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Yoga Kalispell is a studio for those looking to incorporate yoga into their lives. Practicing yoga brings many physical, mental and emotional benefits, ranging from improved core strength to reduced stress and anxiety levels. At Yoga Kalispell, we embrace the idea that tapping into your body’s natural energy and finding inner balance can help you live more joyfully and increase your overall wellbeing.

At Yoga Kalispell, our goal is to provide an inclusive environment where you can practice mindfulness in a safe and welcoming space. We are dedicated to helping you explore your own physical capabilities in order to reach new heights. Our instructors strive to maintain close contact with each student and offer personalised guidance so that everyone can experience the full potential of their practice. We also host weekly workshops where students can learn about topics such as yoga philosophy, anatomy and advanced postures as well as deepen their understanding of yoga tradition.

Our vision at Yoga Kalispell is one of harmony and acceptance through self-awareness gained through the practices of yoga. We understand the power of being together while also honoring individual needs, allowing each person to connect deeper with themselves while building relationships with others. Whether you’re an experienced yogi or taking your first steps on your journey, we welcome you at Yoga Kalispell!

History of Yoga Kalispell

Yoga Kalispell is a practice that has been inspired by its ancient history. Yoga originated in India and is estimated to be over 5,000 years old. Its spiritual growth comes from recognizing the connection between the mind, body, and spirit and striving for deeper understanding of this connection. The early ascetics and sages strived for self-realization by focusing on their breath, asanas (yoga postures) and meditation.

The practice of yoga was taken to the western world in 1893 when Swami Vivekananda gave lectures at the world’s parliament of religions in Chicago. His teachings resonated with many westerners and set off a new wave of yogic education which spread widely throughout Europe and America, soon developing into several different styles such as Iyengar, Ashtanga, Bikram, Hatha, Kundalini etc. Over time these modern interpretations of yogic traditions blended with ancient teachings to create what we now call “modern yoga”.

Yoga Kalispell is committed to continuing the traditional forms of yoga that have been passed down over centuries as well as exploring newer adaptations such as gentle flows or more meditative practices. An appreciation for all forms of yoga can be found through workshops offered at their studio classes along with outdoor retreats and international conferences year round. Guests maintain a sense of respect for both the modern aspects and the roots of this discipline in order to ensure an enjoyable experience for all learners no matter their level or knowledge base.

Unique Philosophy

Yoga Kalispell is dedicated to helping its students improve their overall physical, mental, and emotional well-being through a combination of traditional yoga methods and practices. The instructors at Yoga Kalispell are passionate about creating an uplifting and energizing environment in which each student can take ownership of their personal health and fitness journey.

The unique philosophy at Yoga Kalispell is rooted in the idea that all individuals can enjoy significant physical and psychological benefits from practicing yoga. We emphasize that everyone’s progress should be specific to their own bodies, individuality, and life experiences. Our students come from different backgrounds, shapes, sizes, ages – we never compare our students with one another’s practice or evel of skill. We believe in the power of connection without judgment and the importance of building self-confidence with each class.

15 Minute Standing Yoga Sequence

Our classes range from beginner to advanced levels with custom modifications for different body types or capabilities. Our instructors also promote educational dialogue during each class as a way for students to learn more about alignments as well as incorporate mindfulness into their practice; this helps nurture professional growth while reaching maximum strength potential on all planes.

Services Offered


Yoga Kalispell offers a variety of classes, with the intention to accommodate different levels of Yogic practice. When an individual signs up for a class, they can be assured that their instructor is well versed in both Hatha and Vinyasa yogic styles. One-on-one private instruction is also available for those wanting more personalized instruction.

Yoga Kalispell also offers workshops throughout the year, where each session focuses on creating balance between body and mind through learning specific yoga practices. All sessions are led by experienced instructors who will provide guidance on how to apply yogic techniques to everyday life. The topics the workshops focus on range from breath work, mindfulness, postural alignment and creating space in tense areas of the body such as shoulders & back to develop mobility & strength.

For those seeking a deeper understanding of yogic traditions and practices look no further than Yoga Kalispell’s retreats held throughout the season. Whether it’s spending a weekend away exploring Ashtanga Vinyasa or seeking inner stillness with Restorative Yoga, everyone can find something suitable to their individual needs at one of these intimate gatherings! Every retreat features an abundance of healthful nourishment and compasses an optional tour designed with local cultural hotspots & nature sights in mind to experience all that Montana has to offer!

Instructors’ Insights

Yoga Kalispell is home to some of the best yoga instructors in the Kalispell area. Each instructor brings their own unique style and experience to their classes, creating a supportive and nurturing environment for students to explore and grow. Whether you’re looking for a strong flow practice or relaxing restorative classes—Yoga Kalispell has something for you!

Talia Goldstein is one of Yoga Kalispell’s well-respected instructors. She specializes in Vinyasa Flow Yoga with an emphasis on strength training and breathwork. Talia encourages her students to challenge themselves physically while finding clarity of mind through focused breathing exercises. Her classes are vibrant, optimistic, and inclusive for all levels of yogi!

Seth Rivera is another beloved instructor at Yoga Kalispell. He incorporates easy-to-follow postures and sequences into his signature Hatha Flow practices. His classes emphasize body awareness through alignment, mindful movements, and relaxation techniques that promote total body health. Seth also leads meditation workshops on a regular basis—perfect for those looking to connect more deeply with their breath work.

Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced yogi, there’s something special waiting for you at Yoga Kalispell! Every class offers an opportunity to shape your body and mind by cultivating mindfulness, flexibility, strength, balance, and courage—all while connecting with amazing local teachers. Join today and discover the transformational power of yoga!

Ride The Wave Yoga

Student Experiences

Yoga Kalispell has had some amazing experiences from its members! From beginners to yoga veterans, members have been able to reap the benefits of Yoga Kalispell’s practices, classes, and workshops.

Mary found improved balance, strength, flexibility and mental clarity after taking classes with Yoga Kalispell for about a year. She said “I’ve always loved yoga practice but didn’t realize how much I was missing out on until I started going here. Not only do the poses help keep me in shape but also they completely refocused my mind! I look forward to each new class every week and can confidently say that joining this studio has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!”

Ken credits just two months of regular yoga at Yoga Kalispell for relieving chronic back pain he had suffered from for over 10 years. He told us: “It has never been easier for me to move freely with so much ease–which goes for both my body and stress levels. My back hardly hurts anymore and now I can even sleep through the night comfortably again; something I hadn’t done in ages before finding this studio!”

Jenny, a newcomer to yoga says she’s seen great improvements since starting her practice with Yoga Kalispell—not only is her physical health better, but her outlook on life as well. Jenny states: “I feel more centered and grounded than ever before which is helping me become more mindful throughout my day as well as handle stressful situations more calmly. All these things combined make everyday feel like an opportunity instead of an obligation! Thank you Yoga Kalispell!


Yoga Kalispell is the perfect place to go for anyone looking to become more mindful, connect with like-minded individuals, and find peace of mind. Since its founding, Yoga Kalispell has provided members of the local community with a supportive and uplifting environment in which to deepen their yoga practice in various disciplines and styles, both in-person and online. In doing so, they have helped hundreds of people become stronger, more grounded, and more aware of who they are. By providing good instruction from certified instructors, emphasizing safe alignment and body awareness techniques, offering a variety of events such as workshops and classes that promote community connections, and giving a platform for personal growth for everyone regardless of age or experience level , Yoga Kalispell supports meaningful transformation on all levels—physical, emotional and spiritual. They’ve made a profound impact in the lives of their members by bringing them joy through physical movement as well as mental relaxation methods such as breathwork and meditation. All of these aspects combined create an atmosphere where individuals can cultivate healthy habits that last long after leaving the studio.

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