Yoga During My Period

Yoga during my period is a great alternative to ease the physical discomfort I typically experience each month. Yoga, in general, is an ancient practice that helps promote physical and mental well-being by using movement, breathing techniques, mindfulness activities, and meditation. It encompasses movements from postures that help balance the body and breath.

It is widely known for its calming effects on stress, pain relief, and improved overall energy levels. When practiced regularly, it can help reduce inflammation throughout the body and even hormones associated with PMS symptoms such as irritability, depression, fatigue, abdominal cramps among others.

Benefits of Yoga During My Period

Yoga during my period has been proven to be especially beneficial as it helps alleviate physical rigidity due to cramps and boost overall energy levels when flow movement is used instead of static long-held poses. The movements involved in Vinyasa flow yoga during my period release tightness in the lower abdomen as well as helping reduce hormonal imbalances that are often part of PMS such as low moods or feeling low self-esteem levels.

As a result of increasing oxygen supply in the body via breath control they also replenish lost minerals which further aid me in combating emotional swings (caused by a scarcity of minerals). In addition to this it also helps increase digestion thus getting rid of food cravings that may otherwise lead to overeating at times when I am experiencing premenstrual syndrome (PMS) symptoms.

The Right Type of Yoga During My Period

What Type of Yoga is Best

Yoga during a period can be a highly beneficial activity that can help alleviate physical discomfort and reduce stress, all while boosting relaxation and overall well-being. It’s essential to take note of the type of yoga exercise you’re doing during your cycle, as not all types are suited for every woman during this time. For many women, it may be best to choose restorative or yin yoga practices over more active styles when menstruating.

Restorative yoga focuses on deeply relaxing postures and is often used to reduce stress and tension in our bodies. During this type of practice, we hold each pose for an extended period of time – usually one or two minutes – which allows us to sink deeper into the position in order to find inner stillness.

Additionally, restorative yoga is known for its calming effects on both body and mind since it helps promote more mindful breathing patterns and relaxation levels. This makes it an ideal practice for those who are looking to experience temporary relief from PMS symptoms or discomfort related to the menstrual cycle.

Similarly, Yin Yoga is another suitable style that’s perfect for those who are looking for some relief during their cycles. Unlike Restorative Yoga, here the focus isn’t necessarily on relaxation but rather aiding our bodies with flexibility and stamina by holding postures longer than usual (up to five minutes.).

As such, this practice is known for helping improve circulation throughout the body as well as promoting greater muscle release – both essential during one’s cycle when hormonal shifts can cause physical tensions as well as emotional upsets.

To make the practice even more beneficial during this time, one may use props such as bolsters or blankets to support each posture so that the practitioner can feel fully supported while focusing her mind inward instead of on any discomfort she might feel physically.

Overall, there isn’t a “one size fits all answer” when it comes to choosing the right form of yoga practice while menstruating however typically slower moving styles such passive forms such as Restorative Yoga or Yin Yoga will tend work best due their supportive efforts towards renewed balance and harmony in both mind and body.

Such practices have been shown time and again to be beneficial at relieving cramps or other discomforts felt at this time but also aiding with finding a renewed sense of purposeful calm afterwards – something which all women deserve.


Yoga is an excellent practice for any time, but it can be especially calming during your menstrual cycle. Setting up your environment for a practice can help keep you focused and relaxed throughout the session. For starters, choose a spot in your home that will allow you to focus on your breath and postures without disruption. Adjust room temperature and lighting to help create a calming atmosphere.

Adorning the space with flowers or scented oils can also further assist in creating a calm and peaceful environment. Making sure you’re comfortable by wearing loose-fitting clothes that won’t hinder movement is important. And lastly, have all the necessary items like mats, blocks or blankets handy so that you can move from pose to pose as needed without interruption.

Once the environment is set up for yoga during your period, you’ll want to start slow and focus on poses that accommodate flow and easy transitions. To facilitate relaxation, avoid inverted poses or intense stretches like Camel pose where pressure on the abdomen could be uncomfortable for some women during their period.

Rather opt for lighter poses such as Cat/Cow stretch, Cobra pose and Child’s Pose which are gentle but still effective for stretching out sore muscles associated with your period cramps.

Pranayama (breath) exercises like Alternate nostril breathing, Lion Humming breath or Ocean breath are all amazing techniques to ease stress and tension built up during this time of the month. These are great tools to use between posture sequences to keep your breathing in sync with your body movement or as simple meditation practices done independently of postures altogether.

As your session draws closer towards completion begin linking back into yourself by taking a few moments longer in each posture; gradually easing out of each one instead of abruptly moving onto something else too soon within smaller gaps between poses until Savasana is reached (a final resting posture).

To deepen the relaxation state allowing yourself time here at the end of practice prior to standing up slowly is not only beneficial but also essential so positive energy continues long after you finish this series of yoga flows specifically designed around what feels best for you during your menstrual cycle.

Posture Selection

Yoga is an effective way to ease the discomforts associated with menstruation. Practicing yoga during your period can help to reduce bloating, relax the mind and improve energy levels. Many women find that they cannot do basic poses during their menstrual cycle.

Can We Do Yoga Asanas During Periods

This is because their bodies are already in a state of imbalance, which can be aggravated by certain poses. Therefore, when practicing yoga during your period, you must carefully select postures that best suit your body’s needs at this time.

The most beneficial postures to practice during menstruation are those that release tension in the abdomen and hip regions, while also providing stress-relieving effects. These include: child’s pose (balasana), half pigeon (eka pada rajakapotasana) and cat/cow (marjaryasana techniques). Child’s pose helps to stretch out tight muscles and ligaments in the abdominal region while releasing tension from the glutes.

Half pigeon helps open up the hips muscles, allowing for increased blood circulation throughout the pelvic region. Cat/Cow helps alleviate cramping by creating fluid movement within the abdominal area while opening up the spine in a gentle manner.

In addition to postures that relieve physical tension and discomfort, it is also beneficial to practice relaxation techniques such as pranayama and meditation when experiencing menstrual cramps or other unpleasant symptoms. Pranayama breathing exercises specifically deigned for relieving PMS related stress can work wonders for calming an anxious mind and lulling one into relaxation mode.

Meanwhile, guided meditation can help clear away mental clutter and promote creative insight – both of which can prove invaluable when tackling complicated period problems or other life dilemmas. Ultimately, these simple yet effective techniques will ensure greater balance between body and mind during those difficult times of the month.


Yoga during your period can be especially beneficial, as it allows our bodies to fully relax and restore after a few days of menstruation. During this time, our flow and energy will naturally shift in intensity, so we want to make practice modifications accordingly. It’s important to listen to our body and observe what feels right along the way. Taking it easy is ideal during this vulnerable time.

Starting with poses that allow blood to flow similarly as how it would standing or walking upright is great for the beginning of your practice. Balancing on one foot gives a good equilibrium between contraction and expansion-especially when allowing the gut to both lift up and sink deeper into the ground.

Finding an opening pose that allows for stability but still breathes into the sides of our belly can really let go resistances in the midsection, typically where discomfort builds up while menstruating.

Resting poses, twists, and overall relaxing poses are particularly helpful as menstrual cycles come toward its end (in terms of days). Lying down on your back with supported legs bent at 90 degrees creates a feeling of ease for closing out a session–feeling gravitation towards expanding downward instead of up like during the peak of your cycle.

Twists may not what you’re looking for early on in your cycle due to potential imbalances from increased pain due to twisted visceral organs (although different for everyone). If it’s something that resonates with you closer to the end however, supine twists give great benefit if taken lightly─allow twisting slightly side-to-side and only as deep breathing allows.

Since these days involve more shakti energy circulating throughout our systems rather than rajas energy which tends later on in cycles such sun salutations should be approached slowly and cautiously until all energies merge back into balance again.

Simple hips openers such as pigeon or cobbler are very grounding since they don’t require excess effort but still create patient awareness physically and mentally towards subtle sensations throughout our vessels being touched by them even beyond what we may usually feel normally through other practices or postures.

Overall yoga sitali pranayama is also great during this tender time; take special care when sitting comfortably while cooling/heating steam comes out through pursed lips – soften those jaws first.

Visualization Techniques

Yoga during my period can be a very calming experience. Engaging in a yoga practice has many benefits, and when begun during menstruation, many find that time to be even more restorative. Through visualization techniques, there is the ability to connect the body and mind in a meditative way. Visualization techniques are great for easing the tension of menstrual cramps and other physical symptoms.

One visualization technique that can be used during menstrual cycle yoga is body scanning. When engaging in this exercise, lie down comfortably on your mat or bed with all bodily registers being observed without judgment or expectation. Start by visualizing your toes becoming like liquid fire and progress slowly up your entire body until you reach your head.

As you go, envision each body part as if it’s a separate entity from the others-breathe into each space as if sending oxygen around like a warm hug. This visualization technique focuses on breath awareness and encourages use of breath throughout each muscle group with the aim of exploring both physical sensations & emotional currents flowing both through & surrounding them.

Another powerful type of meditation that can be done during menstrual cycle yoga is Mantra meditation. The use of mantras in combination with mindful breathing helps to bring clarity into one’s energy field, while also creating peace amidst any chaos that may exist. Find an affirmation specific to your own needs – phrases such as “I am strong & capable” or “My body knows exactly how to stay balanced within my natural rhythms”.

Allow yourself to sink into this intimate moment between self & space; noticing what comes up before bringing in new strength or intention to shift energies accordingly & bring acknowledgement for growth cycles taking place within you (whether internal or external). Introducing Mantra based practices during our periods brings us one step closer towards finding trusting relationships with ourselves midst any hormone fluctuations we may experience during actives times like these.

Overall, yoga during my period can definitely help strengthen my relationship with myself while allowing me deeper insight into any inner most feelings I have hidden away beneath the surface. Ballance is key here as healthy boundaries should always be set when allowing each practice conducted full bodied attention – being sure not to overexert yourself when entering deep states of mediation that allow insight into spirit work or intuition access.

Can We Do Yoga During Menstrual Period

By consciously embracing feminine souls capabilities we can create sacred rituals tailored specifically for moments like these.

Essential Oils

Yoga during one’s menstrual cycle can be especially beneficial, as adding various essential oils into the practice can bring added comfort and balance. Aromatherapy is a great addition to one’s yoga practice, as the properties of essential oils have the potential to reduce tension in the body and promote emotional well-being.

Using different essential oils at different stages of one’s menstrual cycle can provide an array of benefits. In the follicular phase (days 1-14), lavender essential oil can help to reduce stress and anxiety levels while bringing balance and harmony to one’s daily life.

When used during savasana or meditation, it can help to soothe away any build-up of tension within the body which may be contributing to problems such as insomnia or PMS symptoms. Furthermore, jasmine oil is helpful during this period for boosting creativity and self-confidence.

In the luteal phase (days 15-28), rosemary essential oil has been found useful for improving focus and concentration levels while encouraging feelings of happiness and joy within oneself. Further maximizing productivity by helping with clarity in decisions and pouring creativity into new ideas, this type of essential oil can be a very energizing force when added to any yoga practice.

Additionally, peppermint oil can be used during this time as it helps to normalize hormones, relieving muscle spasms that may lead to cramping or headaches which might otherwise disrupt activities such as yoga classes.

Ultimately, adding aromatherapy into our yoga practice during our menstrual cycles will result in more efficient results throughout our day, from waking up feeling refreshed with renewed energy levels all the way through our evening relaxation sessions. Each stage of our cycle presents unique opportunities which we should aim at maximizing by taking advantage of aromatherapy’s powerful scents.

Mindful Practices

Periods can be a time of immense physical and mental strain, and it is important to understand how best to care for your body during this time. One great practice that can be incredibly beneficial and bring focus and clarity is yoga. Yoga provides many therapeutic benefits no matter the day or condition – but when it comes to period relief, yoga is powerful.

The mind-body connection in yoga is designed to help us discover balance throughout our lives – including during our menstrual cycle – when hormones fluctuate causing tension and discomfort in the body. The combination of physical postures with mindful relaxation weaves together a strong relationship between mind and body, allowing us to almost instantly access an inner calm feeling of balance.

Not only does yoga have transformative effects on decreasing pain intensity levels, but also serves an even more important role in preparing women’s minds for what nature has designed as a part of her beautiful cycle.

There are several poses specifically effective at relieving cramps, back pain, headaches, and emotional stress in the monthly cycle. During yin or restorative yoga practices when postures are held for longer periods of time, they act as self-healing therapy by reducing muscle tension while encouraging relaxation through deeper breathing methods.

Habitual forward folds like Baddha Konasana (Cobbler Pose) nurtures organ healing while bringing awareness towards the womb space, leading one into a sense of nourishment during menstruation. Regularly practicing poses that target the lower belly can aid in alleviating tension created from cramping by releasing the muscles surrounding her pelvic organs such as child’s pose (Balasana), seated wide legged straddle (Upavishta Konasana) along with hip openers like pigeon pose (Eka Pada Rajakapotasana).

Yoga encourages us to embrace our natural season of life with grace and acceptance regardless of where we are each month on our path. It serves as both an ally in physical relief yet also teaches us how to work through anxiety & emotional turmoil that may arise by focusing on breath moment-by-moment – the most valuable tool anyone has through any journey.


Yoga has been a great tool for me, especially during my period. It is the perfect way to take care of my mental and physical health at the same time. I love how it helps bridge the gap between mind and body.

It relaxes me while increasing my strength and flexibility. Yoga also helps to open up my chest and shoulders which can be quite tight when I’m on my period. By stretching out my chest and shoulders, I can help reduce any cramping or tension that might arise from PMS.

Yoga has also allowed me to breathe more deeply. During my cycle, I often find myself tensing up in certain areas due to pain or discomfort. This usually results in shallow breathing which contributes more tension throughout my body.

Practicing yoga during these times has helped me to take deeper breaths and focus on clearing out all of the negative energy that builds up. Instead of being anxious about what these pains are going to do next, I can use yoga as a means of creating space within my body so that whatever needs to happen does so with ease-and without adding further stress or worry on top of it all.

Overall, I’m truly grateful to have found yoga during this time in my life where dealing with menstrual cycle pain and PMS symptoms can be exhausting emotionally and physically at times.

From gentle stretches that alleviate aches and pains throughout my core, hips, thighs, etc – to deeper poses for releasing stored stress from certain muscles groups-I’m able to keep myself grounded both mentally & physically by honoring what’s happening inside each month and honoring how much yoga enhances overall health during your period.

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