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Welcome to Whole Body Studios – Pilates Barre & Yoga! Our studio is dedicated to creating a nurturing and supportive environment that inspires physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. Subscribing to our studio gives you access to top-notch instructors and equipment, allowing you to experience the many amazing benefits of Pilates Barre & Yoga. With regular practice, you will build core strength and improve your posture, while also reducing stress levels by increasing awareness and mindfulness. At Whole Body Studios, we believe in creating a community where everyone feels welcome ” regardless of skill level or body type. We look forward to helping you develop a practice that works best for you!

What You Can Expect

Whole Body Studios- Pilates Barre & Yoga offer a wide variety of classes that are suitable for all skill levels to help you achieve your fitness goals. Our classes combine classic Pilates, barre conditioning, and yoga elements to create an effective and challenging full body workout. Our instructors will help you to focus on form, breathe and bodies natural alignment as you flow through the exercises.

What You Can Expect:
Our classes offer suitable modifications for both beginners or experienced exercisers. Our experienced instructors are here to provide one-on-one feedback and guidance in each class so you can maximize your workouts safely and effectively. The classes range from high intensity interval training for an extra challenge but we also have more mellow low impact sessions too -all designed to give maximum results with minimum exertion!

In addition to the standard classes we offer regular workshops designed to help deepen understanding of our practices as well as specialized sessions such as stretching, foam rolling, joint strengthening etc. All mats and towels needed will be provided by us at no additional cost.

Pricing varies by class; however we also offer discounts for packs of up 10, 20 or 30 classes pass as well as student discounts when appropriate IDs are presented prior to purchase.

Positive Benefits of Pilates Barre & Yoga

At Whole Body Studios, Pilates Barre & Yoga classes offer a unique workout experience that combines elements of ballet, yoga, and strength training. This type of exercise not only provides an amazing physical workout but it also has long-term benefits for both the body and mind.

Whole Body Studios considers the form and posture in their Pilates Barre & Yoga classes with the goal of helping individuals strengthen their core muscles while increasing balance, flexibility, and overall body alignment. These classes specifically target areas such as your abdominals, glutes, back muscles, chest muscles arms and legs while stretching each muscle to its maximum potential. By using your own body weight to build strength, you’ll also be working on endurance as well as balance and coordination skills.

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As for mental benefits of taking these classes regularly -studies have show that regular exercise helps improve concentration and focus along with reducing stress levels. As such, Pilates Barre & Yoga can help you stay mentally centered throughout your day by elevating endorphins that manage moods associated with stress or depression.

Furthermore, specific stretches or poses within these classes are found to lower cortisol levels in the body -resulting in improved relaxation which leads to better sleep quality at night time. All together this works conclusively in building a healthier lifestyle free from stress or anxiety -helpful in more areas of life than just fitness!

Qualified Instructors

Whole Body Studios provides quality instruction in Pilates, Barre, and Yoga classes. Our qualified instructors are certified in their respective fields, with many years of experience teaching group and private classes. Each of our instructors brings a unique approach to their craft, and stays up-to-date on the latest health and wellness trends to ensure students receive the highest quality instruction.

Our instructors have achieved national and international accolades for their work. Many have been featured in popular publications such as New York Times Magazine, Elle, Self Magazine, and various blogs. They have also been featured as guest lecturers at prestigious universities including MIT, UCLA, University of Miami’s Frost School of Music, and many others. Our instructors are highly sought after professionals who bring both expertise and passion to each class they teach.

Safety & Hygiene

Whole Body Studios- Pilates Barre & Yoga

Safety & Hygiene:
At Whole Body Studios, safety and hygiene are our top priorities. We have established strict sanitation policies inside the studio to reduce the possibility of spreading any airborne germs or virus. All surfaces, equipment, door handles, and bathrooms are regularly sanitized before and after each class. We also offer contactless check-in procedures such as scanning your passed upon entering the studio. To keep our guests safe we have also implemented social distancing protocols with 6ft (2 meters) apartmarkers in every area of the studio including classrooms, lobbies, and bathrooms. Our staff is constantly on alert to monitor health and safety parameters while clients are on the premises.

Popular Classes Overview

Whole Body Studios – Pilates Barre & Yoga

Pilates Barre Classes

At Whole Body Studios, we offer a variety of Pilates Barre classes for all levels of fitness. Our classes are designed to provide a full body workout focused on improving core strength and balance.

Our 45-minute class begins with a series of light cardio warm-up exercises, followed by more challenging mat work which is designed to engage and strengthen your abdominal muscles. The class then transitions into barre exercises that focus on developing lower body strength from the thighs and buttocks, to the calves and hamstrings. We then move through our final series of strengthening abdominal exercises which focus on proper alignment and body control. Finally, we’ll dissolve right into stretching, relaxation and breath work as our cooldown.

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Yoga Classes

At Whole Body Studios, our yoga classes offer an empowering practice that focuses both on mental clarity while delivering physical progress through alignment and breath. Our classes vary in length from 45 minutes to 1 hour 15 minutes depending on the type and level of difficulty desired by each individual student. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned practitioner, you’ll find something to challenge your skillset and exceed your expectations here at Whole Body Studios! Each class explores different types of poses that encourage opening our bodies while maintaining mental focus. Classes also incorporate common meditation techniques combined with fairly advanced poses such as arm balances or handstands for those looking for higher levels of intensity!

Feedback & Testimonials

Whole Body Studios has received nothing but glowing feedback and testimonials from customers. With over a thousand reviews, customers have had overwhelmingly positive experiences with the facility. People find their personal instructors to be patient, attentive, and knowledgable about both technique and anatomy. The facility provides its clients with the opportunity to begin Pilates Barre and Yoga classes at any level; whether its a beginner or expert class, they offer something for everyone. Alongside this range of expertise in the instructors comes the variety of specialized programs such as flexibility coaching, group classes and private lessons. Customers also laud Whole Body Studios mission to make safe movement accessible to students of all ages, physical levels and backgrounds. Not only is safety a priority but so is exceptional customer service- clients appreciate feeling valued and heard amidst an upbeat environment full of supportive teachers who take time to understand each student’s individual goals and objectives. Whether it be classic yoga postures or advanced Pilates sequences- whole studio has something for everyone!


Making time for regular Pilates Barre and Yoga classes at Whole Body Studios is an important step towards achieving both physical and mental wellbeing. By focusing on form, breathing, and the movements that come naturally to your body, you can enjoy the benefits of improved strength, flexibility, and self-confidence. So take care of yourself by registering today to unlock the potential within yourself!

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