What Can I Substitute For A Yoga Mat

Substitutes for a Yoga Mat

Yoga is a great way to stay connected and get in shape. But a yoga mat isn’t necessarily required for a yoga practice. While a designated yoga mat does provide cushioning and the stability you need during certain poses, a sticky surface to help maintain balance, and even a colorful design for general motivation, there are some viable substitutes you can use if a mat is not available.

Towels, Blankets and Pillows

The easiest go-to alternative when you don’t have a yoga mat is a large towel or thin blanket. You can fold or roll up the towel to become a perfect yoga mat substitute and use it for balancing poses. Place a cushion or pillow underneath the folded towel or blanket to create a cushion that you can use for pranayama (breathwork) or seated yoga poses. If you are practicing on a hardwood or concrete floor, the need for a yoga mat becomes even more essential.

Beach Towels and Cloths

Beach towels and cloths can offer sufficient insulation and comfort if you’re looking for something lightweight and more portable than a traditional yoga mat. Since beach towels are more absorbent than a cotton blanket, it may make more sense to use this instead of a blanket if you’re practicing in a heated yoga room.

Carpets and Rugs

If you practice yoga from the comfort of your own home, you have the luxury of using any area rugs or carpeted surfaces in lieu of a yoga mat. Studies have found that carpets offer more sound insulation than a standard yoga mat and thick area rugs can be perfect for yoga practice in any indoor environment.

Are Yoga Pants Supposed To Be Tight


Clothing can double as a great substitute for a yoga mat in a pinch. Choose comfortable clothes like yoga pants and a tank top to ensure that you can move your body freely. Don’t forget socks because they’ll help grip the surface to keep you steady.

At the end of the day, any of these alternative options can act as a great substitute for a yoga mat in a pinch. Just remember to test out any surface before you dive into your practice to make sure you’re comfortable and secure. Whether you’re using a blanket, towel, piece of clothing, or any other option, you can get creative in your practice and make it work for you.

Happy Yoga-ing!

What are some alternatives to a yoga mat for home use?

1. Beach Towel

2. Blanket

3. Folding Camping Mattress

4. Thicker Bed Pillows

5. Foam Exercise Mat

6. Exercise Slip Mat

7. Exercise Carpet

8. Soft Interlocking Foam Mats

9. Comfort Foam Mats

10. Balance Training Discs

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