What To Bring To Yoga Teacher Training


Yoga teacher training is a great investment of time and energy, allowing you to explore the inner depths of your practice and commit to a daily habit of self-improvement. To make sure you get the most out of your yoga teacher training experience, it’s important to be prepared not just physically but mentally as well. Knowing what to bring is key! Here are some essentials that every yogi should have when attending yoga teacher training:

1. Comfy Clothing: During your yoga class or while participating in a workshop, comfortable clothing should always come first. Make sure you wear clothes that fit loosely enough so that you can move around freely without any restrictions. This will help you focus on your practice rather than worrying about any discomfort from tight fitting garments. And don’t forget about clothes for relaxation in between classes!

2. Yoga Mat: A good quality mat helps provide extra cushioning when doing certain poses and exercises on hard surfaces, therefore providing more support for your body and joints during practice. If you don’t own one already, now’s the time to stock up on an extra-thick mat perfect for vinyasa flows or slow-paced practices!

3. Journal & Pen: Keeping track of what has been discussed during class is essential if you wish to learn effectively in yoga teacher training sessions. So grab any notebook or journal along with several pens or pencils – either way they are sure to come in handy while taking notes during practice and workshops alike!

4. Supplies & Props: Depending on what type of yoga you are practicing, props might become particularly useful during class such as blocks or straps when doing certain poses and exercises correctly to maximize results, so having them handy all times comes highly recommended!

5. Meditation Cushion/Mat/Blanket: Adding a special touch of comfort for meditating is essential, no doubt about it! Having a cushion (or two) for kneeling postures, together with some extra blankets can really make all those meditations even more enjoyable (and productive).

Essential Gear

To make the most out of your yoga teacher training, there are some essential items to remember to pack. First and foremost, bring a sturdy yoga mat. It is important to have a reliable surface for all your poses and flows that can move with easily you. Next, expect to need comfortable, light-fitting clothing such as shorts and tank tops. You will want layers if the studio is chilly. Make sure your wardrobe is free of anything too glittery or brightly colored that may be distracting during practice.

Additionally, be sure to include several towels in your bag as you’ll likely sweat more than usual. Baby wipes are also a good idea as they come in handy for post practice clean up and accidental accidents. A jump rope, foam roller/massage ball, blocks (if recommended), strap (ideally one made of durable fabric) and an eye mask may also come in handy. Even if you do not use them every day they will give you the freedom to try new sequences when given the opportunity. Finally consider a journal or notepad and pen for writing down notes from lectures and classes outside of the physical practice so that you return feeling motivated!

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Enhancing Your Training with Accessories

Being prepared for your yoga teacher training is essential to ensure you get the most out of the experience. To enhance and support your training, having the right accessories can be just as important as remembering what classes to take and books to read. Here’s a few must-have items you should bring with you:

Yoga Mat – One of the most obvious accessories for any yoga class or teacher training session is a reliable mat that offers good traction and cushioning. A sticky mat is best for more active styles like vinyasa, while harder mats are better suited for slower classes like restorative yoga. Make sure your mat offers adequate cushioning to protect your bones and joints from stress, no matter what style of yoga you plan to teach.

Yoga Towel – While many studios provide towels or blankets at no cost, it pays to have your own pre-washed towel on hand during practice or when teaching classes in case the studio has run out of towels. Invest in a non-slip towel that will stay put and avoid bunching up when you move around during practice or teaching.

Strap – Straps are an incredibly useful tool for everyone from novice yogis on up to teachers who want their students to deepen certain poses without risk of injury. The simple strap helps participants in your classes use their muscles more safely so they can go deeper into different postures while increasing joint mobility and flexibility over time. Choose one made out of either cotton webbing or ripstop fabric according to your preference.

Eye Pillow – An eye pillow is a great addition for relaxation poses like corpse pose or savasana at the end of class, pushing aside distractions both inside and outside of yourself so you can embrace complete calmness at the end of each practice session or teaching class lesson. Lavender-filled sizes in fabrics like velvet are some of the most popular; make sure the fabric is breathable enough not too aggravate skin sensitivity during long holds in poses!

Necessities for Comfort and Relaxation While Away

Packing for a Yoga Teacher Training can be a daunting experience and you will want to make sure that you bring all of the essentials. Some must-haves include: comfortable clothing in layers (especially if you are attending a cold-weather retreat), yoga mat, notebook/journal, water bottle (filled before each session), sunglasses, sunscreen, toiletries and personal hygiene items, snacks liked dried fruit or energy bars and basic first aid kit with bandages or blister pads. You may also want to bring a few additional items for comfort and relaxation such as: an eye mask for sleeping and mediation, aromatherapy oils for relaxing postures and settling your intentional space; some comfy loungewear; your favorite mug to add some flavorsome energy to your sessions (tea bags or coffee); wireless headphones; compact cushions or pillows which can fit into hand luggage. Consider any extras which will bring comfort while away from home.

Your Personal Wellness Kit for the Best Results

A yoga teacher training can be an incredibly rewarding experience, however it is also necessary to come prepared with the right materials and supplies. Your personal wellness kit should consist of some essential items in order to get the most out of your training. Make sure to include items such as: a yoga mat, blocks and straps;a towel or two; comfortable clothing appropriate for practice. In addition, you will want to bring supplies that are important for self-care such as water bottles and snacks, lip balm and lotions. You may also wish to include items like incense, essential oils, music players and a journal to document your experiences throughout the program. These tools will not only help you stay comfortable during your practice but they will also aide in creating a more mindful atmosphere as you learn from your instructor.

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Tips and Tricks to Make Your Training Easier

Yoga Teacher Training is a great way to expand your knowledge of yoga and become certified as a teacher. To ensure you have the best experience possible, it’s important to come prepared for the journey ahead. Here are some tips and tricks you should remember to make your training easier.

• Research what particular supplies your yoga teacher training program requires, such as a specific type of yoga mat or exercise clothing. Have all the items ready ahead of time, so that when you begin there is no need for additional shopping trips.

• Bring comfortable materials that can withstand rigorous activity. A good example is laundry soap in case your clothes become soiled, breathable synthetic clothes with moisture-wicking capabilities and updated walking shoes if you plan on going exploring during downtime.

• As yoga has both spiritual and physical benefits, incorporate components that will help refine and cultivate both elements into your mindset while on the path. For example, bring inspirational books or music recordings to help stay positive mentally and physically through the journey of learning and transformation that comes with undertaking a teacher training program.

• Don’t forget to pack any necessary medication you need to maintain health throughout class hours as well as extra water bottles for staying hydrated during practice. Also include vitamins specifically designed for athletes and energizing snacks like protein bars in order to nourish yourself during breaks between classes without needing access to outside food sources.

• Bring items from home that create familiarity in an unfamiliar environment such as pictures of friends or family who provide motivating energy when taking part in stressful sessions of studying new skillsets or challenging skills learned in prior classes. Lastly, trust the process! Allow yourself permission to learn at your own pace; give it your all but don’t forget to take instruction before doing something beyond one’s current ability level.

Wrap Up

While it’s essential to be well-prepared for yoga teacher training, it’s equally important to go into the program with an open mind and heart. Remember to leave space for yourself in your bag for the unexpected lessons and experiences that unfolding during the training. Allow yourself to truly grow as a person, student and teacher during this transformative journey! Be prepared to the fullest with all of the physical items you need while also being ready to embrace the self-discovery that lies ahead.

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