Where To Recycle Yoga Mats


As the popularity of yoga has increased, there has been an astounding growth in the number of yoga mats used around the world. As more and more people engage in this mindful practice, it becomes increasingly important to be aware of how our discarded mats affect the environment. Luckily, there are a number of ways that our old and worn out mats can be given a second life rather than simply thrown into a landfill.

One option for repurposing your old yoga mat is to bring it to a specialty recycling center that accepts foam products. Not all centers will accept foam items, but many will, especially if they cater to athletes or individuals focusing on fitness. If you have access to such a place nearby, then it may be a convenient option for you.

Another option is to look for rubber-manufacturing industrial sites in your area that convert used materials into rubber or foam products such as treadmills or gym floor mats. Generally these companies will buy foam offcuts or foam scraps from large manufacturers at industrial levels so you no longer need worry about lugging your old mats around with you as you travel around town! It’s also worth researching any other local initiatives designed specifically for recycling non-standard plastic materials such as yoghurts pots and other household implements that could be converted into useable products like carpets or insulation materials.

On top of this, many stores nowadays offer customers the chance to recycle their unwanted yogas mats either when they purchase new ones in store or by visiting their stores separately throughout their opening hours. Often these businesses will then donate them towards charities and causes such as homeless shelters and schools who benefit greatly from having new and comfier sleeping mattresses compared to what they had before! What’s more is that some cities even offer pickup services where staff come over with trucks right to your front door ready take away your unwanted Mats!

It’s essential that we think about our mat usage responsibly – not only does this thoughtful disposal help minimize plastic waste in our landfills, but it enables us to contribute positively towards both environmental sustainability efforts and social welfare initiatives alike! So why not make today the day you give your Mat some love – because if we all work together, then anything absolutely possible… Recycling doesn’t just have great environmental benefits but reusing unwanted items gives them a socially valuable extension of life too!

The Benefits of Recycling and Repurposing Yoga Mats

Recycling and repurposing yoga mats can have several benefits for our planet and community. For starters, it reduces the amount of harmful plastic from ending up in landfills. Through recycling, these materials can find new purpose as different products, eliminating the need to create additional waste. This helps conserve resources and cut back on emissions associated with producing more plastic material.

Moreover, recycling yoga mats also includes repurposing them into useful items that help those in need of a little extra support or those who may not be able to afford to buy new. Such items include pet beds, floor mats, gym bags, placemats and much more. By doing so, not only do we reduce the amount of plastic entering our landfills but we also provide essential services to communities with limited resources. Additionally, by repurposing old yoga mats instead of buying new ones, you can save yourself some money too!

How to Properly Dispose of a Yoga Mat

When it is time to discard an old yoga mat, the best option would be to recycle it. You can reduce your environmental footprint by taking the time to properly dispose of your mat – or even better, find a way to extend its life! First, check with local recycling centers or health and fitness stores to see if they have any resources or programs for you. Some companies even offer free yoga-mat recycling services, where you simply drop off the item and they take care of the rest. Additionally, some sporting goods stores will also take them in for refurbishment and donation.

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If neither of these options are feasible for you, there are other ways to recycle your old yoga mat. Look into donating it to another yogi who could benefit from using it – if possible give it away for free. Alternatively, check with local schools and community centers – often times these establishments are searching for usable props that could help in their activities. Finally, many cities have special hazardous waste collection days when you can responsibly discard items like yoga mats without causing damage to the environment.

Recycling Programs and Organizations to Donate Your Mats

Recycling your yoga mat is an easy way to have a positive impact on the environment and help reduce plastic waste. Many yoga studios and businesses have programs set up to recycle these mats or donate them to places in need. To find out if there is a local recycling program for your mat near you, check with your local government, health clubs, sporting goods stores, hospitals, and martial arts facilities. Additionally, there are several organizations that accept donations of all sizes from individuals looking to help those in need while recycling their mats. Mats of Life, Green Eileen, The Earthworks Initiative Project and MATS 4 Life® all accept used yoga mats in exchange for store credit, discounts or proceeds to benefit charitable organizations. Recycled Yoga Mats also reveals listings of companies who will donate material to make eco-friendly products such as carpets and door mats by regranulating the scrap rubber they receive from recycled yoga mats.

Crafts that You Can Make with your Old Yoga Mats

There are a few creative projects you can make with your old yoga mats that can help you get the most out of them rather than simply throwing them away. If you have an old yoga mat that is still in good condition, try making some coasters or desk accessories for your home. You can cut them into geometric shapes, like circles and triangles and glue several pieces together to create a stylish design that’s perfect for protecting surfaces from spills and marks. Another idea is to make statement pillows out of the yoga mats by cutting off a large piece, sewing together four sides using yarn or string, and filling it with fiberfill stuffing to give it a fluffy feel. You can also use paint pens and stencils to decorate the exterior of the pillow so it reflects your personal style. Finally, another great project is to upcycle yoga mats into bags like gift bags, storage bins and purses; simply sew two pieces of the mat together with fabric or ribbon while keeping allowance in order to slide drawstrings through later.

Ways to Reduce Waste and Increase Reuse with Your Yoga Mats

1. Donate: If your yoga mat is still in good condition and no longer being used, consider donating it to a local non-profit that specializes in exercise equipment and apparel, such as a free fitness studio or women’s shelter. You may also be able to donate it to other organizations like a nursing home, rehab clinic, or even the Salvation Army.

2. Resell: You can also try reselling your mat online through websites such as eBay, Craigslist, or Amazon Marketplace. The great thing about this option is that you can help someone else extend the life of the mat while simultaneously earning money for yourself.

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3. Recycle: Many municipalities offer recycling programs for old yoga mats and other exercise equipment. Additionally, some international organizations will accept upcycled-style mats for use in environmental clean-up efforts and other community initiatives. Check if your city or county offers this type of program to see if your mat can be recycled safely without causing harm to the environment.

4. Upcycle: If you would prefer not to donate or recycle the mat, consider repurposing it into something new and useful for your own home! For example, turn it into reusable shopping bags or insulating material for around windows or doors during winter months. There are many creative ways to upcycle old yoga mats – all you need is a little imagination!

Creative and Sustainable Upcycling Ideas for Your Mats

One great way to reduce your environmental footprint while exercising is to upcycle your old yoga mats. By using creative, sustainable ideas, you can turn your yoga mats into something new and useful. Here are just a few of the ways you can give new life to your old mat:

• Pet bed – Cut the mat into thin strips and braid them together for a sturdy pet bed with cushioning for extra comfort.

• Door or wall mats- Using a pair of scissors, cut the mat into geometric shapes or cutouts for a different look. You can also use fabric paints to add further details.

• Floor cushion – With some stuffing and measuring tape, you can turn an old yoga mat into a comfortable floor cushion that’s perfect for relaxing after a long day of practice.

• Plant coaster – Some yoga mats come with perforations to allow you to water your plants without worrying about spills. Repurpose it as a plant coaster under potted plants so that excess water drains away without damaging surfaces in case there are any leaks.

• Garden kneeler pad- Cut an old yoga mat into two and stitch one half onto the top side of garden kneeler pads to make gardening activities more comfortable.


The power of yoga extends far beyond the physical, spiritual and mental benefits we experience when on the mat. It extends to the environment, too. When you consider how many yoga mats there are and how quickly they wear out, it is easy to see that if we want to keep our planet healthy, recycling yoga mats should be a priority. Not only is this good for the environment, but it ensures that more eco-friendly materials are being used in manufacturing rather than filling up our landfills. There are several ways to recycle yoga mats from charity donation centers to buying recycled ones from companies like YoYo Mats or Re-Mat. When making your next purchase, researching eco-friendly options is essential for reducing waste and protecting the Earth for future generations. Ultimately, we have tremendous power as individuals and communities to help create a greener world through mindful consumption choices such as investing in recycled or biodegradable materials–taking the time to properly dispose of our old items–or participating in local recycling programs. By joining hands with global movements like Refill Revolution or Trash Tribe and joining forces with companies specializing in alternative materials like Jedlix and Econyl, we can come together as one collective voice that is determined to save our planet’s wildlife and ensure a healthier future for all living creatures.

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