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Introduction to Total Yoga Store Who We Are and What We Do

Total Yoga Store is the one-stop shop for everything yoga related. We believe in promoting a life of health and wellness, while also helping others with their journey in learning the basics of yoga. Our store is filled with products that focus on launching you on your path to physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. We offer high-quality yoga gear such as mats, bolsters, blocks and straps designed to support your practice; leisure clothes made with comfort and durability; various styles of meditation pillows; DVDs and books to get you started learning new techniques or advance your knowledge; and even scented candles perfect for transforming any space into a peaceful oasis–all tailored to give our customers the best possible experience with their practice.

We are committed to helping those find a deeper connection within themselves by providing people with quality items from trustworthy companies at competitive prices. We have carefully curated an inventory of top brands such as Lululemon, Gaiam, Prana, Manduka, YogaAccessories and more -all so you can confidently find the necessary materials for your next class. Whether it be at home or in-studio classes that spark inspiring movements through mudras (hand gestures) or breaths (pranayama), Total Yoga Store has become the trusted name for all yogis alike looking for exceptional gear to enjoy their practice every day.

Benefits of Shopping at Total Yoga Store with Exclusive Discounts

Shopping at the Total Yoga Store is an excellent choice for anyone looking to purchase quality yoga products and merchandise. At the Total Yoga Store, shoppers have access to a variety of high-quality products from top brands like Alo, Manduka, and Prana, as well as exclusive discounts for all customers.

The Total Yoga Store offers a wide selection of yoga apparel, mats, props, and accessories that are perfect for both beginner and experienced yogis alike. With so many options to choose from, there’s no shortage of choices when it comes to finding exactly what you need. And if that wasn’t enough, the Total Yoga Store also has a wide range of books and DVDs that can help improve your practice or expand your knowledge in this ancient practice.

Furthermore, by shopping at the Total Yoga Store, customers benefit from exclusive discounts on select items every week. These exclusive discounts offer an additional incentive to shop at the Total Yoga Store because they give customers access to premium goods at even better prices than usual. Whether you’re just beginning your yoga journey or looking for something special for yourself or someone else, the Total Yoga Store offers discounts that make it easy to get what you need without breaking the bank. Additionally, free shipping is available on orders over $50 within most parts of Canada and the United States so you can get your purchase in no time!

Popular Product Reviews Highlighting Quality and Benefits

Total Yoga Store offers a wide selection of high-quality yoga equipment and accessories such as yoga mats, yoga blocks, yoga straps, yoga balls, blankets and bolsters. Each item is carefully crafted with premium materials to ensure the longevity and comfort of their products. The store also features a range of popular product reviews that shed light on the quality and benefits offered by each piece of equipment. These reviews provide detailed information on how the product feels, looks, and performs in various situations while highlighting its most important features. Customers can also find out specifications like size and weight so they can easily determine if an item is right for them. Furthermore, customers are able to read comments from other yogis who have used the same product to get a more unbiased review. Overall, Total Yoga Store helps customers make an informed decision before purchasing any item for their yoga practice by providing honest feedback about quality and benefits.

Modifications for All Levels of Yogis

The Total Yoga Store is a one-stop destination for yogis of all levels. They offer yoga modifications that are tailored to suit anyone’s abilities, interests, and skills. With equipment such as blocks, straps, and even chairs to accommodate those with limited mobility, the store has everything needed for any level of yogi. They have a wide selection of classes available from beginner-level to advanced practitioners so no matter what your skill level you can find something that meets your needs. Plus they have an instructor in the store who is there to provide assistance if you ever need it. Whether you’re looking for more challenging poses or want to practice basic postures with an experienced teacher’s guidance, Total Yoga Store will help you on your yoga journey. They also carry clothing specifically designed for yogis that feature appropriate length and support while allowing freedom of movement during practice. In addition to selling mats, blocks, and other props they also offer workshops and seminars so you can further your yoga education and gain new knowledge about the practice too. Whether it’s an introduction into the different styles of yoga or information about proper alignment for every pose, these extra events offered at the store make it possible for all yogis to reach their goals.

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Exclusive List of Popular Yoga Accessories

Yoga mats are one of the most essential accessories at any yoga studio or home practice. It is important to find one that provides cushioning and grip for various types of poses, and so it is essential to choose a yoga mat that fits your needs. Other popular accessories include blocks, which help support the body in difficult postures; straps, used to aid in reaching limbs further than possible; and bolsters, used especially in restorative poses. Yoga blankets provide a layer of comfort and warmth during relaxation postures, while eye pillows can be used during meditations or shavasana (corpse pose). Meditation cushions provide more height and support than a regular bolster or pillow. Finally, aromatherapy can be used before and after practice to induce calming or energizing moods through essential oils.

Professional Quality Materials

The Total Yoga Store offers professional quality yoga and meditation materials to help enhance your practice. Whether you are experienced in the art of yoga or just starting out, their wide selection of equipment, gear and accessories has all the essentials to help perfect your practice. Their gear includes mats, bolsters, blocks, straps and other props which are built to be durable yet comfortable, allowing for an enjoyable experience with every use. They also carry other various supplies such as yoga clothing, books and audio DVD sets so that you can continue your yoga learning when away from the studio. The Total Yoga Store is a great source for everything you need on your journey of physical and mental strength.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

At Total Yoga Store, we take sustainability seriously and strive to build a business that works in harmony with the environment. We believe that every small step we take towards sustainability adds up, so we are constantly improving to reduce our environmental footprint.

Through our commitment to sustainability, Total Yoga Store is helping to preserve the environment through initiatives such as reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions, using renewable energy and resources, and ensuring proper recycling and disposal of materials. We also source our supplies responsibly and try to create products with minimal impact on the environment. We even offer eco-friendly products such as organic yoga mats, bamboo clothing, recycled activewear and natural cork blocks! Moreover, our sustainable packaging ensures that orders can be delivered without harming the environment.

At Total Yoga Store, we understand that preserving the ecosystem allows us all to breathe a bit easier ” now, and for future generations. That’s why we are dedicated to continue finding innovative ways to lessen our environmental impact in order for everyone to live healthier lives in harmony with nature.

Yoga-Inspired Healthy Living Education

The Total Yoga Store offers more than just a great selection of yoga clothes and accessories. At the Total Yoga Store, we specialize in providing an array of educational tools and resources to help customers achieve healthy living through yoga practice. Our knowledgeable and certified experts are on hand to provide workshops, classes, private instruction and advice on how to incorporate yoga into your daily routine. From teaching basic poses to helping you prep for challenging asanas, our teachers will work with you to create the perfect yoga plan that suits your body and your goals. Plus, our education topics cover much more than just physical exercise ” they include nutrition advice and workshops on mindful eating practices as well as stress management techniques and compassionate behavior. With our help, you will be able to gain an increased awareness of yourself, discovering your own path to health and wellness through the ancient art of yoga.

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Opportunities to Get Involved in the Yoga Community

The Total Yoga Store offers numerous opportunities for people to become involved in their local yoga community. From weekly classes and retreats to online resources and one-on-one tutoring sessions, the store provides numerous ways to connect with fellow yogis and advance one’s practice safely.

When visiting the Total Yoga Store, visitors can take part in a variety of group classes including beginner, intermediate, and advanced yoga classes that range from simple Hatha techniques to more specialized practices like Kundalini, AcroYoga and Iyengar. Visitors may also join retreats hosted by the store where small groups come together for days on end to explore pranayama, meditation and asana practice under guidance from experienced professionals.

For those wanting to practice at home or find out more about pursuing an individualized path of yoga study, the Total Yoga Store offers a wide selection of books, DVDs and audio recordings plus exclusive membership areas designed specifically for members who want access to personalized lessons or niche topics such as anatomical features relevant to postures or Ayurveda nutrition tips. The store also has an extensive collection of yoga props like mats, blocks, straps, towels and bolsters so practitioners can fully equip themselves with everything they need for their home practice.

The Total Yoga Store is more than just a retail space; it’s an opportunity to meet other enthusiasts face-to-face through its workship events held across the city. Practitioners can learn advanced breathing techniques such as Kapalabhati while meeting likeminded yogis that share similar interests and goals. Events may include cooking lessons focusing on healthy vegetarian food preparation classes or communal planting projects which use ancient Ayurvedic formulas for natural healing products that are kinder on the environment than conventional aromatherapy products. It’s a great way for individuals to get out into their communities and become involved in activities that help build meaningful relationships with others living locally who also enjoy participating in yoga activities!

Comprehensive Customer Support Overview

Total Yoga Store offers comprehensive customer support that ensures satisfaction and peace of mind with each purchase. In addition to providing detailed information on the different products in their store, they have a team of knowledgeable specialists available to answer any questions customers may have. These specialists are available via phone, email, and live chat, ensuring that customers can get answers quickly and from anywhere. For more complicated or technical issues, Total Yoga Store also provides one-on-one personalized assistance for customers who need additional help in navigating their products or services. And for those times when the customer’s best support option is self-help, Total Yoga Store has produced helpful video tutorials and user guides for easy reference. With this extensive array of customer service offerings, Total Yoga Store looks to provide its patrons with everything they need from advice on how best to utilize their product to trustworthy answers in a timely manner.

Final Reflection on Shopping at Total Yoga Store

Shopping at the Total Yoga Store was an entirely positive experience. From the get-go, their customer service team was incredibly helpful and engaged”they asked lots of questions to understand my unique needs and recommended specific products based on this information. Every purchase I made exceeded expectations”the yoga mats, blocks, straps, and leggings were of superior quality and amazingly comfortable. Plus, their online shipping process was quick and hassle free; I received my orders exactly when they said I would. On top of that, they have discounts and promotional sales frequently, so you can really get more bang for your buck! All in all, I would highly recommend the Total Yoga Store to anyone looking for quality yoga apparel and supplies.

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