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At Sukhalife Yoga Studio, customers can access a world-class yoga team and learn from experienced teachers. From first-time students to experienced practitioners, each student receives the care and attention required for the best experience and results possible. Many of our current and former customers have found immense physical and emotional benefits from attending classes at our studio:

Krishna, a long-time Sukhalife student says “I’ve been coming to classes here for five years now and I’ve seen huge improvements in my flexibility, mobility and mental clarity. In addition to increased energy levels, I’ve been able to cope better with tension and stress in daily life. I highly recommend this studio because you can find the perfect balance between challenging yourself in class yet also relaxing into it”.

Maria is another one of our happy customers. She shares “When I initially came to Sukhalife two months ago I only had a rudimentary understanding of yoga but now I’m hooked. The welcoming atmosphere created by the teachers has encouraged me to continue developing my practice with curiosity and enthusiasm!”.

These are just some of the success stories we hear at Sukhalife Yoga Studio – we invite you to join us on your own journey of transformation!


Sukhalife Yoga Studio was founded in 2004 and has since become one of the most popular yoga and wellness studios in the world. What sets Sukhalife apart from other yoga studios is its commitment to providing an immersive, holistic experience that combines traditional aspects of yoga with modern, innovative approaches. This includes the use of heated classes to help participants sweat, breathe and move better, as well as guided meditation courses to induce complete mental peace. Additionally, their classes are filled with vibrant music and specially designed poses that challenge the body while honoring its limits. Furthermore, Sukhalife has a team of experienced teachers dedicated to providing personalized instruction for each student’s individual growth. Above all else, what makes Sukhalife truly unique is its mission to “empower individuals on their journey towards physical, emotional and mental balance through yoga.”


Sukhalife Yoga Studio is located on the west side of downtown near Smith Street. It is easily accessible via public transport, as the nearest bus stop is only five minutes away. For those who prefer to drive, there is plenty of free parking available around the studio. Additionally, there are many cafes and convenience stores within walking distance that are popular spots for grabbing a quick bite or snacks before or after class. The neighborhood itself has a relaxed, friendly atmosphere that provides a perfect backdrop for practitioners to relax and unwind before and after class. There are several greenspaces in the area too, which offer great places to just relax and get some fresh air.


Yoga instructors at Sukhalife Yoga Studio are experienced, knowledgeable, and dedicated to providing quality instruction for each student. With a collective experience of 20+ years, instructors at the studio strive to offer personalized and progressive classes for all levels of students.

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Jeff is an instructor who believes in making yoga accessible for everyone, regardless of ability or background. He has taught students from a variety of different countries and cultures, helping them to develop body awareness and find their strength. Many students note his calming presence as he guides them through their practice.

Alexandra brings an upbeat energy to her classes and helps her students remain mindful but move fluidly from one pose to another. Students often remark on Alexandra’s supportive teaching style and her ability to quickly adapt the practice to fit any kind of student group or class size she finds herself teaching.

Grace’s classes have been described as soulful and meditative by her devoted following. She emphasizes the importance of breathwork as a way to build energy within the body while still holding space for relaxation towards the end of class when she invites her students deeper into savasana with essential oils applied directly on pillows or blankets that they bring along with them.

Finally, Anna’s passion lies in teaching anatomically-correct alignment so that everyone can receive the benefits of their practice safely, without risking injury from improper form during movements or poses. Students often appreciate her lessons on anatomy and how it really relates back to their day-to-day practice both on the mat and off.

Classes Offered

Sukhalife Yoga Studio provides a unique space for practitioners of all levels. The studio offers a variety of classes that are suitable for everyone’s needs and preferences. Classes range from beginners, level 1, level 2, and masters programs to specialized courses such as pre-natal yoga and kids yoga.

Beginners can explore their practice in the Basics classes which focuses on basic postures while bringing awareness to breath and alignment. Level 1 is more advanced than the Basics but is focused more on stretching and holds rather than dynamic elements. Level 2 harnesses dynamic movements that challenge the length of time practitioners can hold a posture for. Master classes move further towards challenging postures and transition movements to fluidly combine poses into one singular flow.

Pre-natal yoga helps lessen the discomfort moms-to-be experience during pregnancy by combining specific relaxation techniques with special adaptations for postures suitable for pregnant women’s bodies. Kids yoga introduces children from ages 4″9 years old to breathing techniques, relaxation, rhythmical movements, simple postures, body regulation and stretching games making it easier for them to cultivate balance between mind, body and spirit while having loads of fun!

1. Beginners basics class at Sukhalife Yoga Studio; 2 people in downward dog pose
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Attending classes at Sukhalife Yoga Studio provides a wide range of health benefits. Research shows that practicing yoga can help reduce stress, ease anxiety and depression symptoms, support healthy sleep patterns and even improve overall physical health. It also has the potential to increase flexibility and core strength, reduce body fat levels and improve balance. In addition, regularly attending classes may promote better mental focus and improved overall quality of life.

Individual accounts also emphasize the specific benefits of attending classes at Sukhalife. Several people have noted that these classes not only offer physical and emotional benefits, but also enable them to feel more connected with their community. With its welcoming atmosphere and passionate instructors, Sukhalife provides an ideal environment for practicing yoga or meditation in comfort alongside likeminded individuals. Other individuals have commented on feeling more relaxed, energized and empowered after attending Sukhalife’s classes which gives them the motivation to continue pursuing a healthier lifestyle.

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Sukhalife Yoga Studio provides a range of amenities for customers, allowing them to practice yoga in optimal comfort and convenience. Customers can utilize props like blocks, straps, blankets and bolsters to aid with various poses. Furthermore, they also have access to mats, towels and changing rooms as well as filtered water or tea, providing an overall relaxed experience. The studio’s knowledgeable and friendly instructors are warm and welcoming and eager to assist with any queries or needs customers may have during their session. They even provide basic therapies such as aromatherapy massage to those who desire further relaxation. All the latest soft music is available for a fully immersive experience once the class starts too. Here at Sukhalife Yoga Studio, we strive to create a unique environment that allows everyone to explore the true potential of their body without hesitation or fear.


Sukhalife Yoga Studio is a unique and vibrant yoga center. It offers classes for people of all levels and backgrounds, from complete beginners to long-term practitioners. The studio is dedicated to cultivating a safe and welcoming space where everyone can learn and practice with ease. Customers have widely praised the warm and inviting environment, attentive instructors, and inspiring class offerings that help make their time at the studio truly special. From passionate yogis honing their craft to those looking to reduce stress, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. People have noted the high quality of instruction they receive in each class as well as the effortless comfort they feel being surrounded by fellow students whose passion for yoga matches their own. Whether you’re just getting started or already an experienced yogi, everyone will find something special at Sukhalife Yoga Studio.


If you’re ready to take your yoga practice to the next level, come and experience Sukhalife Yoga Studio. Our experienced instructors will guide your practice with compassionate support and encouragement, helping you to reach your goals and explore new possibilities. Contact us today to find out more about our classes and how we can help you achieve a healthier and happier lifestyle.

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