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Yoga on Period Yogawithadriene is a free online yoga video series created and presented by Adriene Mishler. Mishler is an internationally acclaimed yoga teacher active in the Austin, Texas area. She has been teaching yoga since 2011 and has earned multiple certifications in both Yoga and Yoga Therapy from various institutions. Her mission to help people around the world find physical, spiritual, and emotional wellbeing stretches all corners of the globe.

Yoga With Adriene (YWA) was started in 2011 as a personal creative project for her to share her teachings with others. Over time it has exploded in popularity, becoming one of the most popular free online yoga video sites available.

YWA offers free videos ranging from beginner classes, like the popular 30 days of yoga event held annually, to advanced skill levels and speciality events like seasonal sound baths or Yoga for Periods classes specifically targeted to people experiencing menstruation cycles.

The Purpose of Yoga With Adriene

The primary purpose of YWA is to provide high quality instructional videos that make learning yoga easy and affordable for anyone interested in taking up the practice. From beginners who may be intimidated by attending classes at a studio or gym, to experienced practitioners looking for motivation to advance their skills; YWA offers something for everyone regardless of budget or skill level.

Additionally, many viewers are drawn towards Mishlers’ down-to-earth style which creates a space that encourages emotional exploration within each pose helping students release built-up tension physically and emotionally while also developing strength through movement and posture.

Mishler effortlessly combines modern day practices with traditional methods pulling from ancient spiritual texts such as Bhagavad Gita or The Upanishads which can often seem relevant and useful even today leaving viewers feeling inspired rather than intimidated by classic teachings they may not have thought applicable before beginning practice of YWA’s programs. Finally Mishler strives offer a unique dialogue discussing how gender identity can impact our experience with asanas(poses).

She actively works against putting any specific gender into any postures believing this causes attitudes of ‘powering through’ instead focusing on creating space within each pose exclusively designed for individuals own personal needs best serving their bodies unique capabilities leaving practitioners feeling appreciated yet still challenged which keeps viewers returning day after day.

Benefits of Practicing Yoga On Period

Yoga on period is a great way to help relieve symptoms of menstrual cramps. Practicing yoga on your period can help relax the muscles in the abdomen and reduce tension which can often help ease cramping pain. In addition, deep breathing exercises practiced during yoga classes can help reduce stress hormones, helping to improve mood and overall wellbeing during this time. Yoga also encourages gentle stretching, promoting flexibility, improved posture and relaxation which can be greatly beneficial.

Yoga poses such as child’s pose that are practiced during yoga on period classes can provide relief to the back by stretching out the spine and hips. The pelvic floor poses incorporated into these classes were designed specifically for women’s health – strengthening and toning the pelvic floor muscles support better bladder control, lower risk for urinary incontinence and greater energy levels.

The practice of yoga helps alleviate fluid retention in the body because it encourages circulation throughout the body’s systems – including the reproductive organs – ultimately improving digestion and circulation. You will receive practical tools to create space amidst all the madness that comes with cycles – blending movement & breathwork with introspection & embodiment will allow you to go deeper within & give yourself permission to pause & honour yourself through notice & kindness.

Ultimately, practicing yoga-on-period is all about taking care of yourself when it matters most Allowing space to move your body however you need or feel called to while giving yourself permission to pause, reflect and release – helping make space for more freedom from within around your cycle each month.

Understanding Adriene’s Unique Yoga Style and Philosophies

Adriene Mishler is the creator of the online yoga platform “Yoga with Adriene,” which has attracted a large and passionate following. Unlike other forms of yoga, Adriene’s approach focuses on fostering a holistic connection between body and mind.

Rather than focusing only on physical aspects such as breath and posture, she emphasizes an overall sense of wellbeing. This is best captured by her videos that take viewers through yoga flows, meditation sessions, and positive affirmations geared towards building emotional resilience and contentment.

Apart from being an experienced yogi with over 500K subscribers to her channel, what makes Adriene’s style unique is her approach to developing mindfulness techniques within her videos. From breathing exercises to guided meditations, Adriene creates lessons to help create greater awareness within each practitioner.

She encourages us “to feel into the present moment and bring in attention to what is arising within our body” as we practice the poses; this allows us to develop a deeper understanding about ourselves.
Adriene also focuses heavily on building emotional stability with her philosophy that states “Wherever you are today feels okay if we can find peace in the present moment.” Throughout her guided sessions, she teaches practices such as self-compassion and kindness that offers us an opportunity for relaxation from difficult feelings or situations we experience throughout our day-to-day lives.
All this combined allows viewers to have a more meaningful experience with yoga by encouraging them to use their practice as a spiritual tool for growth and self-improvement rather than simply achieving physical exercise goals like some other forms do.

Her ability to spread love and acceptance makes it easy for anyone who follows her classes to feel connected without being judged or shamed in any way; creating an overall sense of community among both beginners and experienced yogis alike.

Overview of Yoga On Period Practices & Their Benefits

Yoga on Period from YogawithAdriene is a series of yoga practices specially designed to soothe the discomfort and fatigue that come with menstruation. The program consists of nine videos, each offering a unique practice targeting the issues you may face during your period. This includes tightness in your back and lower stomach, cramping, heavy flow, irritability, and bloating.

Each video provides both gentle and more vigorous poses that are carefully chosen to serve specific therapeutic needs associated with the menstrual cycle. Additionally, each practice is 10-30 minutes long, adding flexibility for busy lifestyles.

Participation in a Yoga On Period practice can bring physical relief through improved strength, stability and flexibility. The postures are designed to increase circulation in the abdominal area which can help reduce muscular tension and cramps while improving overall energy levels throughout this ebb & flow time. The infusion of breathwork into each practice allows for increased regulation of hormones as well as deeper connection to the body’s physiological functions.

Yoga Heavy Periods

These practices have been known to create an emotional balance by generating feelings of self-care during this natural process. Practitioners often report feeling much more grounded in their bodies after completing one of these special practices.

As Adriene says “Once we understand what is happening within us it helps us deal with our bodies differently; it allows us to enter into embracing instead of resisting what’s going on”. Creating space & awareness through this intelligent sequencing helps bring feelings of clarity & peace while bringing an honest approach to navigating all aspects of our cycle.

In addition to studying yoga therapeutics for over 18 years now, Adriene has invested her energy into personally experiencing through her own body how yoga enhances periods & all stages associated with fertility & menstruation (including premenstrual syndrome). Her wealth of knowledge allows her teachings to provide valuable insight into one’s body intelligence when practiced regularly.

Ultimately Yoga On Period from YogawithAdriene can be a great teacher and friend as you travel throughout your cycle – providing physical relief while creating internal balance and harmony.

Step-by-Step Guide to Yoga On Period Poses & Sequences

Yoga is not only beneficial throughout your menstrual cycle but it can also be incredibly therapeutic during your period. Practicing yoga on period poses and sequences can help relieve the cramping, fatigue, and bloating that comes with a typical menstrual cycle.

My favorite yoga with Adriene videos for yoga while on my period include the Period Power Flow, Cramp Crusher Flow, Reconnecting Rituals to Manifest Balance During Your Moon Cycle, and Open Up To Renewal – Releasing Stress During Your Moon Cycle.

The Period Power Flow video starts off slowly with a few cat-cow stretches to decide how you’re feeling before moving into some gentle twists to increase circulation and decrease any cramps as well as stretching out the shoulders and glutes. You then move into some strength building poses such as warrior I and II which are great for increasing energy levels during PMS week.

The sequence concludes by calming down the body with wind releasing, fish pose, inversion, bridge pose with chest openers, final resting pose (savasana), and lastly closing prayer at the end.

The Cramp Crusher Flow is slightly faster paced but also very energy building making it perfect for energizing during the sluggishness of PMS week or helping you get through those tougher days of cramps on your actual period day(s). This flow includes some trust opening backbends like spinal twists and cobra pose that will help relieve any tension from low back aches that may occur during menstruation.

You will also move through energizing sun salutations before winding down into more restorative postures such as happy baby pose or legs up a wall that will help soothe any abdominal cramping. Lastly you will finish off in savasana helping calm down both mind and body allowing for total relaxation all over after each practice.

The Reconnecting Rituals to Manifest Balance During Your Moon Cycle video does just what it’s title says – provides rituals for really connecting inwardly during your menstrual cycle stages in order to manifest balance. This practice brings awareness to balancing activities according to where you’re at in your lunar journey in order make peace with yourself this month.

It begins by calming down the body using yin postures such as malasana or hip/groin opener along with exploring the breath continuously throughout each posture providing space for pauses if needed depending on how much energy each person has to work with that day.

It then progresses into some visualization exercises that involve truly connecting within & getting inspired to potently bring forth what we want this month into our lives once it’s complete. Finally followed up by deeply calming resting poses like supta baddha konasana or supported fish pose helping settle the body both mentally & physically once all of these inner explorations have taken place.

Tips for Practicing Yoga On Period Comfortably

Practicing yoga on your period can be a difficult and uncomfortable task if you are not prepared. However, with the right tips, it is possible to practice yoga comfortably during menstruation. Yoga practice during menstruation has many benefits, such as reducing stress levels, fatigue and increasing circulation. There are four main tips for practicing yoga on period comfortably: being mindful of your body’s needs; doing gentle poses; having comfortable and supportive clothing; and remaining hydrated.

The most important thing to remember is to listen to your body when practicing yoga on your period. Different women have different experiences during their menstrual cycles; some may feel energized while others may feel extremely tired or cramp-y. It is essential that you heed the signals of your body to determine what kind of practice is best for you.

If gentle stretching is all that you can do in terms of yoga then listen to yourself and honor that need-after all, it’s better than doing nothing at all. Avoid aggressive postures such as headstands, backbends or any other intensity driven pose if fatigue and discomfort persist throughout your cycle.

Beyond listening to the signals from your own body when it comes to determining which poses will suit you best whilst menstruating, it’s also important to make sure that you are wearing comfortable and supportive clothing. You want clothes that won’t bunch up or cause unnecessary discomfort such as underwire bras or high-waisted pants which restrict breathing and movement.

Instead opt for breathable fabrics – cotton or bamboo – which support natural body temperature regulation regardless of flow amount because comfort should always be prioritized above fashion. Additionally make sure that there is enough space so that the menstrual fluid does not trickle down into uncomfortable areas nor does soil tight fitting clothes which can lead to dryness in intimate areas due extreme air lack caused by constrictive fabric fitting closely around them

Finally try drinking plenty of fluids before the session begins (water obviously) as dehydration can further enhance menstrual symptoms in increasingly irritating manner like dizziness , nausea & headache. And if well-intentioned before the session fluid intake helps stay ahead in weight gain by detoxifying bloating effects caused by premenstrual symptoms.

Above all remain happy happy – endorphin release helps reduce pain & although one cannot negate but physical impacts , hormonal changes might be dealt decently when surrounded with animated joyful beings who help provide distracting pleasantry from knee jerk onset of anxieties rising out of psychological transitions occurring unidentifiably within us.

Yoga Ball Benefits Period

Common Questions & Concerns about Practicing Yoga On Period

Many women experience symptoms such as cramps, bloating, fatigue, and even emotional pain during their menstrual cycles. For this reason, they are often concerned about whether or not it is safe to practice yoga on their periods. The good news is that practicing yoga can be a great way to alleviate some of the discomforts associated with menstruation and can even bring balance to your body’s hormones.

However, it is important to have a conversation with your healthcare provider before beginning any new exercise regimen. To ensure your safety and comfort it is also wise to familiarize yourself with certain guidelines when practicing yoga on your period. Firstly, make sure you wear clothing that gives you plenty of room for movement and won’t slip during inversions or jumps.

Also avoid positions that involve deep abdominal contraction as well as those in which the belly and pelvis are twisted or compressed; poses like these could potentially increase or aggravate cramping. It’s best to focus more on restorative poses as opposed to the more dynamic styles of yoga if you’re experiencing a particularly heavy cycle as physical exertion can cause excessive blood loss.

Other than being mindful of how active of flow you do, there are many poses that can help reduce menstrual-related discomfort during your cycles. Poses like Supta Baddha Konasana (Reclined Bound Angle Pose) can help open up the hips in order to release tension caused by cramping while Standing Forward Fold helps stretch out hamstrings which may be tight from hormonal fluctuations in the body.

If bloating has been an issue during your cycles then poses such as Cobra and Cat/Cow should be added into the practicea s they help encourage digestion circulation within the body while also giving a gentle abdominal massage by contracting and releasing muscles around those areas affected by bloating.

Finally Savasana will aid in winding down after all the effort put into each pose by calming both body and mind which will come in handy if you’re experiencing any mood swings or heightened emotions due to hormonal shifts during this time of month.

Closing Thoughts & Recommendations for Further Study

Yoga during one’s menstrual cycle has many beneficial effects. It can help alleviate physical discomfort, ease emotional distress, and bring about a sense of calm. Further, yoga can be an effective way to gain better understanding of the cyclical nature of a woman’s body, which in turn can provide a stronger sense of balance and control over one’s own body.

The type of yoga poses that are best for this time of the month are those that focus on grounding, stability and more restorative poses than ones focusing on energetic intensity. These should include poses such as squats; mountain pose; twists; forward bends; cat/cow and child’s pose; bridge and shoulder stand; wide legged straddle stretch; eagle arms (garudasana); resting tree pose (vrikshasana) as well as variations thereof.

During menstruation it is important to avoid any poses that will stimulate the abdomen or create too much heat or moving pressure from one side to another such as backbends, abdominal twists or movement concerned with sideways leaning.

Yoga On Period Yogawithadriene with Adriene offers an excellent place to start for those wanting to begin a practice specifically aimed at women during their periods. Yoga practice during menstruation should create peace both in mind and body not additional turmoil from difficult physical practices traditionally done throughout the month.

By yielding your energy within instead turning outwards can help in getting rid of mental tension and stay connected with inner strength simultaneously gaining greater understanding into period related health issues.

It is also worth noting that meditation as part of a protection plan helps de-stress while opening up spiritually therefore healing imbalances faster. Those wanting to go beyond the yoga guidance offered should consider consulting books such as The Invitation by Oriah Mountain Dreamer or enrolling in yoga classes specifically designed for women during their menstrual cycles. Additionally exploring other forms of holistic care available may support mental clarity necessary for engaging fully with this very special yogic journey.

Resources for More Information on Yoga On Period & Adriene

Yoga on Period with Adriene is a valuable program that helps individuals to find peace and comfort during the menstrual cycle. It is based on the work of yoga guru Adriene Mishler who has developed specific poses, meditations and breathing exercises to alleviate discomfort and promote wellness throughout the entire menstrual cycle.

With a combination of postures and breathing techniques from all schools of yoga, Yoga On Period provides an effective response to physiological events that occur in our body during menstruation. This practice puts emphasis on energy conservation which promotes balance in both the physical body and subtle energies within us.

Not only does Yoga On Period provide physical relief, but it can also be a great way to process any emotions occurring throughout the cycle. Through mindfulness approaches such as breathwork, meditation or relaxation techniques as well as through releases of self-judgements, it brings an opportunity for emotional healing and growth.

Additionally, surrounding yourself with positive messages and having access to inspirational resources like videos from “Yoga with Adriene” YouTube channel is helpful for managing anxiety related to PMS symptoms along with cultivating more compassion towards ourselves as we practice self-care practices such as yoga.

Given its holistic approach and possibility of pairing with other forms of movement such as Yoga Nidra or gentle stretching, Yoga On Period has gained traction amongst women in recent years due to its potential benefits for overall well-being (both mental & physical). Additionally, even the little things like sleeping better, eating cleaner foods or just taking better care of yourself can be done through this type of practice too.

Overall, it is a beneficial tool for creating sustainable change for many individuals out there looking for ways to cope with their inner issues and establish strong relationships with themselves through self-care rituals.

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