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Yoga is an ancient practice of movement, breathing and meditation that has been used for centuries to improve overall health and well-being. Practicing yoga with a Manduka mat offers numerous benefits and makes the experience much more enjoyable. Manduka mats are known for their unique design, superior cushioning and non-slip grip so each posture feels supported. They are also made with durable material that lasts through years of use. Furthermore, Manduka stands by their products, so if you ever encounter an issue or want to upgrade to something better, they are always willing to help.

Since Manduka has become the leader in yoga mats, they can be found in many stores across the world including online retailers such as Amazon. The most popular place to purchase a Manduka mat is directly from the company’s website where shoppers can browse from various sizes, colors and styles. Additionally, many specialty yoga stores carry these mats because customers demand quality and reliability over other lesser-known brands. Finally, local sporting goods stores or department stores offer a great selection at convenient locations for those who prefer shopping in person.

Comparing Different Styles of Manduka Mats

When deciding which Manduka yoga mat to buy, it is important to consider the different styles that are available. Three of the main categories of Manduka yoga mats are Pro, Prolite, and eKO.

The Pro series is the original Manduka mat line and is the thickest option with a dense cushioning that offers ultimate support and stability. The Pro has a “Lifetime Guarantee” so if it ever wears out, you can replace it for free! It also has a closed-cell technology that helps prevent moisture penetration which aids in hygienic use from person to person.

The ProLite series is slightly thinner than the Pro but still provides plenty of support for a wide range of poses. The manufacturing process for this mat gives it an extra-durable non-slip surface that won’t wear out easily making it ideal for those who practice frequently. The eKO series is made from biodegradable rubber tapings creating a super grippy non-slip surface even when wet from perspiration during class. It’s light-weight and travel-friendly making it great for any yogi on the go!

These three series all have their own unique benefits so you can choose based on your own preferences and practice level.

Exploring the Different Brands of Manduka Mats

Manduka is one of the most popular brands of yoga mats, offering a wide selection of styles and colors to fit your needs and help you find the perfect mat. You can purchase Manduka mats from many different retailers, both online and offline.

At sporting goods stores such as Dick’s Sporting Goods, Sports Authority, and REI, you can find a curated selection of Manduka’s extensive collection of yoga mats in-store. Many different varieties are available for you to view, feel and compare in person. You can also purchase additional Manduka accessories such as straps or slides to accompany your mat.

For online shoppers, buying a Manduka mat is easy from major retailers such as Amazon. When shopping on Amazon, you are able to view customer reviews before purchasing your item to have an idea on its quality and suitability for your purposes beforehand. Also when ordering online you are sometimes offered promotions or deals for free shipping or discounts that may not be available at physical stores making it easier to detect additional savings.

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If shopping locally or buying secondhand is more appealing to you, browse local classifieds such as Craigslist or local Facebook selling pages like Buy Nothing Project. Here people sell their gently used items (including yoga mats) at discounted prices without any tax being added onto the price.

Finding a Manduka Mat Locally – Pro Tips

1. Look for yoga studios. The best places to find a Manduka mat locally are at big box stores like Target, Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Costco. However, if you live in a larger city, chances are good that there are many yoga studios around you and these will likely carry the desired Manduka mats. Make sure you check online before heading in to see if they carry the model you want!

2. Check online first. Checking online is always the most convenient way to find what you need and it also allows you to comparison price shop multiple stores at once without having to physically go from store-to-store. Additionally searching online reviews can help shed light on other customers experiences, price ranges and more – allowing for an informed decision before buying your desired Manduka Mat.

3. Ask around or post online. If shopping online isn’t viable or preferred it doesn’t hurt to ask people who have purchased Manduka mats before where they got theirs; this could be family members, friends, co-workers etc – or taking it one step further posting looking posts on social media sites like Facebook or Reddit! Most of us can appreciate a great deal so reach out via these platforms and you might just get lucky!

4. Consider used options third party vendors. It’s not recommended as often because it can be a riskier option – but it’s worth mentioning since third party vendors offers the potential of saving some serious bucks while getting your hands on that dream mat anyways! Craigslist or [roommate] is typically where many flock in search of used products; take all safety precautions when browsing here just as one would do with any other transaction taking place on these websites!

Comparison Shopping and Where to Buy a Manduka Mat Online

When it comes to purchasing a Manduka yoga Mat, there are a few options available. The most popular sites for purchasing the Manduka mat are Amazon, REI, and the official Manduka website. Each of these vendors offer different options in terms of pricing and availability so it is important to compare them before making your final decision.

Amazon offers a wide selection of Manduka mats at varying prices. They typically have discounts on certified pre-owned mats as well as exclusive bundles that help you save money. Amazon also offers delivery services which can be faster in some cases than ordering directly from Manduka’s website.

REI is another great option for buying Manduka mats as they offer competitive prices, free shipping over $50, a satisfaction guarantee, and an in-store pick up option so you can check out the product first hand before purchasing it. REI especially has great deals on older model mats which may be perfect for those looking for a more affordable option.

Finally, the official Manduka website offers some of the most consumer friendly features including an extended warranty on certain products plus special discounted bundles for teachers or students. Additionally, when comparing prices between flagship retailers like Amazon and specialized retailers like REI or Manduka itself, you may find that purchasing from these vendors costs less because they don’t have to charge extra fees or taxes due to their online presence.

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What Considerations to Make Before Buying a Manduka Mat

When shopping for a Manduka yoga mat, there are several considerations to make. First, decide which type of Manduka mat is best for you. There are several models to choose from, including the eko lite, the eko superlite, and the pro. Each model offers different levels of cushioning and support depending on your individual needs for practicing yoga.

Next, consider the materials used to make the mat. Some Manduka mats are made with natural rubber latex that offers superior grip and stability for your practice. Others use biodegradable materials such as cork or organic cotton that provides optimum cushioning without sacrificing sustainability. Consider which material is most important to you before making your purchase.

Finally, consider the construction quality and durability of a Manduka mat. Look at reviews to check customer feedback and find out what others think about their experience with a particular model before buying it yourself. With its reputation for high-quality construction and durability, you can be sure that any Manduka mat you buy will last you for years—allowing you to get plenty of use out of it in both daily yoga practice and other fitness activities.

Common FAQs About Buying Manduka Mats

Q: Is there a warranty on Manduka yoga mats?

A: Yes, Manduka offers a Lifetime Guarantee on their line of premium mats. This is one of the reasons why they are one of the most popular brands in the market. If you register your mat within 30 days of purchase with Manduka, you will qualify for their Lifetime Guarantee which covers any manufacturing defects or premature wear of your mat over time. You can also make use of their Mat Recycling program when the time comes to retire your old mat and get a new one.


Manduka yoga mats are the ideal choice for any yoga enthusiast, whether they’re a beginner or experienced yogi. With various thicknesses, sizes and styles to choose from, getting the right mat can make all the difference in your comfort while you practice asanas. No matter what your style, budget or need is when it comes to yoga mats, Manduka has a wide selection of superior quality options so you can find the perfect balance between performance and pleasure. From conveniently packaged vitality kits to specially crafted eKOlite and PROlite models, there’s something for everyone. Finding the right Manduka for you and your practice will help ensure an enjoyable and mindful experience each time you unroll your mat.

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