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Yoga and Its Funny Side

Yoga, an ancient and popular practice, is well known for its array of long-term benefits on a physical and mental wellness. But, did you know that it also has a funny side? This practice that has brought joy and relief to many can be hilariously entertaining too.

Why Yoga is Funny

Yoga can be quite amusing because of:

  • Funny Poses and Movements – Certain poses, such as the Sirsasana or the Crow Pose, and movements, such as the downward dog twist, can look quite humorous.
  • Clumsy moments – Though some people may be able to perform the poses beautifully, many might face difficulty in doing so. In such a case, it’s easy to see why people end up making silly or clumsy moments as they strive to master a pose!
  • Funny Props – Some yoga classes may also incorporate props, such as block or bolsters, to aid with the poses. While these give great support to the practitioners, they can also lead to funny situations when people don’t use them correctly.

The Benefits of the Funny Side of Yoga

The funny aspect of yoga should in no way be underestimated. In fact, it can be quite beneficial in a number of ways:

  • It Helps Relax the Environment – Laughter is always a good thing to have around. Whether you’re practicing yoga alone or in a group, the funny moments can help create a relaxed, light-hearted atmosphere, putting practitioners more at ease.
  • It Can Ease Your Feelings of Discouragement – When you fail to master a pose or movement, your initial feelings might be of disappointment. But the funny moments that arise can help alleviate those feelings and there’s fun in trying something new, even if it doesn’t always turn out great.
  • It Helps Improve Your Focus – A good laugh always helps clear the mind. So, the amusing moments encountered in a yoga practice can help a practitioner become more mindful and focused on the current asana or pose.
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As you can see, the funny side of yoga should be embraced instead of overlooked. It can work wonders to make yoga more enjoyable, relaxing and beneficial!

What types of funny yoga poses are there?

1. The Cat-Cow Crocodile – Start in a tabletop position and slowly move from Cat to Cow, eventually flipping onto your stomach to complete the Crocodile Pose.

2. Regal Eagle Pose – Begin in a seated position with legs crossed, arms straight out and palms together in prayer position. Lift your arms and torso up and lean back, spreading your legs and wings like an eagle in flight.

3. Sir Pigeon – Start in a plank position, then lower your left side and right leg, creating an inverted V shape. Raise your arms (and wings!) to complete the pose.

4. Tree Potion – Relax while standing in tree pose, then slightly turn the torso and reach your arm back behind your bottom in a “potion stirring” motion.

5. Leaning Tower of Pisa – From downward facing dog pose, walk your upper body and legs towards each other in a deep backbend. Take a break and stand tall, just like the iconic leaning tower!

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