Yoga Health For Beginners Dvd Reviews

Yoga is an ancient form of exercise that has been practised around the world for thousands of years. It involves physical postures, breathing techniques and meditation that are designed to bring about mental and physical well-being. Yoga can be beneficial for healthier muscles, better posture, improved flexibility and relaxation.

For those new to yoga who might not be able to go to a class regularly due to time constraints or other reasons, investing in a yoga dvd may be a great way to get started on their journey and start seeing the benefits. With so many options on the market it can be difficult to know where to start, which is why reading reviews is important before purchasing a DVD.

In this article we’ll cover various aspects of yoga health for beginners dvds as well as providing reviews of some of the products available right now.


The 4Aces Yoga Health For Beginners DVD is one of the most popular choices among those just starting out with yoga, featuring two discs that provide 30 sessions with over 200 poses. These include slow moving poses ideal for those who have mobility issues or chronic pain, as well as active flowing sequences suitable for building strength and endurance.

It comes with options ranging from 10 minute workouts through to full 70 minute classes while being accompanied by relaxing soundtracks makes it enjoyable experience too.

Yoga Burn – The Feminine Body For Beginners Mini Series is perfect if you’re looking for something more intensive but don’t want anything too advanced either. This mini series by Zoe Bray-Cotton features 12 sessions designed specifically for weight loss with companion downloadable materials featuring nutrition information so you can achieve your desired results faster.

Plus each workout has modifications that allow for injuries or seniors who need more gentle movements so anyone can participate comfortably at whatever level suits them best CHIEFTEK’s Total Body Workout YouTube Yoga Program is one of the best free options available making it an affordable choice too.

Featuring 5 different levels from beginner through intermediate up until expert level routines there’s something here suited to everyone no matter their skill level so they can progress at their own pace without needing any extra equipment or having to pay expensive gym fees either. With inspirational teacher guides included in each session plus sequenced routines focusing on strength and flexibility this program proves that good yoga doesn’t have to cost an arm and leg.


Overall there seem like plenty of resources available when searching for the best reviewed yoga DVD for health beginners – all you need to do is decide what kind of program works best for you then research what’s on offer before making your decision accordingly.

Taking into account your budget, fitness requirements/abilities and personal tastes are all important considerations when trying out any sort of workout routine including yoga – so take your time doing your research in order ensure you find a program which gives you greatest enjoyment whilst helping reach your goals both mentally and physically at same time.

Overview of the Different Types of Beginner Yoga DVDs Available

If you’re looking to try yoga for the first time, then a beginner’s yoga DVD is the ideal way to get started. There are many types of beginners’ DVDs available that cover different aspects of this popular form of exercise.

As with anything new, it’s important to find the right one to match your level and abilities so that you can get the most out of your practice. Here we’ll look at some of the different types of beginners’ yoga DVDs available and how they help you meet your fitness goals.

First, there are basic beginners’ programs that provide a gentle introduction to yoga. These usually offer instructional instruction on foundational poses and breathing techniques as well as tips on setting up your practice space and developing an effective routine.

Whether it’s a combination of Hatha, Vinyasa and Iyengar flows or more specific varieties such as Anusara beginner classes or Kundalini practices specifically focused on breathwork, these introductory classes focus on helping you establish fundamentals and providing guidance for deeper exploration throughout your journey.

The next type of program for beginners is those based around specific topics. For example, there may be DVDs focusing on restoring energy levels or increasing flexibility. There are even beginnings courses that explore meditation or self-care techniques like Ayurveda.

These types of classes offer students a chance to learn something more specialized than simply general instruction on basics poses and breathing exercises. Additionally, some studios offer combination classes where elements from several forms are brought together into one practice such as Pranayama plus Vinyasa flows or Hatha mornings with an all-levels restorative evening class – perfect for those just stepping their feet onto the path.

Finally, those looking for something more holistic can find whole-body fitness videos designed specifically for beginning yogis. This type typically incorporates several styles – from traditional Hatha Yoga postures to Pilates stretches – in order to create a balanced session that not only helps build strength but also promotes balance and mental wellbeing too.

They generally come with modifications tailored towards level 1 practitioners making them great starting points if you’re still finding your feet with this form of exercise but want positive results fast.

Benefits of Practicing Yoga at Home vs Going to a Studio

Yoga is an excellent form of exercise and relaxation that can have numerous immediate and long-term health benefits. Practising yoga at home or in a studio both have many advantages.

The most obvious benefit of practicing yoga at home is the convenience factor. When you practice in your own space, you don’t need to worry about getting to a studio on time, getting ready for class, or having someone else around during your practice. Plus it eliminates the expense of travelling to and from a studio or needing to buy classes.

An added bonus is that when you practice yoga at home there’s no pressure to perform because no one is watching. You can easily adjust poses or progression as needed based on how you feel that day, or take a break if necessary. All these are tremendous bonuses if you have injuries or physical limitations, since the flexibility provided by doing yoga at home enables you to totally customize your practice according to what works best for your body.

When it comes to practicing yoga in a studio versus at home some key differences stand out between the two approaches: environment and instruction. The atmosphere provided by a vibrant studio with others around definitely has its charms as it encourages accountability, brings positive energy and social interaction, plus provides good motivation and can help build community among students.

Also, instructors often provide clear hands-on guidance and specific corrections for students in class adjustments which aid in deepening into certain aspects of postures more quickly than just following along with an online video tutorial may allow for.

In conclusion, there are multiple benefits available from practicing yoga whether it be in the comfort of your own space or attending courses led by qualified instructors – whichever option suits your lifestyle better will lead towards reaping rewards from this ancient technique of meditation and movement.

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Comparing Various Beginner Yoga DVDs

The Yoga Health for Beginners DVD has received mostly positive reviews from those who have tried it. Many people claim that the videos are excellent for beginners as they provide easy-to-follow instructions and demonstrations. The majority of users noted that the workout was both effective and enjoyable, noting that the poses flowed together smoothly. Additionally, many users commented on the relaxing background music found throughout each video.

One user noted that they felt more energy and alertness while completing the challenging poses included in the DVD. They stated that they felt refreshed afterwards and congratulated themselves at how far they had come with their yoga practice within a few short weeks of using this DVD set. Other customers have reported increased flexibility, balance, and overall agility as a result of using this particular program regularly.

In addition to physical benefits, another user reported improved concentration and focus after incorporating these routines into their life. This individual stated that sitting still during mediation was much easier now since she was able to really find her center prior to starting her daily routine. She also added that she now felt calmer during moments of stress due to increased mental clarity and self-confidence from practicing regularly with this Yoga Health for Beginners DVD set.

These reports give just a small glimpse into how utlilizing this beginner’s yoga DVD can help improve your strength and flexibility as well as help clear your mind, boost self-confidence and raise your mood state overall by calming, soothing effect performing yoga can bring.

If you’re an absolute beginner or just looking to refine your current skill level, this collection will be great way to get started on the right foot training with confidence any time of day in the comfort of your own home.

Overview of the Different Types of Beginner Yoga Classes

Yoga has become increasingly popular as more people of all ages and fitness levels have discovered its many benefits. When it comes to finding the right yoga class for you as a beginner, there are several different options.

Hatha yoga uses physical poses and postures that focus on strengthening and stretching the body while also introducing basic breathing and relaxation techniques. Vinyasa is an energetic style of yoga which emphasizes movement with the breath, often using a sequence of postures in combination for a powerful cardiovascular workout.

Kundalini classes incorporate mantras, meditation, and chanting to offer a spiritual experience suitable for dedicated yogis who want to explore higher consciousness. Gentle yoga is appropriate for those who don’t want an intense practice, combining slow movements with deep stretches without putting too much strain on the body or mind.

Lastly, Yin Yoga is perfect for beginners looking for a method of self-care; using comfortable seated or reclined postures held for extended periods of time, helping release tension from mind and body alike.

Whenever starting any type of yoga practice, it’s important to start off slowly and give yourself time to adjust your body and breathing accordingly. The DVD “Yoga Health For Beginners” provides an accessible platform offering easy to follow instructional exercises taught by professionals to ensure that every individual can learn at their own pace in an enjoyable environment.

This DVD provides informative tutorials covering common poses such as Downward Dog, Baby Cobra , Warrior I & II as well as techniques involving pranayama (breathing techniques) which helps provide an accurate understanding of what is being asked in warmup exercises like sun salutations.

It also covers more advanced poses such as Half Moon Pose which illustrates the beginner stages leading up to full expression in this posture when executed with correct alignment. In addition to its helpful instructionals , this DVD also provides guidance on how to create your very own personalized home practice routines so that you can perform anywhere or anytime with confidence.

The use of DVDs like “Yoga Health For Beginners” gives individuals new to yoga the confidence required in order acquaint themselves with proper alignment before attending live classes; allowing them to increase their strength without added pressure or fear associated with joining group sessions straight away should they prefer solitude practices instead.

The instruction contained within automatically channels new practitioners within a set framework which allows them progress gradually at their own level ; avoiding overworking particular areas through ill conceived strenuous workouts created out of enthusiasm but inadequate knowledge.

Without these kind assistance many people run into difficulties creating effective routines due lack awareness completely unaware they are working incorrect muscles asking them do too much too soon leading injury rather than success. This why viewing CD approximately 50 minutes duration before confronting group sessions remains highly recommended anybody embarking upon beginning this wonderful ancient discipline today.

Detailed Reviews of Each Top 5 Beginner Yoga DVD

Yoga DVD No. 1: Yoga For Seniors

Yoga For Seniors is a yoga DVD specifically designed to help senior citizens increase their flexibility, strength and balance while providing them with an enjoyable experience. This instructional video was created by the renowned yoga instructor Mark Van Hook.

It provides instruction on several poses in a slow and easy to follow speed, so seniors can progress at their own pace. The instruction is extremely detailed, providing clear step-by-step instructions for each pose as well as tips for avoiding common mistakes beginners tend to make.

The video also features helpful demonstrations of proper breathing techniques and even demonstrates ways of adapting poses for more difficult ones if needed. Additionally, this video provides relaxing background music that adds to the ambiance of the practice. Overall, this is an excellent choice for those looking to start their journey into yoga without fear or inhibitions; it contains all of the necessary information for a safe, enjoyable practice.

The focus on adaptation makes this particular DVD particularly appealing for seniors who may have some difficulty with certain poses due to age-related conditions or injuries. With careful attention given to each step and helpful modifications suggested as needed, practitioners can ensure that their time spent practicing is both productive and safe.

Furthermore, there is plenty of encouragement throughout the video from Van Hook himself, making sure that each person participating receives the most benefit from their practice without feeling rushed or ignored while they try to keep up with everyone else in the group; something many seniors appreciate when they first learn yoga.

Overall, Yoga For Seniors is a great choice for any senior wanting an effective way of improving strength, flexibility and balance through easy-to-follow routines catered specifically towards older individuals. The detailed instructions provide ample guidance throughout every pose as well as helpful tips on how to adapt poses if necessary so practitioners can get the most out of every class they attend while still keeping safety in mind at all times.

The calming background music adds a nice finishing touch giving users an extra feeling of relaxation while they practice yoga in peace at home without feeling overwhelmed by the crowd or environment in the studio setting. All things considered, this ought to be a top consideration for anybody looking for quality beginner level yoga instruction tailored specifically towards seniors looking towards improving not just their physical health but also their psychological wellbeing.

Introduction to Different Breathing Techniques for Yoga

Learning to breath properly during yoga is essential for any beginner. It provides energy, builds endurance and leads to improved mental focus. Using the right breathing technique can also reduce tension, improve posture and increases blood flow throughout the body.

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The Yoga Health for Beginners DVD reviews many different breathing techniques suitable for novice yogis that can help cultivate a strong sense of mental presence while calming their thoughts. The DVD includes 5 lessons on the fundamentals of pranayama or controlled breathing – both Dirgha (complete) Breath and Ujjayi (victorious/bellow) breathwith are emphasized as important paths of meditation to further deepened understanding of present moment awareness.

The DVD begins with an introduction by a certified yoga instructor which explains the importance of mastering basic breathing methods first. This helps beginners familiarize themselves properly with multiple types of breaths through plenty of practice and leave room for future growth in advanced meditative practices. Throughout the DVD, it sets clear parameters such as the correct timing, exhalation-inhalation ratio and important somatic cues when performing a particular type of breath like Dirgha or Udgeetha breath.

Once these exercises are integrated into one’s regular practice progress can be noticed within few weeks if performed regularly along with other postures like suryanamaskar (sun salutation). Additionally, learning to control and regulate your own oxygen intake can greatly enhance endurance before doing strenuous poses due to increased lung capacity accessible when turning on your parasympathetic nervous system.

The Yoga Health For Beginners DVD provides an in-depth view into yogic breathing and its benefits through structured footage intended to teach each major inhalation-exhalation pattern step by step allowing beginners enough time between each exercise so that they do not get overwhelmed often associated with crowded physical classes.

The guidance offered in this video is ideal for both novice yogis as well as intermediate practitioners seeking ways to refine their already existing foundation focused on relaxation techniques including pranayama mediation – – great incentives indeed towards achieving mental clarity within our chaotic lives nowadays.

Helpful Tips for Getting the Most Out of a Beginner Yoga DVD

For many people, a beginner yoga DVD can be an invaluable resource for getting started on the path to better health and wellness. However, choosing the right DVD is key to getting the full benefits of a yoga practice. Here are some tips to help make sure you choose the right one:

First and foremost, know your goals. What do you want to get out of your beginner yoga practice? Are you looking for more energy, strength building, stress reduction or something else? Knowing what it is you’re aiming for will help determine which DVD will best serve your needs.

Knowing your level of fitness is also important when selecting a suitable DVD. There are DVDs in various levels of difficulty so choose one that fits where you’re at physically. Many include modified poses and instructions for using props such as blocks and straps for added support. In fact, these modifications can help prevent injury since they allow beginners to take classes without overdoing it or engaging in movements that their body isn’t ready for yet.

Finally, look into who produced the DVD you’re interested in purchasing and read reviews from current or past students that have used the product before making your purchase. You should also consider consulting with a certified yoga teacher if there are aspects of the practice that need further clarification before giving it a go by yourself at home.

Incorporating a beginner yoga DVD into one’s fitness routine can be great way to start building physical strength and flexibility while achieving an effective overall workout of mind-body connection, balance and mindfulness-all in all improving overall quality of life when done correctly. With some research on what’s available combined with knowledge about each individual’s goals, skill level and considerations related to safety guidelines-choosing the right beginner yoga DVD is achievable but essential.

Advanced Yoga Poses for Graduating Beginner Yoga Practitioners

The Yoga Health for Beginners DVD is a great introductory video for people looking to start their yoga practice. It offers an array of beginner poses and positions, along with tips and tricks to help yogis move through each pose correctly and safely. The DVD also provides explanations of crucial concepts such as breath work, proper body alignment, and experiencing sensations within the body.

These are essential for becoming comfortable with the practice and getting a feel for the postures. Additionally, viewers will gain insight into experiences of physical relaxation and inner peace that can be achieved through a regular yoga routine.

Advanced poses are also presented on this instructional DVD. This is perfect for yogis who are ready to progress beyond basic positions and incorporate more complex movements into their practice. Adept beginners can learn more demanding positions such as half arrows, Half Crescent Moon, and headstands (with wall assistance if needed). Modifications to some poses – depending on body type or ability – are also discussed which further makes this video ideal for targeting individual needs.

Overall, the Yoga Health For Beginners DVD is incredibly helpful in teaching how to establish a safe and effective home yoga practice. It goes deep into essential concepts of yoga along with demonstrating severalBeginner Yoga & Advanced Poses geared towards attaining higher goals in your practice.

Reviews throughout hundreds of online marketplace reveal that many users have had an enjoyable experience of deep relaxation resulting from implementing this yoga series into their lives; proving that it’s not just beneficial but also deeply rewarding.


The Yoga Health for Beginners DVD reviews have provided a great source of information for those wishing to get into the world of yoga. It is clear that the practice can bring many benefits as it focuses on both physical and mental aspects.

In terms of physical health, regular practice has been seen to improve posture, balance, strength and flexibility while also improving overall performance in a variety of sports. In terms of mental health, yoga helps to reduce stress levels, increasing concentration and helping practitioners live with a greater mindful awareness.

Yoga has become increasingly popular over the last few years among not only professionals but also those just starting their fitness journey. Therefore, the range of resources available for learning about the various poses continues to expand.

The Yoga Health for Beginners DVD provides an accessible entry point for those looking to learn more about the foundations of yoga practice. In particular, the review notes how well-formed and comprehensive this program is; covering the essential poses and terminology in an uncomplicated manner so that practitioners know exactly what they should do when trying out moves such as Downward Dog or Warrior II pose.

Finally, it is interesting to note how easy it appears to be initially pick up these poses and then advance at a comfortable pace according to one’s individual level. Committed practice will no doubt bring better results but still remain enjoyable since it is designed with beginners in mind who need not overextend their physical abilities with too tough poses or train too quickly across multiple sessions.

All in all, this product seems ideal for anyone looking to discover and explore yoga in a safe way while having plenty of fun along the way.

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