Yoga At Home – 7 Myths About Doing Yoga at Home

There is an image that comes up on Instagram several times a day about a yoga guru in their lit-faceted apartment, surrounded by carefully planted home plants, doing their yoga exercises and looking extremely casual about it all. The idea of doing yoga at home seems ideal; you do not need to deal with others, make any extra money, or leave the house. However, many people are reluctant to try yoga at home due to the stereotype. It is important to dispel these myths about doing yoga at home before we go any further.

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The first myth is that you need to be a licensed yoga teacher to practice at home. There is no certification required to start doing yoga at home, so your yoga teacher training does not come with it. However, if you are a certified yoga teacher, you can give private instruction to others in your area, who are looking for a more spiritual approach to fitness. This gives you a vested interest in your own home practice and makes you a more valuable resource for your clients.

Another myth is that most yoga studios are not really all that great places to practice yoga. Most yoga studios are chain studios that are located inside big buildings and are staffed with yoga trainers and yoga enthusiasts who are not really experts at teaching yoga at home. They usually do not specialize in yoga at home, but just want to make some money off of you. They will not give you one-on-one time with an actual yoga teacher, and they may not even be able to show you the proper technique for doing certain yoga positions. This is not what you should be expecting when you pay for your own yoga at home classes.

The third myth is that you cannot practice yoga at home if you live in a small apartment or house. Yoga is a great way to fit more exercise into your daily schedule, and many people choose to combine their home practice with a regular schedule of yoga classes at a local center. You should be able to get the same amount of physical benefit from both options. In fact, some people find that there is no difference between the amount of work they have to do at home, and they do not have to give up hours of time at the gym to fit yoga into their schedules.

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The fourth myth is that you should buy special pants if you are going to be practicing yoga at home. The main thing that you need to do is dress in loose layers. It is best to wear shorts or tank tops that will breathe a lot. Many people think that wearing yoga pants that are very tight will be uncomfortable, but this is not true. The only thing you may want to consider is buying a pair of yoga shorts instead of long pants so that they fit better around your hips. You may also want to get a supportive top that can help keep the body in proper alignment as you are performing certain poses.

The fifth most common myth is that you cannot meditate with yoga blocks or a yoga strap. It may be difficult to find a perfect position to meditate in with these accessories, so you may want to look for a pillow or a place to sit on the floor that is comfortable. The yoga straps and blocks will help you stay in the correct position while you are practicing your yoga routine. Remember that you are still using your mind, so the goal is not to stop thinking but to focus it on the present moment. You can use a variety of props such as bolsters, meditation blocks and yoga straps to help you stay in the poses.

The sixth most common myth is that you cannot perform the yoga positions on a flat surface. The truth is that the mat you will be using will not cause any soreness or pressure anywhere except where you are performing the poses. Remember that the yoga classes will be held in different positions, sometimes standing and sometimes sitting. As such, the mat will need to be flexible enough to adapt to each situation.

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The seventh most common myth is that you can only do basic poses if you purchase special mats or invest in expensive yoga equipment. The truth is that most people who are interested in at-home yoga practice don’t necessarily want to invest in expensive equipment. As long as you pay attention to the postures and don’t push yourself beyond your limit, you can simply use any kind of mat. Some people prefer to use blankets to practice their poses on, but if you have a nice thick blanket and cover your floor, you will be doing all you need to do in the comfort of your own home. Once you get more comfortable with your home practice, you can purchase a mat, a bolster and other accessories to make your practice all the more exciting.

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