Top Rated Yoga Dvds For Beginners

Yoga and other mindful practices have become increasingly popular across all age groups as people recognize their mental and physical benefits. As a beginner, looking to get started with yoga, consider purchasing some of the top rated yoga DVDs for beginners that can help you practice correctly and safely. There are several great DVDs out there with different levels to suit your experience level and objectives.

The Best Yoga Practice DVDs For Beginners

In selecting a yoga practice DVD for beginners the best way to go is to look for one that has been rated highly by peers or professionals in the field, as well as thoroughly reviews. With so many on the market, it can be hard to know what suits your individual needs.

Some good examples of top-rated dvds for beginners include Yoga For Wellness from Suzanne Deason ,Yoga Basics from Michael Cohn which consists of 3 volumes intended for deepening your understanding of correct form and alignment with poses as well as Power Vinyasa Yoga from Shiva Rea which offers an energetic flow available in over 20 levels including beginner options.

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Benefits of Different Styles of Yoga for Beginners

Yoga is a great way for beginners to start their fitness routine as the physical exercises and poses can help build strength, improve flexibility and potentially ease chronic pain. With so many different styles of yoga available, there are countless DVD choices specifically designed for beginners. The top rated yoga DVDs can help find the right style of yoga that best suits an individual’s needs and goals.

Hatha Yoga is a great choice for beginners because it focuses on basic postures focused on stretching and strengthening. A Hatha set generally includes poses like downward dog, bridge, cobra, and triangle.

Additionally, since Hatha classes are more relaxed in terms of pace, they allow those new to the practice to learn each pose formally before advancing further into their practice. This type of yoga is typically considered very calming so it’s great for those who need some stress relief in addition to physical exercise.

Restorative Yoga is another popular choice as it’s practiced at a slower pace with longer held poses or rest periods which make this type of yoga particularly helpful with healing from multiple ailments or injuries. Restorative yoga focuses on using props like bolsters, blankets and eye pillows during posing instead of focusing on flowing sequences in order to provide maximum relaxation benefits.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga may be also be considered beginner-friendly since all levels can be catered to as a class progresses from slow warming up poses to intense peak poses or repetitions at an accelerated rate depending upon the instructor’s teaching plan.

Vinyasa flow emphasizes proper breathing techniques including ujjayi Pranayama which promotes mental clarity and inner calmness; however it does have slightly more difficult postures than some other style including arm balances, backbends and forward bends thus making it ideal for those looking for an aerobic type workout routine combined with calming breath work and meditation practices.

These popular DVD sets offer great options for newcomers to explore various styles of yoga before committing themselves to certain studios or teachers where each style may vary significantly among instructors so increasing knowledge beforehand is beneficial. Ultimately by exploring these different types, one can gain insight into each unique approach while naturally discovering what type suits their desired goals best allowing them begin and progress confidently through their practice.

Overview of the Best Yoga DVDs For Beginners

If you’re a beginner when it comes to yoga, you may not know where to start. To get the most out of your practice and make sure that you become an experienced yogi in no time, it is highly recommended to have a good yoga DVD for beginners.

Beginner-oriented yoga DVDs can provide you with the guidance you need to understand the basic poses and their variations. Additionally, some of the best beginner-level DVDs can even offer modifications for more advanced moves and variations if needed; they also often come at an affordable price point so that everyone can benefit from them.

The Best Yoga DVDs

There are many different types of yoga DVDs available on the market today that make learning easy and fun. Some popular titles include ‘Power Yoga’ by Tara Stiles, ‘Jivamukti Yoga’ by Sharon Gannon, ‘Kundalini Yoga’ by Maya Fiennes, and ‘Hourglass Workout’ by Jennifer Aniston. Each one of these has its own unique benefits and features that could help a beginner looking for guidance or someone with experience who wants to switch up their routine.

Regardless of which one you choose, there are some basics that all good yoga DVDs should have in order to make them accessible and effective for beginners. Firstly, clear instructions are important as this allows users to obtain maximum benefit from the poses as well as safely practice them.

Secondly, options like voiceover narration or same-screen text instruction can be very helpful for providing information about each pose or offering insightful insight into yogic principles. Lastly, extras such as bonus footage or breathing exercises are especially beneficial for those wanting to learn beyond just physical poses.


Overall, if you want to start exploring yoga but don’t want to put too much stress on yourself while doing so then getting a good quality DVD designed specifically for beginners might be what you need. It will be sure to equip you with all the necessary knowledge and guidance so that your journey towards mastering this ancient practice is enjoyable as possible.

Focus On Your Health

Yoga can be a great way to begin your journey towards improved mental, physical, and emotional well-being. Millions of people from all backgrounds, ages and ability levels worldwide find yoga has many benefits that help improve their whole life. Before we dive into some of the best yoga dvds for beginners, it’s beneficial to understand the basics of this ancient practice.

Yoga originated in Northern India around 5,000 years ago as a form of spiritual exploration. Today, yoga is used by millions as both a physical and mental wellness tool due to its connection with mindfulness practices.

Yoga encompasses stretching poses or asanas together with breathing exercises that develop inner awareness while providing a means to relax the body and mind alike. Inherently linked to ancient Ayurveda knowledge, the overall aim of a modern yogic practice is holistic health: mind, body and spirit.

As beginner yogis venture along their path of growth, using home yoga DVDs can provide an ideal solution for those who want to feel comfortable before attending classes in person or if studio class times don’t fit in with their schedule. Fortunately there are many top-rated DVD’s available geared specifically for beginners looking for an effective gentle yet challenging introduction into the world of traditional yoga postures.

Backbend Yoga Sequence For Beginners

One such example is Tara Lee’s ‘Traditional Yoga For Beginners’. This DVD introduces newcomers to traditional hatha yoga poses together with breathing and relaxation techniques guidance – making it perfect for first-timers looking to build strength and flexibility whilst considering not only health issues but also life balance goals and everyday stress reduction too.

The instructional narration is easy enough to follow as users learn postures along with modifications that respect each individual’s capability level. With no pressure usually associated with group settings, newcomers also get an opportunity to familiarize themselves calmly before taking part in studio or retreat classes later on if they wish so do so.

The popularity of Yoga continues to grow yearly as enthusiastic practitioners discover what it truly means for them – ‘inner union’ – meaning writing the script within us that connects us all; individually yes but more importantly collectively – ultimately our experience is linked universally through shared alchemical uplifting moments immersed along our unique yogic pathway journey.

Reasons Why Yoga is an Ideal Option For Beginners

Yoga is an ideal option for those just stepping into the world of fitness, as it offers a wide range of health benefits with minimal risk of injury. It has been used for centuries to improve overall wellness and can be tailored to fit anyone’s age or purpose. Many people turn to yoga because it helps to improve physical and mental strength, while also offering stress relief, flexibility and balance.

One of the most important aspects of yoga for beginners is allowing them to learn specific poses that are safe and effective; this is easily accomplished using top rated yoga DVDs. This makes it easy for beginners to gain confidence in their practice quickly by introducing postures that are suitable for all levels. Aside from helping with body alignment and learning new skills, DVDs allow novices to learn at their own pace in a comfortable environment.

The right yoga DVD can not only help a beginner gain new skills but increase their focus and understanding of the postures as well. Learning about the spiritual side of yoga will expand knowledge about certain poses and offer insight into breathing techniques. Knowledgeable instructors make sure that individuals are utilizing proper form to ensure safety throughout their journey into self-discovery and physical prowess.

Beyond providing instructions on how to move through various sequences, top rated Yoga DVDs also take time to explain why certain movements have greater impact on overall fitness than others do; this educates viewers on which exercises may work best for them personally.

Additionally, learners will gain better insight as to why certain postures are used together in combination instead of separately which will provide insights into proper sequencing and improving technique more quickly than trial and error alone would offer.

By combining these physical elements with mindfulness techniques the potential value of a beginner’s experience employing a quality Yoga DVD is exponential. Practicing yoga allows one tap into their body’s wisdom while promoting good health in both mind & body.

Regular attendance promotes courage, resilience & patience within oneself; key components when beginning any journey whatever the venture may be. The best part about practicing with a DVD is that the same level stay remain consistent each time it is revisited; maximizing progress over short periods making goals achievable sooner rather than later.

Feature Section

Yoga is a practice that has been around for centuries and continues to be popular today. It can provide a great workout, as well as help with relaxation and stress relief. For those just starting out, there are numerous beginner-friendly yoga DVDs available on the market. Here are some of the top rated ones.

1. Alison DiRadar’s Yoga Basics: Beginner Foundations DVD
Alison DiRadar’s beginner DVD is perfect for those who have never done yoga before, or even those who haven’t practiced in awhile and need a refresher course. This 75 minute DVD includes 10 different demonstration videos, from the foundational yoga poses to breathing techniques and more advanced poses like revolved triangle and standing bow pulls. The tutorial covers both physical and mental aspects of yoga, making it an A-plus product for yogis of any level.

This DVD begins with Alison introducing herself and giving an overview of what to expect during the program. She then moves into explaining basic concepts such as alignment in your body while doing poses, breathing technique, core stability and mindfulness exercises that you can use when practicing yoga at home or in a studio setting.

Each pose is broken down in detail along with modifications throughout each section to make it easier for everyone no matter their skill level to follow along perfectly. Furthermore, this DVD also features calming music which will help relax you throughout your practice lessons.

2. Tara Stiles’ Yoga Makeover: Beginners Workout
This 44 minute beginners’ workout consists of seven separate segments taught by renowned yoga instructor Tara Stiles. It focuses on teaching newbies basic postures such as sun salutations, forward bends, downward facing dog, warrior poses and more – making it suitable for all levels of experience. It includes step-by-step instructions so players can easily understand each pose from start to finish without any confusion.

Additionally the video provides helpful tips on how to improve form; thus preventing injury during certain moves which is especially important for first timers. As an added bonus this program also offers ten minutes worth of meditative exercises designed specifically with slow movements that allow one to practice mindful breathing as they move through each posture together with Tara in her living room studio space.

Tara provides clear verbal instructions throughout the tape that makes learning easy plus she has an effective way of calling out alignment tips while guiding viewers into each pose; this ensures they’re getting maximum benefit from every move they make while building up their strength capability over time. Furthermore her lighthearted approach helps newcomers stay engaged; hence boosting their ultimate success rate even further.

Once complete viewers are welcomed back into savasana where Tara encourages them too relax before bringing them back up again fully stretched out after completing their session.
These top rated yoga DVDs offer a great base for beginers looking to get started withyogaright away without needing personal supervision or having t invest heavily in one on one classes. With them ,users could hone their practice conveniently from home , safe knowing thatthey would have guidiance from renowned teachers onscreen coupled with calming background music .

Smarter Shopping

There are a variety of top rated yoga DVDs for beginners available, making it difficult to know which one is best for you and your level. To help make sure you choose the right one, here are a few tips you should keep in mind when selecting a DVD:

Prenatal Yoga For Beginners

First, always make sure the DVD is labeled either “beginner” or “intermediate”. Practicing more advanced poses before developing proper form can lead to injury. Skip ahead only after becoming comfortable with each pose. It’s also important not to compare yourself to others on the DVD as everyone progresses at different speeds.

The second thing to consider is how much time you are willing to commit practicing yoga on your new DVD. Most beginners practice somewhere between 10-30 minutes per session, depending on their skill level and flexibility, so make sure that the chosen workout fits within this timeframe – otherwise it may be too easy or too hard for your current skill level.

Lastly, pay attention to what kind of setting or environment is provided in the video – some DVDs provide an outdoor setting while others have music playing in the background; recognizing positive elements like these will help keep you motivated and on track with your yoga practice.

Another thing to consider when shopping for yoga DVDs is who will be guiding you through your workouts? Make sure that regardless of who is teaching – whether it’s a celebrity or not – they have experience in teaching or practising yoga.

If possible, try researching the instructor beforehand to get an idea of their knowledge level before purchasing a beginner’s DVD by them. Also read reviews of other customers who’ve purchased it and check out any awards the DVD has won – if there aren’t any reviews out there then you should find another option.

Last but certainly not least, look into what other extras come with the DVD kit. Some kits come with instructional booklets.

Taking the Plunge

If you’re interested in starting yoga but don’t know where to begin, picking up a beginner’s yoga DVD is a great option. Yoga at home gives you the flexibility to practice whenever you want, in whatever time frame suits you best.

When it comes to choosing a DVD for your own practice there are many different styles and approaches that can make it difficult to narrow down which one might be right for you. These are our top five picks of beginner-friendly DVDs so that all you need to do is hit play, roll out your mat, and get started.

When buying a DVD, remember that the key is finding one with the right combination of instruction, music, setting, teacher attitude and flow that appeals to you personally. Always read the reviews and watch snippets of any videos before purchasing so you are confident in what type of class you will be participating in prior to committing. Before diving into these five highly rated DVDs there are some important questions every beginner yogi should consider:

One of the first questions beginners should ask themselves before investing in a yoga dvd is what level they feel they’re currently at. Are they an absolute beginner looking for foundational poses or someone who has spent some time on their own or with a teacher seeking a more intermediate challenge?

Knowing what level works best for each individual can help identify which video from this list could be most beneficial based on their skill set going forward. Of course if starting completely from scratch it might take some trial and error or even cobbling together different pieces from multiple DVDs until finding something that really speaks on both intellectually and emotionally as everyone’s journey through yoga will be unique.

Another question worth considering looks at how much guidance an individual needs when practicing yoga. Do they excel by watching someone else do each pose and understanding how it should look or does learning verbally feel more natural?

Some people prefer having someone talking directly into their ear describing each position while others lean towards visual cues and silent practice better – both have equal benefits. Those searching for verbal instruction might find Iyengar-style classes with specific alignment markers easier while Ashtanga practitioners tend to benefit moreso with videos solely focused on flow sequences versus too much linguistic guidance during practice sessions.

Final Thoughts

Yoga is a great form of exercise that can help any beginner stay in shape while increasing flexibility and relaxation. Yoga DVDs are perfect for yoga beginners because they offer instruction at their own pace. With so many yoga DVDs out there, the challenge is to find the right one for one’s needs. The best yoga DVDs for beginners all have something valuable to offer and provide support in achieving yoga goals.

Yoga can be physically challenging, but it allows beginners to learn without being overwhelmed, as many of the top rated DVD tutorials cover basic poses requiring minimal physicality. These poses lay out the foundations on which further yoga practice and exploration can build upon.

Guidebooks which explain anatomy and techniques accompany these tutorials, presenting illustrations that can help practitioners understand how each pose relates to their body’s alignment. Furthermore, beginner friendly flows give guidance on how to create sequences that use multiple postures effectually and safely.

The best yoga DVDs for beginners also focus on the mental components of practice such as mindful breathing and contemplative meditations to increase relaxation. Appropriate breathing helps maintain stability during poses while connecting with the body-mind connection. In addition, guided meditations introduce concepts of self-inquiry and help build self-awareness through cultivating easeful awareness – a component core to cultivating mindfulness in yoga practice overall.

Reaping the rewards of purchasing an appropriate beginner’s DVD include spending time doing something calming that supports physical health , increased flexibility, reduced stress levels , improved posture along with a more positive outlook towards life’s challenges. Yoga sessions accompanied by a yogi instructor may be more desirable in person; however, once comfortable with basic movements, practitioners often turn continue turning from home practices using DVD tutorials available from leading instructors.

An advantage of this is having access to renowned instructors well known for creating supportive environment whose classes can be attended or rewatched whenever you wish without leaving your house.

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