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The Yoga Co Op Of Madison is a welcoming and diverse community of yoga practitioners from all levels, backgrounds and experience. Established in 2007 with the goal to unite yoga practitioners across the City of Madison in an all-encompassing, nurturing and inclusive atmosphere. Our mission is to provide a supportive and inspiring environment where members are free to explore their practice and evolve in the healing arts while feeling connected to like minded individuals within our wonderful city.

At the Co Op, we offer a range of classes for everyone ” beginner, intermediate and advanced practitioners alike. From gentle hatha flows through to invigorating ashtanga or vinyasa classes, each one inspired by anatomy focused alignment principles that leave you feeling aligned inside out! We also have workshops that are specifically tailored to either deepen or introduce new skills into your practice. Our numerous events throughout the year are open to everyone regardless of experience ” they include musical kirtans (singing mantras), mindful meditation sessions, laughter yoga, sound bath meditation and many more often experiential activities!

Our values at the Co Op is simple and quite ancient: Just be you! Whether that be exploring an unfamiliar pose within your own physical body or entering unknown philosophical territory in conversation about different approaches and ideas. We believe every individual has something unique to contribute regardless of whether it’s physical breadth or mental depth – as long as its done heartfully , passionately & Respectfully! Welcome in!


2008 – The Yoga Co Op Of Madison was founded by yoga instructors Jayne Miller and Steve Butta. Their goal was to create an affordable and accessible platform for students to come together and share in the practice of yoga.

2009 – In January, their first class was offered at Planet Fitness. It quickly grew in popularity over the next few months.

2011 – The success of their classes enabled them to find a permanent home at the local community center in nearby Middleton, Wisconsin.

2012 – To accommodate further growth, they also introduced a membership program that granted access to discounted classes with recurring payments.

2015 – Working with several other local businesses, they began offering a variety of workshops and retreats in collaboration with other yoga professionals.

2017 – A new website was launched to showcase all their services as well as allow people to sign up for workshops and classes online.

2019- The Yoga Co Op of Madison opened its second location in downtown Madison complete with two large studios and a lounge area for members. This year also saw the launch of a mobile app that allowed members to book classes easily from any device through the click of a button.

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Yoga Co Op Of Madison is proud to offer a wide variety of Instructional Yoga classes from experienced and knowledgeable certified instructors. Our instructors have extensive training in both traditional forms of yoga, such as Ashtanga, Iyengar and Hatha, as well as newer styles such as Yin, Vinyasa Flow, Kid’s Yoga and more.

Our teachers are passionate about teaching this ancient practice in innovative and creative ways. Our instructors come from diverse backgrounds with a broad range of experience levels”from beginners to advanced practitioners. We feature highly trained professionals who not only possess the necessary technical skills but also teach with traditional yogic philosophies based on inquiry, exploration, acceptance self-awareness and respect for their students.

Instructor specialities include body mechanics, alignment techniques, anatomy education, meditation guidance, breath work techniques and more. Many of our teachers have additional training in associated arts such as Reiki healing or Thai Massage for individual sessions or group workshops.

We believe that every class should be designed to meet the specific needs of each student whether they are new to yoga practice or experienced practitioners aiming to deepen their knowledge base. We do this by offering classes for everyone with an emphasis on making it an enjoyable experience for each person’s individual journey through yoga.


The Yoga Co-Op of Madison offers a plethora of services that can help yogis improve their practice. Our team of experienced professionals and instructors is dedicated to providing safe and effective yoga classes for all levels of fitness. We offer many different styles or levels, from beginner to advanced. Classes are designed to relax and strengthen the body, increase flexibility, promote balance, reduce stress and tension, as well as improve concentration and focus.

We also offer private meditation and yoga retreats for those looking for a more personalized experience tailored specifically to individual needs. In addition to classes and workshops, we host special series events featuring guest lecturers, live music performances, nutrition talks and more. We even provide free refreshments during some events! Our in-house experts also offer regular group seminars going over the fundamentals of breathing techniques, postural alignment and relaxation methods so students can get the most out of their practice.

At the Yoga Co-Op, we believe in creating an environment that inspires positivity while connecting mind and body with awareness. So come join us today where you will gain strength in your practice ” whether it’s physically or mentally ” while radiating clarity on your journey towards growth!


The Yoga Co Op Of Madison has quickly become a mecca for those seeking mindful self-care. The unique combination of communal spirit and individualized attention has made it a top destination for those interested in reclaiming their health and wellness.

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The benefits of being a part of the Co Op are many. In addition to receiving quality yoga instruction from experienced teachers, members now have access to information on nutrition, supplement choices, health trends, and more. With its focus on collaboration, the Co Op provides an ideal atmosphere for creative minds to come together to invest in their own well-being. Through workshops, discussion groups, and special events members are able to tap into the energy of one another’s curiosity and dedication.

Members of the Yoga Co Op Of Madison also share their love and support with one another through acts of service. From providing discounts on classes to offering transportation services or assisting with household tasks, members come together in shared cooperation to make life easier for each other in any way they can.

Through contemplative practice, socializing with friends old and new, and giving back to the community at large-the Yoga Co Op Of Madison offers an all inclusive format for holistic self care that encourages connection with oneself as well as others.


The Yoga Co Op Of Madison is a space for practitioners of all levels to come together and share their passion for yoga. With experienced teachers and top quality materials, the studio provides classes that challenge students while also allowing them to learn at their own pace. Whether you are new to yoga or have been practicing for years, there is something everyone can gain from attending one of our classes. Our members benefit from discounted rates on class rates, access to equipment and merchandise discounts. Additionally, great community events throughout the year keep members engaged with fun activities that further build relationships with fellow yogis. If you’re considering joining the yoga co-op, now is the perfect time! We invite you to join us in our effort together to strengthen body, mind and spirit through movement and breath work every day. Take advantage of the amazing benefits we offer and be part of our growing and supportive community. Let’s get started on your journey towards relaxation and peace today!

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