Yoga Poses For Sex


Yoga provides a variety of physical and mental benefits, from increased calming and relaxation to improved core strength. These same benefits are also helpful for those looking to improve their sex life. Incorporating certain yoga poses can enhance physical capability and pleasure during intimate moments. Furthermore, the practice of specific yoga poses can increase flexibility and confidence in the bedroom, leading to more pleasurable experiences.

The key yoga poses designed to help enhance pleasure during sex involve stretches targeting muscles in the hips, groin, glutes, and pelvic floor. Stretches such as prenatal pose (otherwise known as “butterfly stretch”), pigeon pose, cow face posture, low lunge or crescent lunge can all assist with increasing flexibility in these target areas. Focusing on breathing while executing these poses is key to reap the full benefit of this practice. This can even be carried over into day-to-day activities, allowing for better control of formerly hard to reach muscles when engaging in sexual activity.

In addition to improving physical capability during intercourse, yoga can also increase mental clarity by helping clear one’s mind of distracting thoughts or depression. This can create a deeper connection between partners and help make experiences more satisfying for both parties involved. As an added bonus couples who practice together often observe a renewed closeness making it much easier to communicate desires with each other.

Overall, there are numerous benefits from adding yoga poses into one’s routine that will aid them in experiencing more enjoyable quality time between lovers both physically and mentally!

Safety Tips When Trying Yoga Poses During Sex

1. Get warmed up. As with any physical activity, it helps to warm up your muscles before you get started. Use some basic stretches to prepare your body for the poses you’ll try during sex.

2. Have open communication with your partner about what you are comfortable trying, and what might not feel good for either of you. There should be a mutual understanding between both partners about how far each person is willing to go physically, and never push beyond that boundary without discussing it between both of you.

3. Make sure the space you have is wide enough and safe enough to accommodate all limb movements needed for the poses, and that no sharp or rigid objects are nearby that could cause injury if bumped into or stepped on during exercise or sex play.

4. Take breaks as needed ” don’t forget that because these poses can be challenging they can also become tiring! Make sure you and your partner both take time between poses to rest, hydrate if needed and get back into an aroused state before resuming any activity again.

5. Experiment with different levels of intensity in order to find out which poses work best for both of you ” some yoga positions may require more strength from one partner, so it’s important to make adjustments as necessary in order to give maximum pleasure for all involved and minimize strain on any one person’s body.

6. Put comfort first ” Pay attention to the alignment of your bodies while trying these poses – pain is rarely desirable when engaging in yoga or sex practices! Make sure that everyone involved feels comfortable at all times and adjust accordingly if need be!

Basic Yoga Poses to Warm Up and Get Intimate

Yoga is an ancient practice that can be useful in every aspect of life, from physical and mental health to relationships and sex. That’s right – yoga can give your love life a boost! Incorporating certain poses into your sex routine can help create more intimacy, increase arousal and build strength for more pleasurable sex. Here are some basic yoga poses you can try:

Cat-Cow: This gentle yet powerful combination of poses stretches the neck, back and hips while inviting relaxation and any level of flexibility. Start on all fours with hands shoulder width apart and knees hip width apart. As you inhale, tip your tailbone up toward the sky while dropping your belly to soften pressure off the lower back (this is Cow pose). Then as you exhale tuck your chin into your chest, round out the back like an angry cat (this is Cat pose). Repeat at a slow pace each breath taking four seconds to move through this dynamic posture.

Downward Facing Dog: Start in a tabletop position on all fours once again. On an exhale press firmly into your palms lifting the hips up towards the sky ultimately stretching both your hamstrings, shoulders and lengthening the spine. Make sure to hold opposite elbows since chest opening is also important for building body heat during sex; but don’t forget to have fun with it! If you don’t feel flexible enough rest one knee on the ground while crowning the other leg while privileging breath long throughout each pose.

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Child’s Pose: Supporting optimal sensuality this pose has been known to relieve pain, reduce stress and tension”essential elements before standing between sheets or having some oxytocin-soaked alone time with yourself or even someone else as comfortability is key here folks! Bring self into kneeled position grabbing onto feet (or toes) as if scooping them aka having whatever gravity you can muster so that forehead rests Downward Facing Dog style creating another lion-esque expression on hands along mat or bedsheets whatever feels best for yourself that way people will know what getting cuddled feels like “once again privileging deeper breaths generating longer moments of relaxation must I go on? Not sure just remember permission is full permission allowing our bodies time beside partnering up doing yet another candlelight dance party featuring Flower Queen otherwise known as You rocking away

Seated Poses to Increase Connection and Stamina

Seated yoga poses can be used to increase the connection and stamina between you and your partner during sex. One example is when both partners are seated in a crossed-legged position with their backs against each other’s chests, and their legs wrapped around each other’s waists. Maintaining this pose while breathing synchronously will increase physical and emotional intimacy, leading to a deeper connection that heightens pleasure during intercourse. Chair poses such as ‘Hero Pose’ and ‘Warrior Pose’ can also be equally beneficial, drawing energy up from the ground.The couple is shared one another’s weight, creating strong core muscles which help build an atmosphere of deep connection. The physical benefits of these positions include increased flexibility in tight areas of the body like the hips, improved circulation enhanced by inverted postures and strengthening of intimate muscles that lead to increased sexual satisfaction. Through regular practice, it’s possible not only to understand more deeply why sex is such an intimate act between two people but to also reap those benefits – maximizing orgasmic pleasure, strengthening power exchange dynamics (like Dominant/submissive ones) and forgoing fear – all through the use of mindful breathwork coupled with Yoga Poses.

Standing Positions to Explore New Positions and Angles

Yoga poses can be a great way to explore different positions and angles when it comes to sex. Standing poses provide deeper penetration, enabling partners to move in new ways while creating better access to each other’s bodies. Here are some of the most popular standing yoga poses that can be used during sex:

1. Warrior One Pose – This pose is a classic strength-building yoga pose that engages the hip flexors, feet and legs for deeper penetration. Partners stand facing each other and should keep their hips square as they move in sync with one another.

2. Warrior Two Pose – This warrior two pose opens the hips more than warrior one allowing for deeper penetration and access to different angles. Partners stand face-to-face and swing their arms toward each other as they thrust in unison focusing on pelvic connection.

3. Reverse Warrior Pose – This pose provides more intense pressure for partners as it requires increased balance and stabilization from both participants. They will face away from each other but still experience deep penetrative motions within this position.

4. Triangle Pose – Triangle pose offers mutual support while enhancing range of motion, tension and pleasure during sex. As both people take turns embracing each other’s body, they should strive to maintain an open chest by reaching out their hands, back or leg in the opposite direction of their partner’s embrace to create a triangle formation between them both.

5. Upward Facing Dog Pose – This posture asks partners to kneel down together as one person sits back against their heels while the other person keeps their arms straight while arching upwards into a bowed position with a strong grip around legs or waist area depending on height difference (this extra lift creates more depth). They then move together aiming for maximum depth which allows them to experience enhanced levels of pleasure from different angles that may have previously been impossible without this posture!

Supported Yoga Poses to Intensify Sensations

Yoga poses can be used to help promote deeper intimacy and connection with your partner, as well as intensify physical sensations during sex. It improves flexibility, calming the body and mind before engaging in sexual activities. Some supported yoga poses you can do with your partner include: cat-cow pose, bridge pose, plow pose, butterfly pose, variations of unsupported splits (for advanced users), seated wrap around straddle pose and standing embrace.

Cat-cow pose involves both partners being on their hands and knees while facing each other. The partner in the back arches their spine up towards the sky while inhaling deep breaths. On the exhale, they tuck their head and round their spine downward to form a sort of ‘crouching’ position while looking down at the floor. This stretches areas like the back and chest and helps to get blood flowing to those regions that may be responsive during sex.

Bridge pose is a bit more advanced due to its difficulty but it allows for sensation play utilizing body tension against gravity for extra support during sexual activities; this is one of many ways to use it with your partner! For example: one person would lie comfortably on their back with knees bent as if about to sit up in bed. Whereas the other person would straddle them but remain standing upright so there’s resistance from both parties making sure not to let either of them fall backwards during movement; this is a great way to increase sensation when combined with pelvic thrusting movements!

Effective Gain From Yoga

Plow Pose requires both partners laying side by side next to each other while one wraps their legs around behind the back of the other’s torso or hips area then attempts to lift their entire bodies into an inverted “V” shape resembling a plow field pattern placing incredible levels of friction all along meridians and core areas which stimulates different levels pleasure depending where attention is placed while performing romantic motions together. Variations can also be performed including alternating leg positions or even sitting upright instead (for less intense sensations) providing ample opportunity for experimentation in order explore what works best between both parties involved!

Inversions to Maximize and broaden Pleasure

Inversions are yoga poses that involve turning your body upside down, either completely (as with a headstand) or partially (as with a shoulder stand). Couples who practice inversions together can reap benefits from them when it comes to their sex life. These poses can help couples maximize and broaden the pleasure they experience during sex. Inversions increase blood flow, sending extra oxygen to both partners and increasing sensitivity all over their bodies. They also help couples break out of positions they’ve grown familiar with and try new things, further sparking creativity between them. Do be sure to practice inversions safely, using blocks and walls for support when needed!

Restorative Yoga Poses to Restore and Reinvigorate

Incorporating certain restorative yoga poses into a sexual routine can be beneficial in creating a more relaxed and connected experience. Restorative yoga is incredibly calming and increases range of motion while also reducing stress hormones. In addition, it stimulates the body’s parasympathetic system, resulting in more blood flow to the sexual organs, which can lead to increased arousal. Some restorative poses that are great for using during sex include Child’s Pose, Bridge Pose, Seated Spinal Twist, Reclined Cobbler’s Pose, Corpse Pose, Plow Pose, Butterfly Pose and Happy Baby Pose.

Child’s Pose: This feels grounding and opening through your hips as you reach your arms forward or cradle your head below.

Bridge Pose: Opening up your hips even further as you stretch out over your lifted buttock allows for greater flexibility with ease.

Seated Spinal Twist: This pose is great for both partners at once as this posture moves the spine in an invigorating twist combined with some chest opening breaths which promote connection between two partners during love making sessions.

Reclined Cobbler’s Pig: This calming position will relax both body and mind while deeply connecting one with their partner during moments when togetherness is key!

Corpse Pose: The perfect moment to close down a yoga session while lying together still feeling connected but now peacefully enjoying every breath of your own bodies in unison.

Plow Pose: Releasing tightness held in your shoulders and neck creates space for exploration when transitioning from one position to another. Embracing Plow-Pose can assist couples who want to explore deeper poses during sex!

Butterfly Pose: Bringing both heart centers closer together cultivating feelings of unity before shifting onto new heights within the yoga sequence beside each other or atop each other respectively!

Happy Baby’ Style Hold: Lubrication helps everyone move effortlessly so take the time to laugh it out because sometimes all we need is laughter instead of deeper physical movement ” may as well hold on why we’re there!!


Yoga poses for sex can be an effective about to spice up your sex life and help make it more enjoyable for both partners. Fortunately, with a few simple poses and modifications, anyone of any level can make the most out of yoga-inspired sexual positions. To ensure enjoyment, create a sensual atmosphere with soft music or candles and take the time to enjoy each pose together rather than rushing through them. Additionally, consider adding props such as bolsters or yoga blocks to increase flexibility and comfort during the poses. Enjoying yoga poses during intercourse can help build intensity while connecting with your partner on a deeper level. Try experimenting with some new position combinations to find what is most satisfying!

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