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Modo Yoga (formerly Moksha Yoga) is a heated power yoga-style Vinyasa Flow. It is designed to nurture and strengthen both the physical body and the mind. In Modo yoga classes, teachers guide students through a set of postures that are connected with conscious breathing in order to promote both mental clarity and physical purification. Each class consists of postures that are held for a few breaths, movements synchronized with the breath, core strengthening exercises, stretching, and guided seated meditation in order to restore balance in the body & mind. Modo also offers several other styles of yoga – Yin or Restorative, Slow Flow and HIIT – each aligning with their vision of creating a healthier and more balanced world by providing accessible classes for individuals at all levels of fitness. Ultimately there is something unique at Modo Yoga – it promises you the opportunity to explore deep into your practice while having fun with those around you!


Modo Yoga is a style of yoga founded by international yoga instructors Lisa and Ted Grand in 2002. It is a dynamic form of vinyasa flow yoga, which incorporates elements from Hatha, Ashtanga, Iyengar and other styles. Modo’s main aim is to bring together physical poses that move the body while focusing on the breath and creating space for mindful awareness and conscious movement. Drawing on the founders’ 30 years of combined experience as practitioners, educators, and innovators in the global yoga community, Modo focuses well-being and personal transformation both physically and mentally/spiritually.

Modo classes typically start with gentle warm-up poses to relax your body into postures. These are then followed by vigorous sequences of strengthening postures to tone your body quickly yet safely. Throughout each class you will rapidly move from one pose to another, developing greater strength and endurance as flexibility increases from dedicated practice. Every session will end with a brief meditation period to provide an inner connection between your mind, soul, and body; allowing calmness to heal from within.


Modo Yoga is a unique style of yoga that focuses on full-body wellbeing. This is achieved by combining traditional Hatha-based yoga postures with more modern alignment principles, breathing exercises, and relaxation. Compared to other forms of modern yoga, Modo classes have a more gentle approach and emphasize safety, as well as a gradual increase in both challenge and complexity. The foundational core values of Modo’s methodology are based on mindfulness for the body through slow movements that help to reduce stress, pain, and tension; balancing opposing forces; respect for individuality; self-awareness; breathwork; and proper alignment techniques. Modo classes are designed with these key values in mind so that everyone can experience the many physical benefits of their practice while having an enjoyable time doing something they love. Additionally, Modo encourages their students to implement these values into their daily lives so they can continue promoting balance in both mind and body.


Modo Yoga, also known as Moksha Yoga, is a type of hot yoga practice. This style of yoga is based on the traditional Indian system of Hatha yoga and adapts various poses and sequences, often practiced in heated rooms. Modo classes can help build strength, increase flexibility and reduce stress levels. Physically, Modo Yoga’s postures strengthen your body, improve posture alignment and increase mobility in muscles and joints while increasing agility and body awareness. Mentally it works to bring clarity to decisions you make either consciously or subconsciously. This practice appeals to all levels of skill and encourages participants to work within their own range of motion with an emphasis on restoration rather than sweating it out in challenging poses. Another great benefit is that Modo classes are low impact, making them suitable for people with different bodyshapes or age backgrounds who may have difficulty engaging in other forms of active exercise. Modo classes also provide a safe environment for practitioners to explore self-cultivation through physical movement without having to worry about getting injured due to overstraining or misuse of the body. Overall, this form of yoga offers tremendous physical and mental benefits for all level practitioners that can be enjoyed no matter what the situation or ability level might be.

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Popular Practices

Modo Yoga is a style of yoga designed to offer physical, mental and spiritual health benefits through an alignment-based vinyasa flow. It’s also sometimes referred to as Moksha Yoga or Hot Yoga. This particular yoga style combines traditional Hatha poses with the more active Vinyasa poses to create a unique approach to getting a balanced workout while creating harmony in the body and mind.

The main benefit of Modo is that it provides students with the structure and foundation of traditional yoga, without the rigid rules found in other styles of yoga. In addition, this type of yoga takes into account the ever-evolving nature of life ” classes can be taken at different speeds, times and paces in order to accommodate people’s individual needs and abilities. The goal is to bring strength as well as flexibility to each session.

Some popular classes and styles of Modo Yoga include Modo Flow, which emphasizes an active vinyasa practice; Yin Modo, which is focused on holding postures for long periods of time; Hot 26/2 which offers 26 postures followed by two breathing exercises; and Dynamic Flow, which offers an energetic fusion class incorporating classical poses plus modern influences from many forms such as Ashtanga, hatha and poweryoga . There are also specialty workshops offered throughout the year for those who want additional guidance or training. Furthermore, certain classes may be heated depending on the instructor’s preference allowing for deeper stretches and increased flexibility over a longer period of time.

Major Styles

Modo Yoga is an ever-evolving yoga style that blends different forms to create an accessible practice for all levels of practitioners. Hatha yoga is the primary form used in Modo classes and is about synchronizing breath with movement to maximize mindfulness and allow for a deep, more intentional practice. Other Modo classes draw inspiration from various traditions such as Classical Indian yoga, Thai yoga massage, and Chinese Meridian Theory. Classes range from slower paced, Yin classes focused on the deeper stretching of connective tissues, to Therapeutics that allow people to move through poses targeting specific areas of need or imbalance such as flexibility, strength or mobility. Hot Flow classes work up a sweat while focusing on core strengthening postures that link breath with movement. Each Modo class falls within this Hatha-inspired style but will vary depending on each teacher’s approach. The ability to adapt to every body’s needs makes it possible for everyone to reap the benefits of yoga in their own way!


Modo Yoga is a type of yoga that focuses on sequencing postures and movements. It is designed with the goal of creating balance in body, heart, and mind. It integrates postural movement from physical practices such as Hatha and Vinyasa, the therapeutic focus of Restorative yoga, and the breathful awareness of Yin yoga. Each class has its own theme that guides participants through a variety of poses with guidance for breathing techniques to help students move deeper into their practice. Modo also incorporates mantras into sequences as an alternative approach to connecting body, heart, and mind. The classes are open to all levels but can involve more challenging postures for those seeking more of a challenge.


Modo, or Moksha Yoga, is a modern style of yoga practice designed to balance the physical and spiritual aspects of traditional hatha yoga. It is often called hot yoga as its sequences are slow-paced and performed in a heated room. Modo contains postures that combine core strengthening, stretching, twisting and inversions for an enhanced Yoga experience. It also includes meditation techniques and pranayama (breathing) exercises to create deeper levels of awareness and connection within one’s practice.

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The use of modifications is often encouraged in Modo to suit practitioners abilities and make the practice accessible for everyone. Generally these modifications involve props such as blocks, straps or chairs to help deepen postures without overstretching or reaching beyond limit while still finding proper alignment in postures. Different variations can also be used depending on what level someone may be at such as using beginner’s postures for those new to yoga or more advanced options for those with greater experience. Modo classes are often considered a safe space where newcomers can explore their practice with the guidance of a teacher who is knowledgeable in giving modifications.


Modo Yoga is a unique style of yoga that combines traditional hatha yoga with elements from modern exercise methods. This type of yoga was created to provide practitioners with an enjoyable, safe and accessible practice that can be applied to both gentle relaxation and intense physical training. On the physical level, this type of yoga works to improve overall strength, flexibility and posture. It also helps boost body awareness, reduce stress levels and increase mental clarity.

On a spiritual level, practitioners report feeling more grounded and deeply connected to themselves while enjoying improved concentration and focus during meditation. Many individuals who practice Modo Yoga have stated that they experience a greater sense of well-being, self-esteem and inner peace as their regular practice develops. They feel empowered by their newfound ability to reach inner depths of their being which ultimately leads them to feeling more contentment in life. Many students have reported an improved ability to cope with challenging emotions such as anger and depression when they take part in regular Modo Yoga classes on a consistent basis. Furthermore, some individuals have even noted an increase in their intuition that allows for greater connection with nature and other people in their lives. In short, Modo Yoga offers a pathway for personal transformation where yogis can awaken the best version of themselves to create rewarding experiences throughout life.


Modo Yoga is an incredibly unique form of yoga that combines the traditional methods of hatha and vinyasa with a more contemporary approach to practice. This form of yoga is designed to be accessible to all bodies and levels, whether it’s a beginner looking for a gentle way to ease into the practice or an experienced yogi looking for something that will challenge their body and mind. Modo Yoga offers many benefits including improved flexibility, strength, coordination, balance, mental clarity, and well-being. It also emphasizes breath awareness and encourages us to be mindful of our actions making it suitable for those seeking a calming and meditative practice. Overall, Modo Yoga can offer practitioners both physical and mental benefits based on what they seek out with each class or private session. We hope that students find joy in their practice as they explore this beautiful art form.

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