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Women in Yoga Paints (WYP) is a movement that was created to empower and celebrate women who practice yoga. The purpose of the WYP community is to ensure that all types of women from all backgrounds can access and benefit from the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of yoga. WYP strives to create safe spaces where all women can learn, explore, and grow together. It provides a platform for educational opportunities, support networks, meditation circles, workshops and conferences that focus on health and wellness of the mind/body/soul. Additionally, it seeks to destigmatize how women engage with yoga ” by serving as an ambassador for those whose voices have been traditionally excluded – such as queer & trans-identifying people, mothers-to-be, people with disabilities and those who are underserved socioeconomically. WYP encourages understanding of yoga’s unifying power & aims to tear down barriers between different identities & foster meaningful connection & compassion amongst participants”near & far.

History of WYP

Women In Yoga Paints (WYP), is an organization dedicated to increasing the visibility of yoga practitioners and teachers from diverse backgrounds, with a focus on women. Founded in 2004 by Reneta Jyoti and Paula Mathieson, WYP was created with an intention to bring greater attention to the disparity in the male-dominated world of yoga that exists today.

Reneta Jyoti and Paula Mathieson, who met while studying yoga in Rishikesh, India, went through a long journey to create WYP. After bonding while in Rishikesh learning about different exercises, they shared a similar vision of bringing more awareness to female-led yoga classes as well as creating support networks for women teaching yoga. It only made sense to start Women In Yoga Paints soon after their return home.

The organization’s primary mission is to make yoga accessible for all people beyond age and gender limitations by providing knowledge about the potential of yogic practice for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing around the world.

WYP has grown exponentially throughout its years working with schools, universities and organizations across the globe to unify women’s voices within the modern practice of yoga by providing certifications as well as working with media outlets in promoting educational information on these topics. Additionally, it now hosts gatherings four times per year – The Annual Conference Of Women In International Yoga Leadership at four sites around Europe each spring – which assembles influential innovators in the global community that work cumulatively towards empowerment of humanity through mindful teachings.

By supporting and preserving traditional practices while embracing inclusive approaches towards this ancient art based on steady progressiveness grounds that emphasizes social justice outcomes will continue spinning positive change today which is why Women in Yoga Painting’s efforts are supported worldwide by millions!

Challenges of WYP

One major misconception around Women In Yoga Paints (WYP) is that it is exclusive to women. While it is true that WYP was founded to be a platform for female yogis and artists, many male yogis and artists have been included in the WYP platforms and events. This misconception can be challenging because it may cause individuals to feel excluded or not taken seriously if they do not identify as a woman or if they would like to participate in one of the WYP events, but are turned away. Additionally, any fear or risk of being accused of tokenism or simply “checking a box” for inclusion can be a challenge for some organizations wanting to include members of the WYP into their practices and circles.

WYP Trending Now

Women In Yoga Paints, or WYP, is a trend that has been gaining immense popularity on social media and in classrooms around the world. People are learning to use this form of painting as an expression of art, using different colors and techniques to create beautiful pieces. The creative process gives individuals the opportunity to express themselves through various mediums like acrylics, oils, watercolors, and pastels. Furthermore, there are many tutorials and tips available online to help those new to WYP get started.

This trend has not only become useful for incredible works of visual art but also as a form of meditative therapy. Through the process of creating something new and engaging with colors and shapes users can find healing, comfort, inner peace, and may even practice mindfulness while they paint.

WYP is becoming increasingly popular amongst artists who want something unique and meaningful in their artwork throughout the world! Different styles such as abstract, minimalist design, scarves wrap-around techniques have been created for all sorts of artistic capabilities. It has also allowed influencers to stand out from the everyday normal type of art styles through its modern vibes. Moreover special meets ups hold between wide ranges from all levels or artistic expertise held allow members to engage in conversations about their practices and share experiences together within this ever growing phenomenon!

Famous Yoga Sequences

Different Types of WYP

Women In Yoga Paints (WYP) are a unique form of art expressed through the practice of yoga. There are several different types of WYP that can be created depending on the artist’s style and focus.

Abstract WYP is one form, composed by abstract shapes, organic patterns and bright colors illustrative of how yoga leads to emotional clarity, peace and transformation.

Flow WYP is similar to abstract, but with intentional movement and energy instead of random elements. These vibrant pieces emphasize the flow between each asana in a sequence and celebrate the wave-like energy within practicing.

Sacred Symbols use many ancient, geometric symbols to evoke feelings of spirituality when practiced with intention. Hues or colors often used to represent chakra system colors accompany these symbols to establish a deeper connection with our energetic body.

Meditation Mandalas are intricate designs arranged in circles like any other mandala symbolizing unity and balance, only here they incorporate images encountered during meditation along with affirmations creating an uplifting painting suitable for meditation room walls or centers.

Traditional Paintings are another type of WYP that traditionally depicts the physical postures of yoga high resolution scenes using vivid colors in depth and detail bringing stories alive from whatever tales you wish painted in full fluid motion

Health Benefits

Women In Yoga Paints (WYP) is a powerful tool for improving physical and mental health. Through yoga poses and guided meditations, this organization focuses on bringing healing to people’s lives. To start, WYP advocates for have daily practice of yoga that pushes individuals towards peace, calming down the mind and relaxing the body by releasing tension in muscles. Additional physical benefits involve strength building with proper posture since it helps prevent injury and improves overall joint flexibility while mobilizing those parts of the body you wouldn’t usually activate.

Furthermore, women in yoga practice also covers mental health aspects through its cleansing techniques, calming techniques such as progressive muscle relaxation or deep breathing exercises that can really be beneficial to reduce stress or depression. Additionally, research has shown that practicingyoga in itself can help greatly reduce chronic conditions or other psychological distresses by increasing mindfulness and concentration through meditation, self-reflection and positive thoughts recognition activities. Overall Women In Yoga Paint’s mission is to advocate for transformation and self-care through their embraced holistic approach, aiming to renew and recharge each individual positively at their own level.

Empowerment Through WYP

Women In Yoga Paints (WYP) is an organization that believes in using the power of yoga to empower women. Through its various programs, WYP provides support, accountability and guidance to individuals who are looking to deepen and strengthen their connection with self-empowerment. One way they do this is by encouraging members to set and reach goals for themselves both on and off the mat to build mental strength, as well as physical strength. Their classes integrate traditional poses with inventive flows that use breathwork, meditation, ayurveda principles, self-discovery affirmations and more to help cultivate resilience, encouragement and renewal. Beyond just providing access to yoga classes, WYP also offers community-building activities like night circles where members can come together and share stories of how the practice has made a difference in their lives. This helps to create a safe space for frank conversations about topics such as body image and gender roles. These conversations can lead into powerful moments of discovery which allow members to gain insight into themselves as well as acknowledge all that they have overcome. Through these moments of growth comes a newfound sense of self-worth, confidence and inner strength while being surrounded by a supportive community dedicated to celebrating each other’s successes.


Women In Yoga Paints (WYP) is committed to making yoga and its related education and advocacy more accessible for everyone. WYP advocates for inclusivity by working to ensure every community has access to professional, inclusive, high-quality yoga instruction. Moreover, WYP promotes the power of yogic teachings to help foster justice, equity, and healing.

In recent years, WYP’s efforts have focused on expanding accessibility in terms of finding creative ways to make yoga available to diverse communities and people from all walks of life. The organization works with studios, local governments, nonprofit organizations, schools, universities, forests and parks departments as well as housing authorities in order to bring universal access to yoga classes. By creating partnerships with other community organizations dedicated to providing recreational services it has been easier for WYP achieve its mission to promote a lifestyle of health and wellness through the practice of yoga among underserved populations. These collaborations serve as a model for creating systemic change and breaking down barriers that inhibit individuals from having equitable access historically excluded communities from accessing this type of service.

The organization also offers scholarships aimed at making classes more affordable as well as hosts free workshops throughout the United States allowing anyone interested in learning how to become a certified instructor an opportunity without any financial prerequisites that is usually required by some studios or companies throughout the United States. Additionally WYP awards grants each year so that yoga programs can be implemented into institutions such as hospitals, shelters schools etc so these groups can access necessary stress reducing tools often needed but limited within their budgets.

Yoga Sequence Core Strength

Overall WYP is dedicated to making sure that anyone interested in yoga has an equal opportunity whether they are just becoming acquainted or deepening their practice regardless of financial resources or background because they believe that everyone should benefit from Yoga’s transformative powers regardless of form or color.

Resources and Networks

Women In Yoga Paints (WYP) provides a great platform for connecting practitioners and organizations who are dedicated to promoting and furthering the practice of yoga as an empowering, transformative process. Through their online networks, WYP offers up-to-date information about local classes and events, relevant studies, stories from powerful teachers, inspiring student stories and resources for learning more about the many aspects of yoga.

In addition to information sharing and networking, WYP offers resources to help those in the yoga community stay educated and connected. They have compiled a comprehensive list of relevant resources related to topics such as wellness education, meditation, yoga philosophy and practice, teacher training courses and various national organizations that support the advancement of yogic study. Additionally they maintain monthly webcasts with leading experts in the fields of holistic health, Ayurveda & mind/body therapy. A variety of informative workshops can also be accessed at their campuses around the world. WYP has facilitated an expansive network for yogis around the globe by providing innovative tools including tools for creating websites devoted to teaching or learning about yoga practices; referring customers to teachers; helping individuals connect with other yogis; supplying advice on starting new studios or leveraging existing ones; hosting multiple meet-ups in every major city across Europe; offering business models designed specifically for entrepreneurs looking to start studios or retreats; and introducing clothing line collaborations with renowned designers throughout Europe.

Tips and Advice

Women In Yoga Paints provides tips and advice for women interested in taking up yoga. For beginners, it can be hard to figure out where to start or how to make the most of the practice. Women In Yoga Paints has a variety of articles dedicated to helping new yogis. These articles provide useful information on things like the essential poses and meditation techniques, as well as offering specific guidance on how to get started and stay motivated. Additionally, this blog offers advice on how to dress for yoga, as well as helpful tips on creating a comfortable home practice space. Through these helpful resources and informative articles, Women In Yoga Paints is an excellent resource for all kinds of ladies looking to embark on their yoga journey.


Women in Yoga Paints (WYP) is an innovative and powerful initiative that seeks to use art as a tool for creating positive body image and exploring self-acceptance among women. WYP has the potential to profoundly impact the lives of thousands of female yoga practitioners who struggle with achieving perfect body images or meeting unrealistic standards. This initiative provides participants with the opportunity to think critically about their relationships with themselves and their changing bodies, rather than compulsively striving for physical perfectionism. What’s more, WYP empowers women to express their truth through creative mediums, offering everyone the chance to practice body positivity and free self-expression. The workshops are designed to be fun and supportive while enhancing communication skills such as creative writing, drawing, painting and speaking. Through unique collaborations with specialized teachers and partners, WYP strives to shift societal norms as it offers an inclusive platform for human connection and self-development in a safe space for all genders. Women In Yoga Paints is a movement that continues to grow rapidly around the world, giving visibility to marginalized voices and working towards body acceptance on a collective level. With its deep commitment to uplifting women from all walks of life embracing confidence through expressions of artistry, WYP proves there is beauty in vulnerability; providing genuine service that plays a major role in the transformation of many who seek true self-love and healing.

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