Where To Store Yoga Mat


Yoga mats are one of the most important pieces of equipment for anyone practicing yoga. They provide a supportive and comfortable surface to practice on, as well as prevent slipping or injury from slippery or hard surfaces. Keeping your mat clean and dry is also important for maintaining its quality and longevity. Having a dedicated place to store your yoga mat is essential to making sure it stays in good condition over time.

There are many different types of yoga mats, each with different features and materials that need to be taken into consideration when deciding how to store them. Thin travel mats can be rolled up and kept out of the way in smaller spaces. Thicker, luxury mats benefit from being stored flat or rolled loosely so they can keep their shape over time. Some mats even come with carrying straps or bags that provide additional protection while being transported between classes or events. No matter what type of mat you own, ensuring it has a safe space to be tucked away prevents excess dirt build up and stops the mat from becoming snagged in other items like clothing or gym bags.

Having easy access to your mat is just as important as keeping it out of harm’s way when planning storage solutions for your yoga practice. Setting aside a special drawer, closet shelf or spot in the living room will allow you to know exactly where your mat is any time you need it – no more scrambling around at the last minute! Investing in specialized pieces like hangers, storage racks, backpacks or slings will go a long way in keeping your mat looking and feeling like new for longer periods of time too.

Home Storage Tips

Closets: Most closets can be used as an inconspicuous way to store your yoga mat, either draped over the end of a shelf or hanging from a hook. If you have more room in your closet, adding shelves for organization is an easy way to designate a specific place for your mat and other Yoga-related materials.

Bathroom: Placing yoga mats in the corner of the bathroom allows them to air dry naturally while also protecting against humidity caused by shower steam; however, they should still be wiped down after each use. A hanging door organizer or wall-mounted storage rack can easily fit in tight spaces and hold rolled-up mats as well as blocks and straps.

Under Bed: If space is at a premium, try tucking your mat underneath the bed along with anything else that you don’t need immediate access to. This location keeps it out of sight while providing an easy spot to grab before setting up in any room. It’s also practical if you live in a shared space since there aren’t any chances of encroaching on anyone else’s personal items.

Living Area: Coffee tables and tv stands are great places for smaller rolled-up mats that can quickly be tucked away when not in use. Having the mat visible serves as a reminder of its presence and encourages daily practice. Additionally, baskets make cute accents and provide quick access to yoga props between practice sessions. Similarly, bookcases are great for displaying larger mats if having them seen isn’t so much an issue – this more open approach has its benefits including creating stronger attachments to certain poses due to visual cues of their placement on specific bookcase shelves.

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On-the-Go Hacks

Bag Storage Techniques – Investing in a specialized yoga mat bag is the ideal way to store your yoga mat when on the go. The best bags are designed with special straps and handles to provide sturdy support and easy portability. Most importantly, they have ample room for all your additional supplies, including sweatbands, blocks, and other accessories.

Compression Strategies – For longer trips, it might be necessary to maximize space in your luggage. Compression strategies can help you reduce the size of the yoga mat while still preserving its integrity. Store the mat rolled up (not folded) along with heavier items like clothes or books on top of it to further make use of every inch of space. Try adding an extra belt or band around the outside of the baggage to secure everything securely in place.

Creative Storage Solutions

Hanging the Yoga Mat

One of the best ways to store your yoga mat without taking up too much room is by hanging it. Here are some ideas to consider:
• Hang it with a clothes hanger on a wall mounted rack or in a closet.
• Hang it from the ceiling using retractable hooks, like those used for hanging plants.
• Attach wall-mounted dowels to hold both ends of the mat.
• Utilize a door’s hinge by looping bungee cords/yoga straps around it and let your mat hang off one side (but be mindful so as not to damage your home).

Compress Your Mat For Storage

If you don’t have enough room for hanging, compressing and rolling up your yoga mat can be an effective way to store it without taking too much space. There are many kinds of multipurpose bags available that will help you do this safely. However, if you don’t have one, try wrapping your folded mat in an extra fabric towel before rolling it up tightly using a rubber band.

Make A Blanket Fort
Not everyone has the luxury of having large storage spaces at home. Luckily you can create convenient storage from stuff around you by making a blanket fort! To store and organize your yoga mats, drape them over a chair or couch and make use of its corners or tack them on walls with safety pins or Velcro strips or wrap them around foam bedrolls then pile all these items in neat stacks inside the perimeter of the blanket fort ” there you now have an attractive and effective space-saving storage solution for your mats!

Benefits of Designated Yoga Storage

Designating a place for your yoga mat can provide many benefits. It can create space efficiency in your home, since you know where to look for it whenever you need it. This also makes it quick and easy to access as opposed to having to hunt through multiple places each time. It is also beneficial when it comes to making sure that the mat is kept tidy and clean so that your practice remains uninterrupted.

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When thinking of designating a place for your yoga mat, consider where it will be most accessible while not taking up too much space. You could store the mat by the entrance door or in a closet where you don’t have other items blocking its path. Or if there is an empty corner or wall space, this could be a good spot for easy access as well. Make sure the designated space provides enough ventilation for the mat if stored closed away in drawers or cupboards.

Whatever storage option works best for you, make sure to choose one which keeps from any potential damage from bending, folding, rolling etc., while also providing protection against dust and moisture buildup. Storage benches are great options as they can contain multiple mats and accessories with separate compartments. It’s important to think about measurements of both the space needed and item size before purchasing any storage solution – this helps minimize clutter!


Storing your yoga mat properly keeps it from being damaged or getting worn out. Plus, when it’s always clean and ready for use, you spend less time prepping and know that each practice session will be as good as possible. There are a few tips for keeping your yoga mat in peak condition and ready for use whenever you need it. For example, be sure to clean your mat after every use with soap and water. Dry it fully before rolling it up if you plan to store it away in a bag or closet. This prevents the buildup of dirt, sweat, and other residue that can damage materials over time. Additionally, using essential oils like lavender or tea tree oil can give the mat an aromatherapy boost and help keep bacteria at bay while in storage. Finally, ensure that whatever place you choose to store your yoga mat is not prone to dampness or humidity; these conditions can lead to premature wear of the material as well as discoloration. With these simple tips for storing your yoga mat properly, you can count on having a long-lasting piece of equipment ” one that looks great, smells great, and gives you an enjoyable experience each time you practice!

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