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Yoga Heights Takoma is a peaceful and welcoming yoga studio located in the heart of Washington, DC. Our spacious and light-filled facility is designed to promote relaxation and personal growth, with plenty of natural sunlight streaming through the windows. We have an array of yoga classes for all experience levels and interests, from gentle to advanced and traditional to power yoga. Our talented instructors are passionate about helping our students reach their goals, whether it’s increased flexibility, strength or calming the mind.

At Yoga Heights Takoma we want each student to feel at home in our tranquil environment. That’s why many of the photos around the studio feature natural landscapes along with inspiring messages encouraging self-love and acceptance. Photos documenting moments of fun during class serve as a reminder that physical movement can be joyful! Pictures of our instructors show their delightful smiles as they practice with their students or lead workshops on meditation, pranayama and philosophy. We also have videos taken during classes that captivate the movement, laughter and connection between students that occur during each unique session.

All these photos and videos capture the essence of Yoga Heights Takoma” energetically charged vibes accompanied by mindful teachings which provide much needed self-care in today’s chaotic world.

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“Yoga Heights Takoma was an absolute pleasure to attend. The instructors were incredibly knowledgeable and accommodating. Every time I walked into the studio I felt welcomed and energized. Not only have I improved my flexibility through the practice of yoga, but I feel like I have grown mentally too ” something I cannot say about other yoga studios. Yoga at Yoga Heights Takoma has profoundly changed my life for the better, which is why it is definitely my go-to spot.” – Joe Smith, Yoga Enthusiast

Jennifer Reis Yoga Nidra


Yoga Heights Takoma is currently offering new visitors our Welcome Package! Take advantage of this special offer and receive two weeks of unlimited yoga classes for only $20. In addition to the wonderful discount, you will also get access to our online library of videos with different yoga styles and classes. Unlock greater health and wellbeing today and come enjoy the peace and tranquility that Yoga Heights Takoma has to offer!


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Yoga Heights Takoma is the perfect yoga studio for yogis of all levels. With welcoming instructors and a silent atmosphere, you’re sure to find your zen and find peace. Come experience our variety of classes available including beginner, intermediate, advanced, hatha, vinyasa flow, and chair yoga. Feel free to explore our website to learn more about us and the classes we offer.Book a class today or subscribe to our mailing list so you don’t miss out on upcoming special offers!

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