Sukha Yoga Novato

Practice Spotlight

This month, we are highlighting Sukhayoga Novato. Sukhayoga is a unique practice that focuses on gentle stretching, breath work and relaxation. This practice seeks to help the student develop positive self-awareness while improving posture and releasing tension in the body. The class offers plenty of modifications to make every pose accessible to all levels; you don’t need any prior experience with yoga! During each session, students will be guided through various postures combined with yogic breathing techniques such as pranayama. Pranayama helps to improve cardiovascular health, reduce stress levels and increase focus. There is also an emphasis on proper alignment for each posture enabling the student to maximize their benefit from the exercises by avoiding injury or strain. At the end of class, you will have an opportunity to experience relaxation in meditation. You will leave feeling blissful and balanced in both body and mind!

Benefits of Yoga

Sukha Yoga Novato offers a comprehensive approach to physical, mental and emotional health through their practice of yoga. Regularly practicing yoga can bring an array of benefits both inside and outside the yoga studio. On the physical level, regular yoga practice can improve flexibility, strength and balance. It can also help prevent injury. Yoga gives us a way to tone, strengthen, and energize our bodies while improving overall health and wellbeing.

On the mental level, practicing yoga has been found to reduce stress levels, sharpen concentration skills, increase awareness of our body’s posture and assist in developing body mind connection by paying closer and more mindful attention to movements. Along with improved focus and concentration skills it can have a positive impact on feelings of depression and anxiety. Reduced stress levels also lead to greater feelings of relaxation which is key to regulating mood and helping us stay in the present moment.

On an emotional level benefits from practicing are plenty! Not only does it give us an opportunity to establish or reconnect with our deeper intuition but it gently encourages learning how to listen closely for inner dialogue about how we feel about ourselves – this helps foster kindness to ourselves as well as self-confidence in our decisions making . Additionally yoga poses like backbends help to open both theoretical systems up allowing stagnant emotions or thoughts fill up decreasing levels of anger or fear that may be lingering around our core spirit.

Which Yoga Is For Beginners


Sukha Yoga Novato is a community of passionate yogis who share a common goal: to live life to the fullest and bring balance and joy into the world.

Members of this community have diverse backgrounds, experiences, and passions. Through interviews, we can learn more about these individuals and the unique way that yoga has impacted their lives in positive ways. These stories will shed light on the healing power of yoga and how bringing this ancient practice into their daily routine has made a difference in their life for the better.

We might learn how one person found self-love through their meditation practice and another how physical asanas made them stronger during difficult times of transition. Another story may focus on how one individual found courage through mindfulness practices that encouraged her to take risks she wouldn’t have taken before. Each story will be unique but all will demonstrate how powerful yoga can be when we give it our attention and use it as a tool for growth and transformation.

At Sukha Yoga Novato, they strive to open minds, hearts, and bodies in an inclusive space where everyone is welcome regardless of age or background. In learning interviewees’ personal stories of yoga shifting their lives, we will likely discover many enlightening lessons that each storyteller holds within them – further fueling our idea that yoga truly is for everyone!

Tips for Beginners

If you’re a beginner at Sukha Yoga Novato, here are some tips to help you make the most of your experience. First and foremost, eat a balanced meal before each yoga class, as doing so will give you more energy for the practice and will also allow your body to recover quicker post-yoga. Additionally, consider bringing snacks with a balance of carbohydrates and proteins such as nuts or fruit to eat after class in order to replenish your glycogen stores and provide fuel for future classes.

Holiday Yoga Sequence

During your first class you can expect a supportive environment where instructors demonstrate poses along with detailed instructions, encouraging questions from all levels of participants. The instructor might also provide hands-on adjustments for safety and skill improvement. It’s recommended that beginners start off in a level 1 class where poses are modified but still challenge the body in order to build strength and flexibility. As always, be sure to breathe deeply!


Q: What should I bring to class?
A: You should bring a yoga mat, towel, and water bottle to each class you attend at Sukha Yoga Novato. Additional items that may make your practice more enjoyable are blocks, straps, blankets and bolsters.

Q: What is the dress code?
A: Please dress comfortably in clothing suitable for movement. We advise against wearing dangling jewelry or baggy clothing that would interfere with your body’s alignment during postures.

Q: Is there a cancellation policy?
A: Yes. To cancel online classes and programs booked via our online platform within 24 hours of their start time will incur a cancellation fee equal to 50% of the cost of the class/program. This fee is non-refundable. Cancellations made before this deadline will not incur any charges.

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