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Yoga mat sandles (also known as yoga slippers) are an essential investmnet for yogis. Not only are these sandels comfortable to wear, but they also help keep the feet and mats clean during a practice. By providing breathable material and traction for gripping the mat securely during poses, these shoes offer a variety of amazing benefits.

Yoga mat sandles are usually light-weight, open-toed, and feature a grip sole which helps to promote stability on slippery surfaces. The added grip on the bottom of the shoe gives good traction without leaving indentations or residue behind on yoga mats and other workout materials. Additionally, many of these types of sandles use arch support that can provide extra comfort and support during different poses.

Some of the models have fabric straps and give adjustable sizing in order to fit better with every move while helping keep dirt from between your toes while you practice. Moreover, they commonly come in stylish designs which look great whilst practising indoors or outdoors. They’re easy to set up and take off meaning you can start your yoga session immediately after strapping them on – needing little time to prepare beforehand!

In sum, investing in a good pair of yoga mat sandles is sure to be beneficial in terms of comfortability, cleanliness, safety and style. With their countless features that make each practice easier, they’re definitely worth considering when searching for next purchase!

What are the Benefits of Wearing Yoga Mat Sandles?

Yoga mat sandles are a great way to protect your feet from slipping or catching on the mat during your yoga practice. The unique design includes non-skid treads, which help keep your feet securely in place and prevent you from sliding on the mat. This comes in handy when completing poses like “Down Dog” or “Warrior II” where balance is key. Additionally, yoga mat sandles provide your feet with additional cushioning for ultimate comfort. They also come in fun colors and patterns to give you a sense of style while you practice! Another benefit is that they can be easily taken on and off, so you don’t have to fuss with tying shoe laces while transitioning in between poses. Overall, yoga mat sandles are incredibly useful, convenient, and stylish – giving everyone more motivation to get to the studio and make their practice count!

An Overview of Different Types of Yoga Mat Sandles

Yoga mat sandles are popular shoes for practicing yoga, providing better grip on the mat while offering protection and comfort. They come in various sizes, styles, and materials to suit any need.

There are several main types of yoga mat sandles available. Slides are an open-toe option with a durable rubber sole that is designed to provide traction on the mat. Slip-on sandles have straps around the ankle or across the foot to ensure they stay put while practicing postures. Thongs provide a more secure fit around the toes and heels, perfect for those who prefer a barefoot practice or who want a minimalist style. Finally, full coverage sports shoes offer extra support for vigorous activity and long hours spent in the studio.

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The materials vary depending on the style of shoe chosen. Slides are usually made from non-skid rubber or synthetic leather; making them light weight and durable for everyday use. Slip-on sandles may be constructed from canvas or mesh which makes them breathable and cool during practice sessions. For thongs or flip flops, high quality neoprene provides flexibility and cushioning so feet remain comfortable no matter what posture is being held in. Lastly, sports shoes will have a combination of specially cushioned materials such as EVA foam and air mesh that work together to enhance stability while providing lightweight comfort throughout an entire session.

Factors to Look for When Shopping for Yoga Mat Sandles

When shopping for yoga mat sandles, there are a few important factors to consider. Firstly, comfort is key! Make sure the sandles fit well and offer cushioning and support. Check that the straps don’t dig into your feet and choose a pair with an adjustable, secure fit. Secondly, make sure you get the right degree of grip, as this will affect how stable you feel on your mat. Choose something between ‘barely-there’ grip from thin rubber or lycra fabric to full traction from ridged rubber or double-layer fabric. Additionally, if you’re new to yoga or find yourself imbued with particularly sweaty feet, look for sandles with mesh panels that allow airflow and breathability. Finally, ensure the material is durable- it should be able to stand up to hot yoga classes without too much wear and tear!

Different Styles and Designs of Yoga Mat Sandles

Yoga mat sandals come in a wide range of styles and designs. Different types of designs are available to fit the individual’s preferences, lifestyle, and activity level. For example, there are traditional Indian-style sandals with beading detail, or contemporary chic sandals with geometric patterns. For an athletic use like yoga practice, supportive styles like cross-training sneakers might be more appropriate. And for gentle strolls around town or going to beach, flat molded rubber platform flip-flops offer both comfort and traction on hard surfaces. Additionally, many versions feature cushioned footbeds or arch support for added comfort and stability. Sandles made from lightweight synthetic materials such as mesh and neoprene also make them breathable and great for warm weather activities. Whatever your style preference may be, you’ll be sure to find a pair of yoga mat sandles to suit your needs perfectly!

Tips and Tricks for Getting the Most Out of your Yoga Mat Sandles

1. Don’t leave your sandles on too long after class: Leaving your sandles on too long can spread sweat, dirt and grime from the studio floor all over the yoga mat. Take them off as soon as you take off your yoga clothes and store them in a bag to keep them clean.

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2. Invest in protective socks: The material used to make yoga mat sandles isn’t necessarily the softest and wearing protective socks can help prevent blisters and calluses. The extra measure of protection goes a long way in making sure you have a comfortable practice.

3. Replace worn-out parts: Keep an eye out for any stretched-out straps, worn-out soles or frayed edges that may need replacing so your trusty sandles will last longer.

4. Clean regularly: Wipe down after every use with a damp cloth or sanitizing wipes to avoid transferring germs from one place to another, especially when using them at public studios or gyms.

5. Choose Style Wisely: Opt for closed-toe designs for improved traction, support and stability around the foot area which is great for more intense styles of yoga like Baptiste Power Yoga or Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow Yoga where there are lots of transitions between poses requiring more grip strength and balance than most other forms of yoga require.


Yoga mat sandles are a must for anyone serious about practising yoga. Investing in a good pair of yoga mat sandles can be beneficial for many reasons. Firstly, the traction provided by them helps to keep you safe as it prevents your feet from slipping on the mat. Doing so will also help you stay firmly grounded and in control of your postures and movements, allowing you to practice safely and effectively. Another benefit of investing in quality yoga mat sandles is the comfort they provide – if you have spent long hours practicing yoga on the floor, having a comfortable pair of sandles means you’ll not only feel more at ease but may also prevent any potential foot pain. Lastly, wearing sandles can help to keep the bottom of your feet clean and germ-free, thus preventing any infections or skin issues caused by coming into contact with foreign surfaces.

In conclusion, investing in a good pair of yoga mat sandles comes with a whole host of benefits that make it worth the money spent. By providing better control during poses, offering superior levels of comfort whilst minimising potential health risks make yoga mat sandles an essential item for dedicated yogis.

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