Yoga Montclair

Adding a section on Pricing

Yoga Montclair offers an array of options for interested students. Pricing depends on the type and duration of classes, packages, and other services offered by Yoga Montclair.

Single class drop-in: $18

5 Prepay Class Pass : $80 (expires 8 weeks from activation date)

10 Prepay Class Pass: $140 (expires 12 weeks from activation date)

Monthly Unlimited Membership: $88 per month for unlimited visits to Yoga Montclair

Special Packages:

• Bring-a-Friend Special 5 Pack – 1 free class when you purchase 4 class pass ($100 total)

• New Student Special – 30 days of unlimited yoga classes for first time visitors ($80 )

• Auto Renew Membership Discount – 10 % off monthly membership cost ($79 per/month)

• Student Discounts – 10 % off 2 or more months of Unlimited Classes OR 2 or more Prepaid Series Classes with valid student ID card presented at time or purchase

Including a section on Reviews

Yoga Montclair has many enthusiastic customers that are saying great things about their experiences. Many say they liked the friendly and knowledgeable instructors that have helped them to reach their goals and make real progress in their yoga practice. Customers also noted how welcoming the atmosphere is, and that it makes them feel comfortable even when they are trying something new. Some also mention just how well-priced their classes are, saying that it was a big factor in helping them to become consistent with their practice. All in all, most of Yoga Montclair’s customers have been very happy with the quality of the services provided and will likely be returning for more classes soon!

Creating a section on Resources

Yes, there are a variety of online resources to help people learn more about yoga and the philosophy behind it. Websites such as,, and offer in-depth information on yoga philosophies, postures, breathing techniques, and more.

Kala Amrita Yoga

For those looking to explore further, several podcasts can provide insightful talks from experts on topics related to yoga and mindfulness, such as Let Go & Lead with Suzi Lula or Move & Shine with Adriene Mishler. There are also numerous videos available for free on YouTube that guide viewers through various poses and meditation practices. Additionally, many yoga teachers have classes available for purchase online for those interested in exploring further.

Highlighting Upcoming Events

Yes, Yoga Montclair is hosting several upcoming events and workshops for readers to be aware of. On the first Saturday of every month, from August – December, there will be special Karma Classes with live music. These special classes not only include yoga but also meditation and chanting mantras.

Also on the second Sunday of each month, from 6-8 PM, Yoga Montclair will host a Community Dharma Night with local guest speakers. This will focus on talks about various aspects of yoga and how to apply it into our own lives.

In addition to these specials offerings, there is a popular Kids Yoga class every Thursday afternoon at 5:30 and an all-levels Flow class every Sunday at 10 AM throughout the fall season.

Adding a section on Amenities

Yoga Montclair has a variety of amenities to make practitioners feel comfortable and relaxed. You can enjoy an unobstructed view from the yoga studio as you practice your poses with natural sunlight streaming in. There are also cozy changing rooms, massage rooms, and showers stocked with organic shampoo, conditioner, soap, and body wash provided by the studio. The Zen lounge is perfect for taking breaks between sessions, whether you’re catching up with friends or meditating on your own. If needed, there are lockers and cubbies to keep all of your belongings secure and organized before and after each class. Finally, Yoga Montclair also offers mats for rent if you don’t have your own ” so don’t forget to take advantage of this feature before hitting the studio!

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Creating a section on Community Outreach

Yoga Montclair recognizes its responsibility to giving back and helping its local community through numerous initiatives. The studio works closely with multiple charities and nonprofits in the area, and offers special discounted classes to these organizations in order to promote awareness for their causes. Yoga Montclair also strives to be involved with the Montclair community, from sponsoring local events such as 5K races and health fairs, to hosting free classes for members of the community who are not able to afford lessons. Additionally, Yoga Montclair teaches basic yoga classes to children at local schools and provides free outreach programs in order to educate people about the power of yoga. By providing accessible classes that benefit the well-being of their local community, Yoga Montclair is dedicated to promoting a mindful lifestyle.

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