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FAQs about Yoga Lincoln Park

Q: What are the class times for Yoga Lincoln Park?
A: Classes at Yoga Lincoln Park are offered throughout the week, from Monday to Saturday. Class times vary each day but all classes generally start at 9 am and end at 8 pm. Check out our schedule online or in-studio to see exact class times and availability.

Q: Are there childcare services available at Yoga Lincoln Park?
A: We offer childcare services during select hours of the week so that parents can still participate in their own yoga and meditation classes. Parents must sign a release form with specific details regarding care and guidelines prior to leaving their children in our care. Please check with an instructor or see our website for more information on this service.

Q: Does Yoga Lincoln Park have any special rates or packages?
A: Yes! We offer several different discounted rates for students, seniors, military personnel, and those in need of financial assistance. Additionally, we have various packages available that include multiple classes, memberships, and additional perks from our partnering vendors. See a list of all our promotions here on our website.

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Yoga Lincoln Park offers a variety of special events to enhance the studio experience. You can sign up for workshops that dive deeper into specific practices, gain insight with guest instructors, or book a private session with certified instructors.

The studio also frequently hosts special events such as Holiday classes, Modo Yoga Lovin’ series to celebrate local yogis, and night practice opportunities featuring live music from local musicians. Additionally, the center offers exclusive members-only receptions where members can gather for an evening of community building activities and refreshments.

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No matter what your experience level is at Yoga Lincoln Park, there is always something new to explore throughout the year. Special events are subject to change so be sure to follow along with them on their website and social channels for updates!

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Yoga Lincoln Park is a well-respected yoga studio located just north of downtown Chicago in the heart of Lincoln Park. They offer an extensive array of classes for people of all levels and ages, from beginner to advanced students. The studio provides a safe, relaxed atmosphere where practitioners can feel comfortable expressing themselves as they gain flexibility, resilience and strength through abiding by their yogic teachings.

“Yoga Lincoln Park is such a great place to practice yoga! The teachers are so knowledgeable, friendly and welcoming. I always leave feeling relaxed and energized at the same time after each class I take there. Highly recommended!” – Jenny H.

“I was completely new to yoga when I started at Yoga Lincoln Park but after a few classes, I felt right at home! Everyone is so encouraging and you definitely don’t need to know what you’re doing as they provide enough instruction that you shouldn’t feel lost.” – Tonya M.

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Lincoln Park, an affluent street in Chicago, is the perfect area to take advantage of yoga classes offered by various studios. Working to bring balance and flexibility to the lives of many, Yoga Lincoln Park specializes in offering a range of different styles of practice, certifying instructors and encouraging a safe and healthy environment. The beautiful neighborhood also offers nearby resources for active leisure and entertainment.

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Next door to the yoga studio is Café Orchid, an all-day home-style cafe that serves coffee, breakfast, lunch and dinner options from regional Mexican chefs. Enjoy delicious cuisine while surrounded by breathtaking views of Lake Michigan.

Exploring the strip malls along Lincoln Avenue is also a great way to experience local culture and cuisine. From ramen bars to tequila bars, there’s something for everyone in Lincoln Park’s varied food scene.

A few blocks away from the studio is Margaret Pauley Memorial Plaza – an urban refuge with gardens showcasing local flora. This is one of the most popular spots in Lincoln Park for outdoor picnics and people watching as it brings together nature, architecture and music on warm summer nights.

If you’re looking for a unique cultural experience then visit Chopin Theater – an iconic theater located opposite biodynamic restaurant Root Cellar Farms & Cafe that shows classic Polish films on Thursday evenings during the warmer months.

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