What Is The Thickest Yoga Mat You Can Buy

Introduction What is a Yoga Mat?

Yoga mats are designed to provide cushioning and stability in your yoga practice, allowing you to safely reach the deepest stretches and poses. A good yoga mat should feature some grip, be lightweight and transportable, comfortable and supportive. An investment in a quality yoga mat is worth it as you can use it for years.

When comparing yoga mats, consider what thickness suits your needs best, taking into account body weight, joint sensitivity and your goals in practice. The thicker the mat, generally the more support it will offer as there is more cushioning – but conversely making it difficult to transport.

The thickest currently available Yoga Mat on the market today is an 8mm (or 0.3in) mat which weighs around 1kg (2lbs). It is made from premium natural material such PVC-free foam rubber which will allow you to stay stable while moving through even the toughest poses with comfort and safety. This extra-thickness helps protect your knees and joints from intense training sessions or simply relaxing poses where deep stretches are required. The mat also provides vibration dampening effect so you stay grounded during balance exercises, poses or even meditation. Its dimension sizing 82″ × 35″, which makes sure that you do not miss anything no matter how tall or short you are. Because of this long length it can actually be rolled up into two parts making it easier to transport while still providing the maximum amount of cushioning when unrolled.

Overview Types of Yoga Mats and Their Thickness

Yoga mats range from 1/16 to 1/4 inches in thickness, and the best way to decide what’s right for you is to consider your individual needs. If you are a beginner or do gentle yoga instructions, go for something with more cushion such as a thick mat like 1/4-inch-thick mats. On the other hand, if you’re visioning an intense practice with lots of movement and balance poses, opt for something thinner that will allow better to grip the floor and stay stable.

The thickest yoga mat that one can buy is typically around 1/4-inch thick, but there are also extra thick, high density foam mats available on the market. These often range between 5 – 6 millimeters in thickness and are perfect for those looking for superior level of cushioning when performing poses on a hard surface. Despite their added bulkiness, they provide great comfort during extended sessions due to their soft padding properties which lowers any stress placed upon joints and knees. They are also beneficial for users who require additional joint protection due to age or susceptibility to injury. Heavy duty PVC vinyl mats are also available in this thicker category as well, promising exceptional durability and longevity for all yoga enthusiasts regardless of their abilities or experience level.

Advantages of Choosing a Thicker Mat

A thick yoga mat can provide a few key benefits over thinner mats. Most obviously, the extra cushioning makes poses more comfortable and helps protect against impact with hard surfaces. Additionally, thick yoga mats are better at absorbing shock, providing more support during high-intensity exercises such as HIIT and cardio workouts. As a result, thicker mats may be ideal for people with sensitive joints who would benefit from the additional padding. Furthermore, thicker yoga mats provide superior traction and grip since they don’t slip and move as much as a thin mat. This is great for preventing injuries by keeping you stable during poses, especially inversions or standing balances. Lastly, thicker yoga mats do not bunch or collapse when bearing large amounts of weight like thin mats tend to do.

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Examples of the Thicker Mats Available on the Market

Yoga mat thickness and material type vary from brand to brand. While some mats are extremely thin, others offer a significantly thicker cushion. Below are examples of the thicker yoga mats that are available on the market:

• Manduka PROlite Mat: This yoga mat is 4.7mm thick and made from ethically produced foam in the USA. It features a slip resistant surface and produces excellent support for practicing yoga.

• Gaiam’s Exclusive Print Thick Yoga Mat: This mat is a whopping 6mm thick, making it one of the plusher mats available out there. It also has great cushioning, allowing you to stay comfortable during any pose or stretch you may do!

• Liforme Yoga Mat: The Liforme Yoga Mat offers a slightly thinner cushioning compared to other mats at 3.5mm thick but its unique texture ensures the best grip under your feet enabling you to move around freely without slipping even during sweat inducing practices.

• Jade Harmony Professional Yoga Mat: This generous 6mm thick mat provides exceptional comfort and stability with its open-cell natural rubber surface that is free from PVCs and other toxic materials, making it an eco-friendly option for yogis concerned with sustainability.

Reviews of the Top Thickest Mats

Manduka Pro Yoga Mat – This professional grade yoga mat is 6mm thick, giving you plenty of support and cushioning for demanding practices such as power yoga and hot yoga. Constructed from lightweight yet durable material, this mat is designed to last for the long haul. It also comes in two extra-thick sizes – 8mm and 9mm.

YOGAaccessories Extra Thick Deluxe Yoga Mat ” With a thickness of 11/6″ (1/2″ thicker than other deluxe mats on the market), this is one of the thickest mats available today. It’s made with an ultra-soft closed-cell foam that absorbs moisture easily, so it won’t get slippery when wet. It’s also double sided to give additional cushioning without compromising stability under your feet.

Bharat Thakur 8mm Yoga Mattress ” If you want a really thick mat, this one won’t disappoint. Measuring 8mm (nearly 1″ thick!), it provides ample cushioning for yoga poses that require more support or comfort as well as helping promote better alignment from head to toe during more advanced poses. Its microfibre surface adds even more cushioning for extra comfort.

Tips for Selecting the Best Mat Thickness for You

When you’re shopping for a yoga mat, it is important to select the best thickness for your needs. Generally speaking, the thicker mats are ideal for those who need extra padding and joint support while they practice. The thicker mats also provide a greater level of stability which may be beneficial when doing challenging poses or advanced postures. However, the thicker mats tend to be heavier and bulkier than thinner mats, so keep in mind portability and storage space. Some other things to consider when selecting the best thickness for a mat include: body type (heavier individuals may require more cushioning), the type of yoga practice (meditation may not require as much cushioning as an active vinyasa class). Finally, consider surface friction; thicker mats can reduce surface friction to help prevent injuries such as slipping or skidding.

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Reasons to Invest in a Thicker Yoga Mat

A thicker yoga mat is ideal if you are looking for maximum comfort and cushioning while practicing your poses. Thicker mats are great for anyone that has joint pain or needs a bit more padding to accommodate taller body types. A thicker mat can also provide stability on slick surfaces and help minimize slippage during intense poses like arm balances, so you can stay steady and secure in your positions. Furthermore, thicker yoga mats are often ideal for any challenging practices where larger movements may be required, such as Ashtanga. This type of mat will undoubtedly provide additional support and cushioning that you need to ensure the correct posture and alignment throughout your practice. Lastly, a thicker yoga mat is generally more durable than traditional yoga mats when compared side by side, meaning it will last longer over time providing excellent value for money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the thickest yoga mat I can buy?

A: The thickest yoga mat currently available on the market is the BalanceFrom GoYoga All-Purpose 1/2-Inch Extra Thick 71-Inch Long High Density NBR Comfort Foam Yoga Mat. This extra-thick yoga mat stands at 1/2 inch in thickness and provides superior cushioning and body support, making it ideal for difficult poses, back and knee pain relief, or anyone wanting extra comfort during their yoga practice. It’s constructed out of High Density NBR foam which provides superior stability to keep you firmly in place while you practice. Additionally, this mat comes with a free carrying bag so you can conveniently take it anywhere.


The thickest yoga mat you can buy is typically made from ethylene-vinyl acetate foam and measures up to ¼ inch in thickness. This type of yoga mat is usually used by professionals and offers the most cushioning, support, and durability when compared to its thinner counterparts. For those new to yoga or who prefer a more basic mat, there are thinner alternatives available as well. However, if you’re looking for a reliable, long-lasting mat that will provide maximum comfort for your practice no matter what your skill level may be, the thickest option is often the ideal choice.

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