What Does It Mean To Set An Intention In Yoga

What Does it Mean to Set an Intention in Yoga?

Yoga isn’t just about poses and flows — it’s also a spiritual practice. When you practice yoga, you set an intention to focus and deepen both your physical and mental experience. Setting an intention can be as simple as deciding to find peace and harmony within yourself, or it can be a more specific goal that you want to focus on throughout your practice. No matter what your intention is, keep in mind that it is a positive one — it’s not meant to make you dwell on negativity or put yourself down.

Benefits of Setting an Intention in Yoga Practice

Yoga is a great activity to practice regularly because it not only helps keep your body in good shape, but it can also open up physical and spiritual energy pathways. When you set an intention before practicing yoga, this allows you to be more mindful during your practice and focus on what you are doing and feeling. Setting an intention also allows you to take control of your practice and can keep you more present in the moment.

Types of Intention

There are several different types of intentions that can be set while practicing yoga. Some common ones include:

  • Loving Kindness: To be kind and loving to yourself and others throughout your practice.
  • Gratitude: To appreciate everything in your life and what you have.
  • Focus: To stay mindful or focused on your breathing, poses or movements.
  • Harnessing Strength: To summon inner strength or confidence.
  • Positive Change: To strive for a positive change in your life.

Setting an Intention

Before getting started on your yoga practice, it’s important to take the time to set an intention. This can be done by sitting or lying in a comfortable position, allowing yourself to relax and focus solely on the present moment. Take several deep breaths and reflect on what kind of intention you want to set. Let the intention come from your heart and try to make it as positive and meaningful as possible. Once you have a clear idea of what your intention is, take a few more moments to focus on it and allow your intention to be implanted in your mind and body. Once this is done, you are ready to begin your practice.

Final Thoughts

Setting an intention at the start of your yoga practice can be a powerful way to center yourself, stay focused and motivated throughout your practice. It can also help bring forth positivity and peace into your life and help manifest all of your goals and desires. So, every time you practice yoga, take some time to focus on yourself and set an intention that resonates with what you are seeking.

Namaste. ♥

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