Yoga Lesley Fightmaster

Introduction to Yoga Lesley Fightmaster

Yoga Lesley Fightmaster is an internationally renowned and accomplished yoga instructor. She has been teaching for over 20 years and has a huge influence in the yoga industry. Well known for her fun, engaging style of instruction, Lesley serves as a bridge between less experienced and more experienced practitioners. She is considered one of the top yoga teachers and has been featured in several magazines such as Yoga Journal, Shape Magazine, Self Magazine, Women’s Health Magazine and more.

Lesley runs her own individualized classes, workshops and seminars, as well as teaches at many popular yoga studios around the country. Additionally, she gives lectures to medical doctors in applications of mindfulness practices to trauma recovery. She also created an online training program called Fightmaster Yoga Live which allows students all around the world to take her online classes. Lesley has published seven instructional DVDs ranging from beginner’s guide to Power Yoga Workout Series, each of which has sold out multiple times around the world. Her approach is to teach yoga that can easily be adapted by everyone regardless of their physical limitations or lifestyle concerns. As such, she emphasizes good alignment while helping her students build both strength and flexibility with compassionate support.

Who can benefit from her services?

Yoga Lesley Fightmaster is an experienced yoga teacher whose services can benefit anyone who wishes to practice yoga. She is especially skilled at teaching various levels of students, from beginners to those with a more advanced level of experience. Fightmaster has expertise in both alignment-based and vinyasa yoga styles, and also offers instruction in restorative, yin, and pre-natal yoga. Her classes are designed to meet the needs of all levels of practitioners, allowing for modifications for different body types as well as for breath focus and movement techniques. Fightmaster’s teachings also focus on mindfulness, with an emphasis on self-care and bringing awareness to one’s own body.

Lesley’s Yoga Background and Inspiration

Lesley Fightmaster began her practice of yoga in 1997, and was inspired by the connection between physical and spiritual practices that it provided. Throughout her journey as a yoga instructor, she has been greatly influenced by renowned yogis such as B.K.S. Iyengar, Rod Stryker, Dharma Mittra, and David Swenson. Initially drawn to the physical practice of asana (postures), Lesley quickly discovered the meditative qualities of yoga, discovering a profound transformation through its teachings that allowed greater access to contentment, clarity and an overall sense of wellbeing. Her teaching style focuses on the importance of patience towards oneself and enjoys helping people to draw out their own strengths both on and off their mats. Lesley has trained extensively over fifteen years in various different styles including Anusara, Vinyasa Flow and Restorative Yoga. She is also certified in Kids Yoga and Prenatal Yoga making her a well-rounded teacher that can meet the needs of students from all walks of life.

Why Yoga Lesley Fightmaster?

Yoga Lesley Fightmaster has been successful in maintaining and growing her yoga business by focusing on bringing a beneficial practice to her community. She provides classes that are centered around community building, positive thinking, and physical improvement. Additionally, she ensures that her classes are accessible to all levels of yogis, so even beginners can feel comfortable and challenge themselves at the same time. By creating an inclusive, energizing atmosphere in every class and maintaining a steady schedule of yoga sessions available at various times throughout the week and weekend, she has been able to draw new students into joining regularly. Also, Lesley utilizes various sources of media such as podcasts, YouTube videos and an active blog to increase her reach and awareness of what yoga can offer individuals seeking a more balanced lifestyle. Lastly, Lesley offers private yoga sessions tailored specifically to the individual needs of each client which features personalized programs that include assessment diagnostics followed by rehabilitation therapies designed for achieving goals set from the beginning.

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Yoga Lesley Fightmaster’s Online Presence

Yoga Lesley Fightmaster has an extensive online presence and can be found on a variety of social media platforms. She can be found on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn. On these platforms she predominantly posts content related to her yoga sessions, classes and videos. Having such access to content related to yoga allows Lesley’s followers to get the most out of their time participating in yoga with her.

YouTube can be used as an effective platform to post instructional videos for beginners or an inspirational video series. Through commenting or direct messaging through the video she is able to have conversations directly with viewers who have questions or comments about her yoga practice or advice.

Facebook is an effective platform to build a community of active members engaging in dialogue around topics such as nutrition, exercise and lifestyle tips related to yoga and wellbeing. The page should also link out to any Yoga classes that Lesley is holding so that people can enquire into classes quickly without much effort involved.

Twitter offers tools for users to find people interested in topics such as yoga by performing keyword searches like “#yogalife” or “#fitness”. Additionally it provides another avenue forLesley’s followers to send quick messages with questions about the topic where sheis able to respond quickly from her mobile phone if required.

Instagram is primarily a visual platform showcasing pictures posted by its users which lends itself well in displaying inspiring visuals demonstrating postural elements of the practice making it attractive for people just starting their journey into yoga or experienced yogis looking for variations on familiar poses they may use in their own practice.

Pinterest offers Yoga Lesley Fightmaster the ability create dedicate boards sharing ideas ranging from recipes encouraging holistic health right through beautiful photos detailing the movements within poses of particular interest. This allows followers a great glimpse behind what inspires her personally when it comes creating longer pieces such than those found on social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook which tend leaned toward short form content types..

LinkedIn allows Lesley potential access potential employers or job seekers who wish work with/ alongside her either partake in retreats as part instructor staff, collaboratingauthor special projects togetheror joiningcorporate team help promote workplace targeting employee wellbeing programs companies which interested embedding practices into organization culture more deeply which being said help make them more profitable moving forward too; offering dual benefit service company morale bottom line favorable cost-benefit ratio sense from employer’s perspective high quality ROI returns times over!

Popular Classes with Yoga Lesley Fightmaster

Yoga Lesley Fightmaster is a highly skilled and experienced yoga teacher. She teaches a variety of classes such as Vinyasa yoga, restorative yoga, and meditation. Her classes focus on cultivating strength, balance, and mindfulness.

Throughout her classes, Yoga Lesley Fightmaster utilizes creative modifications to provide every student with an enjoyable yet challenging experience. She has helpful cueing to ensure that students are getting proper form in their poses and she creates personalized sequences based on the goals of the class. In addition to traditional methods like postures and breath work, she incorporates positive affirmations, guiding visualizations, Pranayama (breathing) exercises, relaxation techniques and more into her unique sessions.

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Customers have reported feeling mentally clear after attending her classes and finding a renewed sense of clarity both on their mats and out in the world. Many have also experienced movement enjoyment as well as improved posture alignment throughout their practice as well as revitalized energy levels that lead to better concentration during class activities. The combination of improved physical results plus emotional balance makes Yoga Lesley Fightmaster’s classes popular among both beginner and experienced yogis alike.

Student Testimonials

Yoga Lesley Fightmaster has had numerous students who have experienced incredible benefits from taking classes with her. Many of her students have expressed that they felt more energized, more relaxed and overall more balanced than ever before. Some have achieved greater physical strength and flexibility. Others found improved mental clarity and a deeper capacity to handle stress. Yoga Lesley Fightmaster’s supportive approach has also impacted many on a deeper emotional level providing them with nutrients for self-care, self-love, increased self-awareness and enhanced well-being. Feedback also emphasizes how classes with Yoga Lesley Fightmaster lead to an increased understanding of one’s own practice as she encourages yogis to find their own personal flow in each class. Lastly, Yoga Lesley Fightmaster’s vibrant energy and contagious enthusiasm throughout the classes definitely leaves a lasting impression!

Resources/Tips from Yoga Lesley Fightmaster

Yoga Lesley Fightmaster offers several key tips to help students deepen their practice.

1. She recommends using props like blocks, straps, bolster, and blankets to support your body for deeper stretches and release of tight muscles.

2. She also encourages focusing on the breath – counting the inhalations and exhalations – or try a alternate nostril breathing technique to get into a meditative state.

3. To increase flexibility, she advocates taking key poses a bit deeper and holding them for longer periods of time with each breath that passes by.

4. To become more mindful, practice witnessing your thoughts as they arise in your mind, letting them pass away without judgement or attachment.

5. To increase strength and stability in postures an important concept is “muscular activation” or activating certain muscles while practicing to support and protect the body’s joints.

6. Finally, if you need extra guidance, she suggests seeking out her online classes for inner exploration with instructional videos on postures and philosophy along with articles about healthy yoga practices.


The key takeaways from Yoga Lesley Fightmaster’s holistic approach to teaching are:

1. Always focus on connecting with your breath and honoring its rhythm as you practice yoga.
2. Incorporate movements, poses, mantras, and guided meditations into each class according to the varying needs of each student.
3. Focus on creating a safe, inclusive space where students feel connected, supported and encouraged by their peers.
4. Use an experiential learning style that relies on each student’s journey of self-discovery throughout the classes.
5. Offer guidance for healthy lifestyle habits both during and after class to keep yoga practice sustainable and meaningful over time.

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