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Union Yoga is a mindful movement practice that combines elements of yoga, bodywork, and therapeutic techniques. This combination of techniques works to bring balance and harmony to the body and mind, calming both physical and psychological stresses. Developed by Dr. Rama Jyoti Vernon in 1971, Union Yoga enables individuals to become more aware of their habit patterns and discover new ways of being that promote greater well-being. This type of yoga focuses on self-awareness, centering oneself in present moment awareness, as well as refining body mechanics for movement and concentration. By applying these principles to our daily lives both on and off the mat, Union Yoga provides an opportunity for personal growth.

At Union Yoga you will benefit from the experience of professional teachers with backgrounds in creative expression or healing arts; gentle instruction in conscious breath work; meditation; integrating postures into fluid movement while considering anatomy; holding postures to access relaxation responses during deep stretching; partner poses; restorative poses with props to support the nervous system to chill out safely while allowing plenty of time for relaxation & stillness during Savasana; chanting mantras; mudras & pranayama (breath work). Additionally, instructors will be able to provide further guidance as needed on alignment of postures aswell as modifications for individuals lto fit their bodies’ individual needs. Finally all classes offer an embodied connection to yoga philosophy for deeper understanding and reflection about how it all relates back into our everyday lives.

Union Yoga’s Story and Legacy

Union Yoga has a long, fascinating story. It was founded in 1990 by Subodh Gupta, a yoga instructor and spiritual aspirant passionate about bringing yoga to the world. With his inspiring vision, he opened the first Union Yoga center in Pune, India. As its reputation grew, more centers were opened in cities across India and now they have locations worldwide. Today they offer yoga classes in a traditional style that honors ancient Indian wisdom while utilizing modern principles of body mechanics.

Union Yoga boasts an incredible legacy as one of the oldest and most respected forms of yoga practice in the world today. Subodh’s teachings have been passed down through generations of teachers and students which has led to Union Youga’s unique approach to instruction ” combining physical movements with meditation and mindfulness techniques to create complete lessons. The goal is to bring balance and harmony into our lives through mindful movement and intentional living. They believe that this leads towards self-realization both on an individual level and within society as a whole. Furthermore, their philosophy ensures that each student begins their journey from wherever they are at mentally, emotionally, and physically; meaning that everyone can find success regardless of their background or age. In recent years, Union Yoga has grown into an international network with studios offering classes for all levels around the world. Their aim remains clear ” to spread the love of yoga and holistic living encouraging personal growth for everyone who dares to explore it on the mat!

Types of Classes and Experiences at Union Yoga

At Union Yoga, there are a variety of classes and experiences available to enjoy and explore. From traditional Vinyasa flow, Ashtanga and Hatha classes to customize private instruction – there is something for everyone no matter your experience level. Restorative Yin classes provide an opportunity to take a much-needed break from the world outside and dive into a deep relaxation experience with supportive props such as bolsters, blankets and blocks. A unique type of class offered at Union Yoga is their Fight + Flow class which combines high intensity Interval Training (HIIT) exercises with slower paced yoga sequences for an intense yet well balanced workout. Aerial Yoga has also become popular in recent years, offering students the chance to try a completely different approach to moving across their mat as they are suspended in silks above the floor. These aerial classes teach strength building techniques using gravity and movement. Finally, meditation classes offer students a space to rest within themselves and experience stillness, peace and clarity from within by focusing on breathwork or guided practices. No matter what you decide to try, Union Yoga will ensure that you get the most out of your practice!

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Packages, Payment Plans, and Specials

At Union Yoga, we offer memberships and packages to make yoga accessible to everyone who wishes to practice. Our packages vary in length and type, ranging from student memberships to month-long passes. With every package comes one free class as a bonus. For those who want to commit further, we offer discounted payment plans that spread the cost of multiple classes over time.

We also have a variety of special deals for our returning members and friends! Every week we send out exclusive discounts on our classes and special products, such as discount cards for mats or straps. Additionally, every month we hold specials on certain days when students can come practice at a lower fee than usual! Union Yoga is dedicated to making yoga available and accessible to everyone.

Profiles of Union Yoga Instructors

Each instructor at Union Yoga brings something unique to their classes. They are all certified yoga practitioners who love sharing the physical and mental benefits of the practice with their students. Here is a closer look at some of the instructors:

Khanh Long: Khanh began teaching yoga in 2014 after completing her 200-hour certification course in Anusara-inspired Hatha. Her classes are alignment-based with a strong focus on proper body mechanics as well as breath work and meditative practices.

Daniela Portillo: Daniela is a certified Ashtanga Yoga Instructor devoted to sharing the ancient practice’s transformative power through flowing sequences that emphasize linking movement and mindful breath. She has been teaching for over 5 years and emphasizes linking poses for strength and stability in her classes.

Rhett Anderson: Rhett specializes in Integrative Vinyasa, mixing traditional meditation along with classical postures tailored to meet each student’s individual needs, level of ability and goals. His classes combine creative flows with creative sequencing with an emphasis on postural alignment and internal awareness.

Benefits of Training at Union Yoga

Union Yoga, with its qualified instructors and advanced yoga classes, provides a safe and comfortable place for people of all ages and stages to experience the benefits of training in yoga. People who train at Union Yoga are guaranteed to benefit in multiple ways. Physically, training at Union Yoga helps improve posture, flexibility, balance, coordination, strength and endurance. Additionally, mental health benefits such as increased focus and concentration will be experienced. Training at Union Yoga can reduce stress levels and help people find emotional clarity in their lives. There is also a greater understanding of themselves that can be developed through their practice at Union Yoga. Furthermore, those engaging in yoga can expect to gain spiritual well-being through developing inner peace and wisdom while deepening their sense of connection with the universe around them. By taking part in the classes offered by Union Yoga, participants will become more confident in themselves and will become better adept in dealing with daily life scenarios.

Testimonials and Reviews from Union Yoga Members

Union Yoga has consistently earned glowing reviews and testimonials from its members. Many have reported great results in terms of improved flexibility, strength, and overall wellbeing. People especially love the comfortable environment and warm atmosphere that the instructors create, which helps them feel relaxed throughout their practice. Furthermore, many have shared that the classes offer fresh new poses and instructions each time, so there is always something new to learn. Others have noted that Union Yoga’s holistic approach to health ” taking into account physical and mental wellbeing ” has made a profound difference in their lives. In addition, many have experienced better posture and lower stress since joining the studio. All in all, it seems clear that Union Yoga delivers an experience unlike any other studio out there!

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Community Involvement and Other Ways to Get Involved

Union Yoga is committed to serving the community and making a positive impact. Along with offering yoga classes, they also offer workshops, retreats, events and other opportunities to get involved. For example, they invite members of the local community to join them in volunteering at charities, schools and organizations. They also strive to raise money for causes that are important to their members. Furthermore, Union Yoga encourages their members to stay active by participating in charity walks and runs together or hosting fundraisers. By doing so, they can spread awareness about causes they believe in while also bringing people together for a fun time and a good cause. Additionally, Union Yoga is always open to suggestions from their community on how they can best serve their neighborhood or city as a whole with their services and through donations.


Union Yoga is a powerful and transformative practice that teaches the principles of inner peace and unity. It emphasizes connecting with one’s higher self through meditation, breathing techniques and physical stretching. This connection leads to a greater sense of overall wellbeing, improved mental clarity, increased energy levels and a deeper understanding of oneself.

The beauty of Union Yoga is that it can be tailored for each individual, making it an ideal activity for any level of experience. Whether you are looking to deepen your practice or just starting out, there is something for everyone in this ancient art form. Moreover, with the availability of online classes and studios offering instruction from trained professionals, mastering Union Yoga has never been easier.

By engaging in Union Yoga, practitioners cultivate a connection to their true self ” the essence that lies beyond our ever-changing physical bodies and minds ” while also tapping into personal insight they would not have access to through traditional exercise methods. Furthermore, it strengthens the bond between body, mind and spirit by encouraging stillness within both active poses and relaxation practices such as Savasana. Through these practices we can come to terms with our physical limitations as we build internal trust in ourselves; providing us tools for managing anxiety and stress throughout our daily lives. These benefits have a trickle down effect on various areas such as self-improvement goals like college studies or job advancement opportunities.

Ultimately, practising Union Yoga helps individuals find more satisfaction in life through deepening their understanding of who they really are beneath the surface layers of the mind while creating an enormous amount of space within themselves to grow mentally and spiritually; allowing them to live life unencumbered by doubts and worries that hold so many people back from success in all its forms. With an ever growing array of resources available on how to incorporate Union Yoga into your everyday routine there is no better time than now to explore this potentially life-transforming practice!

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