Yoga Davie

## What is Yoga Davie?

Yoga Davie is a unique blend of physical postures, breath, relaxation and meditation. Its combination of all these elements provides an uplifting and calming experience. Unlike the common yoga classes, Yoga Davie classes focus on breathing, relaxation and meditation, while still incorporating physical postures.

## Benefits of Yoga Davie

Yoga Davie provides a range of physical and mental benefits.
**Physically**, it improves posture, flexibility, core strength, and balance; it promotes cardiovascular health, combat fatigue, and vertigo; and it alleviates joint pain, headaches, and insomnia.

**Mentally**, Yoga Davie helps individuals find inner peace and clarity of thought; it decreases stress, depression, and anxiety; and it increases self-confidence and awareness of one’s body.

## Types of Yoga Davie Practices

There are a variety of Yoga Davie practices from which to choose, all focused on bringing peace, clarity and relaxation.

– **Restorative**—focused on finding balance, strength, and alignment through poses and deep breathing.
– **Vinyasa**—dynamic practice that combines poses, breath and movement.
– **Hatha**—consists of postures that help create flexibility, strength and balance.
– **Yin**—gentle and slow-paced, designed to open and stretch the deep connective tissues of the body.
– **Kundalini**—a spiritual, emotional and physical practice, centered around the energy of the seven chakras.
– **Yoga Nidra**—meditative practice that helps one move into a deeper state of consciousness.

## Why Practice Yoga Davie?

Yoga Davie provides a myriad of physical and mental benefits—all while helping one find peace and clarity of thought. For these reasons and more, Yoga Davie is an excellent addition to any physical or mental lifestyle. Additionally, its wide range of practices makes it accessible to all levels and types of practitioners.

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What type of classes does Yoga Davie offer?

Yoga Davie offers a variety of classes, including Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative, and Prenatal Yoga, as well as Meditation and Specialty Workshops. Depending on the class, the length and intensity of the practice will vary.

What are the instructor qualifications at Yoga Davie?

Yoga Davie only employs certified and experienced instructors who have completed their yoga teaching qualifications and are registered with Yoga Alliance. All of our instructors go through a rigorous selection process to ensure they have the knowledge, expertise, and energy to provide members with the most beneficial classes. Yoga Davie also offers ongoing training and teaching workshops, which help ensure that all instructors remain up to date with the latest yoga trends and practices.

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