When Shilpa Shetty Started Yoga

# When Shilpa Shetty Started Yoga

Yoga has become a highly-popular form of exercise and relaxation, and many people have Shilpa Shetty to thank. The celebrity Bollywood actress took a chance on yoga some time back and she has since become an advocate for the practice.

## What Motivated Her to Start Yoga

In 2009, Shilpa Shetty was presented with the opportunity to take part in a reality TV show in the UK called Celebrity Big Brother. During her presence in the show, she was subjected to much racial abuse and bullying. After the explosive experience, Shetty used yoga as an effective form of self-care in order to find peace and balance amidst the stressful environment.

## How Yoga Changed Her Life

Her experience with yoga was incredibly transformative, causing her to become an advocate and ambassador for the age-old practice. Eventually, she even opened a yoga studio in order to spread its healing capabilities. In addition to that, she also wrote a book about yoga in order to help teach its benefits more widely.

## How Shilpa’s Popularity Influenced Yoga Practice

In no time, the practice had become stylish and trendy due to Shetty’s fame. She was able to reach a variety of people through her work and spread the message of yoga’s magical healing powers. Shetty’s recognition in the media helped to push the practice even further and truly make it a part of mainstream culture.

## Shilpa Shetty’s Deal-Clinchers

When discussing yoga, Shilpa Shetty always mentions some undeniable benefits. These benefits include:

* **Increased Strength & Stamina** – Yoga is an interactive form of exercise that helps to strengthen your core muscles, as well as your entire body.

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* **Improves Flexibility & Mobility** – The different postures and poses that are done in yoga can help to improve flexibility and movement in the body.

* **Reduces Stress & Anxiety** – One of the greatest gifts of yoga is that it is a way to relax and clear the mind, helping to reduce stress and anxiety.

* **Promotes Healthy Living** – Regular practice of yoga helps to regulate blood flow, promote blood circulation, boost immunity, enhance respiratory health, and improve overall health.

Thanks to Shilpa Shetty, yoga has become widely popular and many people now believe that they can benefit from its many health benefits. Through her own experience, she was able to prove how effective the practice can be and inspire others to take part in it.

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