bent and feet flat on the ground. From this position, you slowly arc your pelvis upwards towards your navel creating an inverted “V” shape with your torso.

As with cat-cow, this continuous wave of movement helps to improve blood circulation while loosening any tense muscles which help alleviate pain associated with menstrual cramps. In addition, regular practice of this posture can strengthen core muscles, eliminating future discomfort due to these cramps.

Child’s Pose

Child’s Pose is a gentle stretch that can be used to help reduce menstrual pains during menstruation. This restorative pose creates an environment for relaxation and calming of the mind through its slow contour movements that lengthen then release lower back muscles.

Child’s Pose also stretches out hip pockets, improving circulation throughout them which relieves cramping in this area greatly when held for 2-3 minutes per side every day during menstruation.

Additionally, many yoga practitioners find it easier to still their minds whenever they practice Child’s Pose as it helps them to reach a meditative state which aids in providing comfort from any negative emotions or sensations caused by period pains further promoting relaxation within the body as well as peace of mind outside of it.

Seated Spinal Twist

This pose is great for stretching the back and abdominal muscles which are often tense during a menstrual cycle. To perform this pose sit on the floor with your legs extended in front of you, bend your knees and bring both legs together so that your feet are flat on the ground.

Place each palm on opposite knees, take a deep breath and slowly twist smoothly to one side as far as you can comfortably go, hold for approximately 10-12 breaths then switch sides. This gentle twist helps to massage abdominal organs and provide a soothing stretch intended to alleviate painful period cramps.

Child’s Pose

This pose helps to relax the body while stretching the hips and spine which is especially beneficial for relieving tension in the lower back areas where most period pains occur. To do this you need to start in an all fours position, keeping your palms down on the ground spread out shoulder width apart.

Move your hips backwards towards your heels while stretching arms straight out in front of you until they rest comfortably on the floor. Hold this position for 30-50 seconds without allowing strain or tension into any area of your body; slow purposeful breathing will help alleviate pain during this stretch in particular.

Can I Do Yoga With My Period

Reclined Bound Angle Pose

The reclined bound angle pose targets the abdomen while also being very effective for relaxation due to its reclining nature. Lie back onto a comfortable blanket or yoga mat and bring soles of your feet together so that they’re touching each other leading them up towards your chest by grabbing opposite hands around hammies (backs of thighs).

Sliding down slightly further on each exhale causes pelvic tilt forward resulting abdominal massage; stay here as long as it feels comfortable without straining yourself keeping belly open and chest lifted slightly upwards. When done properly it relaxes lower back eliminating any tightness caused by hunched shoulders lifting away pain brought about by period cramps enabling full relaxation of entire body not just targeted area normally getting most attention during such episodes [1].

Cobra Pose

The cobra pose is a wonderful exercise for relieving period cramps. This pose can be done from a prone position on the floor and is often referred to as bhujangasana. To begin, you start on your belly with your feet hip width apart and your hands resting by your chest.

From here, press into your hands and slowly lift your heart off of the floor while lifting your chin slightly away from the ground. You should feel a gentle lengthening sensation in your spine as you do this pose, helping to relieve spasms in the back as well as abdomen area. Hold this pose for five breaths before slowly releasing and allowing your body to rest once more on the ground.

Cat-Cow Pose

The cat-cow pose is another great posture for relieving cramped periods. This exercise begins with gently coming onto all fours, ensuring that there is still space between each knuckle joint. The spine will then become round as you inhale deeply through the nose during cow pose, allowing it to expand up towards the ceiling while maintaining a neutral pelvis rotation.

On exhale you will curl downwards into cat pose, bringing the chin into the chest and contracting that lower abdominal region where much of our cramps can be found. Continue alternating between these two poses for several rounds, gradually transitioning slower as you find more space between each inhalation and exhalation to help soothe period cramps even further.

Butterfly Pose

Finally, butterfly pose (or baddha konasana) is an excellent posture useful for relieving those dreaded period cramps. Start by sitting down on the mat an drawing both heels toward one another until they touch their inner thighs while keeping full length on your sitz bones towards the ground below. Slowly begin to bend forward at the hips while using both hands to grab hold of your feet to help deepen that forward fold if desired.

As gravity pulls or dowse deep into herself with each breath hold this seated position for several moments before slowly coming out of her if she desires-it’s up to her own experience what feels best. However long she decides too remain in butterfly position it should help give some sweet relief during those times of discomfort in her cycle.

Using Props to Make Yoga Even More Effective for Period Cramps

Yoga poses are commonly used as a natural remedy to help alleviate period cramps. However, many people don’t realize that props can be used to make the poses even more helpful for pain relief. As such, it’s worth investing in a few yoga accessories to get the most out of your practice.

Props such as blocks, straps, blankets and bolsters may seem unnecessary at first glance. But they can provide additional support and comfort during certain poses, allowing you to stay in them longer for deeper relaxation and improved circulation.

When using props for poses targeting period cramps, focus on laying supported postures and restorative backbends. For example, instead of attempting prostrated twists without support, try it with the aid of a bolster or folded blankets under your torso.

Doing so can provide extra cushioning while gently pressing into the abdominal area, which can help reduce menstrual cramping. Be sure to use enough padding so that you don’t feel any discomfort from our leverage against the floors or walls; doing so provides relief rather than exacerbating pain.

Legs-up-the-wall (Viparita Karani) is often recommended for relieving cramping as well. Similarly to using props for twisting postures mentioned above, relaxing this pose with the assistance of bolsters can provide greater results than just doing it on a mat alone due to elevated support from below the hips and back.

This pose has scientifically been proven effective in reducing lower back pain; making it great for easing tension in not only your lower abdomen but your entire body overall during periods of discomfort-especially when accompanied by proper breathing techniques.

No matter what type of prop you choose to use or positions you decide on incorporating into your practice; remember that gentle movements done mindfully are key in experiencing full benefit from yoga during periods of pain & discomfort-such as menstruation cramp relief.

By incorporating props & tailoring poses according to one’s individual needs & preferences; hot yoga or other forms of dynamic exercises may be comfortably practiced even through times when more restorative practices like Yin Yoga may be better suited overall health benefits.

Corpse Pose

The Corpse Pose is an essential practice for period cramps. It is a simple and restorative yoga pose that helps to reduce physical tension in the body, which is especially beneficial during difficult periods. That’s because the sense of stillness and deep relaxation that comes with this pose can help to alleviate menstrual pain and discomfort.

By focusing on breath regulation, a person can better manage their period-related discomforts. This natural process increases venous blood flow throughout the body, promoting relaxation and reducing overall pain levels.

To enter into the corpse pose, lie down flat on your back with your legs slightly apart from each other. Place your arms by your sides with palms facing upwards. Close your eyes and focus on regulating your breath, letting go of any unpleasant thoughts or feelings associated with menstrual cramps.

Allow yourself to really sink into the floor beneath you, feeling fully supported by the earth below you. Enjoy the experience of allowing go of any physical tightness in your body as sensation slowly shifts away from one area to another.

One of the most powerful benefits of the Corpse Pose is its ability to encourage deeper states of mental relaxation while easing pains out of physical tension and tightness – two common problems experienced during menstruation due to increased hormone production and discomforts associated with muscle spasms related to period cramps.

On top of this, regular practice can help reduce symptoms associated with PMS (pre-menstrual syndrome) – such as anxiety, depression, fatigue and irritability – while enhancing overall moods & feelings wellbeing by helping individuals feel part of something larger than themselves through a connected meditation practice.

Also, recent studies have clarified that regular practice may decrease stress hormonel levels potentially providing more longterm benefits for menstrual cycle regularity & hormonal balance leading towards improved fertility & reproductive health issues when relevant1.

Finally, it’s important not to underestimate how much diff erent aspects such as breathing techniques (pranayama) or use visualisations can add to this powerful posture alone providing a great support both aesthetically & therapeutically simultaneously2. This means poses such as those provided here not only offer shortterm relief from temporal discomforts but also lasting results in terms of calming nervous system & creating longlasting emotional balance.


Yoga has been proven to be an effective way to relieve stress and ease period cramps. During menstruation, yoga can help with physical discomfort as well as emotional and mental wellbeing.

The combination of postures that can provide relief for period cramps include bhujangasana (cobra pose), uttanasana (forward fold), and malasana (garland pose). All of the poses mentioned focus on engaging the abdomen and pelvic region which can provide a great deal of comfort during cramping and discomfort through improved circulation and stretching of the abdominal area.

In addition to providing physical comfort, practicing yoga during menstruation is also beneficial for improving our emotional wellbeing. Many people find that not only does the attention brought to their breath and movements help them feel grounded, but also that a regular practice is calming for both mind and body.

Practicing yoga during these times can provide moments of stillness from our day-to-day lives, helping us become aware of any tension or feelings that we may need to release. This extra time spent in tune with ourselves helps us learn how to cope better with difficult thoughts or emotions that often come hand-in-hand with periods.

Finally, it is important to note that while some of the poses mentioned here are beneficial in alleviating period cramps or other physical discomforts, there is no definite “right” pose when it comes to addressing menstrual issues-it will really depend on how your body is feeling at any given moment. It’s important to remember that movement should bring pleasure if it’s going to be effective in offering you relief.

Ultimately what matters most when practiced with intention and awareness; simply pausing, standing still, taking deep breaths can make a huge difference when it comes to how we take care of ourselves during our menstrual cycles. With compassion and self-care practices like yoga during menstruation, we have more opportunity for growth within ourselves than ever before.

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