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Yoga with Adriene is no ordinary fitness class or health and wellness session. It’s a phenomenon that has swept the world, inspiring millions of people worldwide to become healthy, fit and mindful. For those unfamiliar with her, Adriene Mishler is the creator of Yoga with Adriene, an online yoga program consisting of dozens of fun and engaging videos. Through her videos, Adriene has shared her knowledge and passion for yoga in an accessible way, bringing it to any person regardless of age or level of experience.

Since its founding back in 2012, Yoga With Adriene has expanded beyond its initial website format to make use of YouTube, social media channels and other platforms. Now people across the globe can reap the benefits of this convenient and affordable form of exercise no matter where they are. From traditional yoga postures to strength training exercises and everything else in between ” there is something for everyone to enjoy in Adriene’s offerings. It’s no wonder why she has become one of the most popular yoga instructors around!

But where does Yoga with Adriene live exactly? Thankfully for fans new and old alike, all you have to do is visit yogawithadriene.com from anywhere on the web to access hundreds video tutorials from various styles including vinyasa flows and yin sequences” as well as beginner-friendly practices tailored to specific goals like strength or flexibility building””plus guided meditations that focus on relaxation and stress management techniques. Other offerings include yoga playlists compiled from her library full of creative concepts for both fun afternoons at home or challenging days at work ” so finding your own personal practice will be a breeze! Additionally, two additional resources complement Adriene’s work: Find What Feels Good (FWFG), a growing library packed with inspiring content as well as Yogis Mail Club which features weekly emails filled with exclusive tips & news ‘ making sure you never miss out on what’s coming next!

About Adriene Mishler

Adriene Mishler is an American actress, writer, and yoga instructor best known for her yoga instructional videos on Youtube which comprise the channel ‘Yoga With Adriene’. A certified Vinyasa Yoga teacher, she teaches with the intention of making practicing yoga accessible to everyone regardless of their age or stage of life.

Adriene resides in Austin, Texas with her sister and co-creator, Lena. It is in Austin that she produces her popular ‘Yoga With Adriene’ channel on YouTube which now has over 8 million subscribers! Her channel offers free online classes ranging from absolute beginner sessions to advanced sequences as well as meditation practices and ‘yogalates’. Besides YouTube, she also runs a blog, Find What Feels Good, dedicated to inspiring thoughtfully crafted physical and mental self-care experience. She has starred in several documentary films including Ecommence: Life As We Know It and Changers Book One: Drew Chen. Additionally, Adriene is the host of two podcasts available on major platforms; ‘The Great Mysteries Podcast’ which explores the power of mindfulness through science and stories and ‘In Business with Being Human’ where she interviews spiritual teachers for advice about living intentionally as well as fostering meaningful relationships with our personal lives and careers.

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Where to Find Yoga with Adriene on the Web

Yoga with Adriene is a popular yoga program and lifestyle brand that has taken the world by storm. Led by seasoned yogi, Adriene Mishler, her practice encourages viewers to explore their own style of yoga rather than any one-size-fits-all approach. Through her channel on YouTube, website and blog, Adriene has amassed millions of followers worldwide eager to practice yoga in sync with her guidance.

As the global popularity of Yoga with Adriene continues to grow, many are curious to know how they can begin their personal journey. As such, it is helpful to explore where Adriene’s offerings can be found online. By familiarizing oneself with the various digital platforms found below, any budding yogi can get started and join her vibrant community:

1) YouTube: Preeminent among all of Adriene’s platforms, the official Yoga With Adriene YouTube channel hosts thousands of videos from a variety of series including Practice Camp challenges, At Home Yoga Flows and Lifestyle Practices.

2) Website + Blog: Home to even more abundance for the fledgling yogi who embraces time spent off the mat just as much as on it! Here you can access recipes for plant based dishes alongside articles introducing powerful topics like manifesting intentions or building your self care practice.

3) The FWFG App: A mobile platform through which subscribers have 24/7 private access to exclusive content ranging from tutorial videos featuring core designed sequences or handstand exercises to series pages with directed intentions, dialogue and meditation practices created specifically for each class.

4) Newsletter Subscriptions: Who doesn’t love weekday tidings arriving right into their inbox? Sign up here for personalized advice and exclusive discounts that invite subscribers into this ever growing YWA realm!

Joining Adriene Offline

Yoga with Adriene is an online yoga platform championed by teacher, author and certified yogi Adriene Mishler. From her home base in Austin, Texas she offers free yoga classes through her website, studio and YouTube channel. But where can you find Adriene if you want to join her offline?

At various festivals and events throughout the year including SXSW and Wanderlust Festivals, you can typically find Adriene teaching or speaking. You can also join a retreat lead by Adriene to places including India, Greece, Costa Rica or Peru. For people living in Central or East Texas, there are regular weekend workshops offered near Austin, usually at Texas Yoga Retreats. Additionally she also provides private one-on-one instruction either in person or by video chat. And for more local Newsports fans in Austin, from time to time she has been known to drop into classes at Yoga Yoga studio especially on Sundays!

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Health Benefits of Yoga With Adriene

Yoga with Adriene is a free yoga program created by Adriene Mishler, a yoga teacher, motivational speaker, and video producer based in Austin, Texas. The program focuses on lightheartedness and fun while guiding viewers through various styles of yoga practice. Mishler was inspired to create Yoga With Adriene after experiencing the incredible health benefits of yoga firsthand. Today, she continues to share these empowering and liberating messages with her global audience.

The health benefits associated with Yoga With Adriene are numerous because it helps students become more present in their physical body and connect to their breath which serves as a natural form of stress relief. Additionally, this practice strengthens the body from head-to-toe by building core strength of the abdominal muscles, toning arms and legs, stimulating circulation throughout the entire body, improving posture and alignment, calming mental activity for enhanced focus and concentration and increasing flexibility. Moreover, regular practice can help reduce anxiety levels as research has indicated that engaging in mindful practices such as deep breathing exercises can reduce stress hormones and improve overall wellbeing. As an added bonus, the Yoga With Adriene community provides users with an opportunity to develop relationships with like-minded yogis who share similar values revolving around self-care ” making it easier for newcomers to find inspiration in their own journey to health and wellness.


Yoga With Adriene is an online subscription video library that offers comprehensive and personalized yoga instruction taught by professional yoga instructor Adriene Mishler. This ever-growing library of content is available not only on the main Yoga With Adriene website, but also across many different streaming platforms like YouTube, AppleTV, Roku, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play and more. By having a presence on each of these popular streaming services, Yoga With Adriene has grown to reach millions around the globe. People now have easy and convenient access to yoga instruction that caters to every level, making it a great resource for beginner and experienced yogis alike. Beyond providing excellent instructional content, Yoga with Adriene also encourages the practice of mindfulness and self-love by preaching these ideals with every breath taken in its videos. The facts stand: over 14 million people practice along with Adriene towards mental clarity and physical balance each month, helping spread yoga’s global reach even further.

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