Yoga And Sex


Yoga and sex have more in common than you may think! Although they are vastly different practices, they share a few common experiences. From enhanced strength, flexibility, and mental clarity to improved confidence in the bedroom, there are many ways that incorporating yoga into your sex life can improve your overall physical and mental health.


The most obvious correlation between yoga and sex is increased strength, flexibility, and core stability. By integrating poses such as cat/cow flows or hip openers into your practice, you can unlock muscles you didn’t even know you had! With greater muscular control comes improved ability — both physically and mentally — when it comes to sexual activity. Not only will you be able to explore new positions more comfortably, but having strong coordination between body parts allows for greater pleasure through timing-based movements.

Yoga also brings a sense of mental clarity that can lead to a more meaningful connection with your partner(s). The suggested element of mindfulness promotes focus on the present moment and any given sensation that arises during intimacy. This allows an individual to become aware of signals from the body that indicate what’s working and what isn’t working during a certain encounter.

Finally, due to the heightened sense of physical capability and confidence gained through consistent practice yoga has been known to improve one’s confidence in the bedroom. As well as boosting self-esteem levels by feeling empowered within their own bodies, individuals often report feeling liberated after completing a yoga class – leaving them with a newfound sense of freedom when it comes to experimenting with partners (or solo!) pursuits.

Historical Perspective

Yoga has a rich history that dates back centuries, with many sources indicating its origin in ancient India. In this time period, yogic practices were thought to enhance all aspects of life, including sexuality. Ancient yogis believed in the power of union between body and soul and sought to achieve a deeper state of spiritual oneness that operated beyond the physical realm. Through yoga postures (asanas) and breathing techniques (pranayama) they achieved a heightened awareness of their inner and outer worlds, which contributed to increased physical pleasure during moments of intimacy. Other yogic practices like tantra even assisted ancient people in learning how to experience multiple levels of consciousness through orgasm. Traditional texts such as the Kama Sutra discussed various sexual positions inspired by yoga postures and allowed couples to explore new positions with greater confidence from the knowledge gained through their practice of yoga. Today, modern-day practitioners continue to utilize the same concepts learned centuries prior for help in cultivating an even more connected and balanced sexual life.

Physiological Benefits of Yoga for Maximizing Sexual Pleasure

Yoga is a form of exercise that can bring physical, mental and spiritual health benefits. It is not only great for promoting flexibility, strength and muscle balance; it can also help to maximize sexual pleasure. The following are some of the physiological benefits of yoga which make it an effective activity for enhancing the experience of sex:

First, improved circulation caused by different poses in yoga can have a positive effect on sexual arousal by increasing blood flow to the genitals. This increased blood flow helps provide more sensation and stimulation during phone, further intensifying pleasure. Additionally, an invigorated libido may arise due to an increase in testosterone production due to certain breather work practices.

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Second, yogic postures help create harmony between the body and mind that directly influences the level of sexual pleasure experienced. As certain poses stretch muscles and open them up, tightness around key areas like hips and pelvis decreases providing more space for mobility during sex. Moreover, learning certain techniques throughout yoga classes increases muscular control which leads to stronger pelvic floor muscles resulting in better genital sensations during orgasm.

Thirdly, even though it isn’t particularly a physical benefit, mental awareness about sexuality is improved through yoga as well as breathwork practices where individuals are encouraged to become mindful of their bodies. This means that emotions generated regarding the subject of sex aren’t allowed to stay repressed or unexplored instead they are viewed in their positive aspects providing opportunity for greater satisfaction later on when with a partner. Finally, physical intimacy cultivated through contact improvisation or partnered yogic stretches greatly improves the relationship between two people which makes the connection felt under sheets much deeper than before.

Exploring the Various Types of Yoga and Their Effects on Sex Lives

Yoga has been linked to improved sexual performance, increased libido and deeper pleasure. Numerous studies suggest that regular yoga practice can help men and women alike in improving their overall sexual experiences. But did you know that there are multiple types of yoga? Each one focuses on specific breathing exercises, poses, and other practices that energize the body and mind, helping to improve both physical and emotional health.

For example, Hatha Yoga is a relaxing form of yoga that focuses on stretching, building strength, improving balance, as well as purifying the mind through focusing on breath work. This type of yoga offers several benefits to sex lives – from increasing flexibility which allows for more comfortable positions during sex, all the way to deepening kinship with the partner, for a much more spiritual experience.

Kundalini Yoga meanwhile takes things up a gear. It is designed to release stored energy in our bodies for greater flexibility and mobility and helps us tap into primal energies inside of us allowing us to access purely sensual and erotic sensations during sex. It works by stimulating the first/root chakra – Svadhisthana – which is associated with creativity emotions like pleasure, love and desire.

Vinyasa Yoga brings both power and stability while engaged in active movement or postures which builds better control over each movement while increasing connection between body & breath; two essential elements promoting heightened arousal levels. Vinyasa can then teach us how to effectively integrate movement & stillness in helpful ways leading to improved self-awareness as well deep relaxation – important foundations for great sex!

Lastly let’s talk about Tantric Yoga – this involves synchronizing breath with full-body movements (not just postures) such that we become totally absorbed within our bodies giving rise to feelings of spiritual ecstasy ultimately leading us closer towards immersive arousing experiences with our partners away from society’s limitations on what’s deemed an acceptable level of pleasure.

A Guide to Combining Yoga & Sexual Pleasure

Yoga and sex are two incredibly powerful activities that, when practiced together, can offer a greater sense of pleasure and intimacy. A combination of the physical poses, breath work and meditation found in yoga can help one better understand their body and their partner’s body, allowing for deeper levels of awareness during sex. In addition to strength, flexibility and vitality gained from yoga practice, it can allow for more positive body image as well as improved ability to deal with stress.

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There are many ways in which to combine yoga and sex. For example, incorporating yoga into foreplay is a great way to get both partners aroused for physical activity. This could be done through partner poses such as oral sex with them mirrored by each other in Warrior II or seated together in Garland Pose. Another option would be to have each partner run their hands around the other’s entire body while focusing on sensual breaths.

Additionally, postures such as the Cobra Pose or Child’s Pose can be used during intercourse to add an element of challenge and excitement during sexual encounters. While lying in a comfortable position on their backs or side with legs slightly bent, both partners can lean into each other’s bodies while breathing together deeply before transitioning into making love. Other advanced moves could involve lifting your partner up off the floor while still engaging in gentle yogic movements such as Cat-Cow breath sequences or lying down for some deep hip stretches before reaching orgasm.

Finally, incorporating mindfulness techniques like tantra can bring a whole new level to the bedroom experience! Tantric practices work towards helping couples merge the energy centers of both parties’ bodies improving communication between them. This may involve connecting breath work with intimate touches working towards one goal: inner soulful connection with yourself & your loved one – which ultimately leads to pleasure that far exceeds mere physical sensations…


Yoga and Sex may have been seen as opposing activities in the past, however, a recent trend of combining them is becoming increasingly popular. There are numerous benefits to be found from connecting physical pleasure and mental wellbeing through movement. By engaging in mindful connection exercises such as tantric yoga, couples can explore a fulfilling spiritual connection with their partner through increased physical pleasure. Furthermore, the integration of kundalini techniques can increase body awareness and helps to better balance both energy centres as well as female and male energy within a relationship. Furthermore, participants report feeling an overall deepened sense of intimacy, pleasure and satisfaction that can be hard to find otherwise. Ultimately, celebrating the joyful combination of yoga and sex allows couples to discover deeper levels of love and elevate their physical and emotional experience together.

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