Subway Yoga Mats

# Partaking in Subway Yoga, A Novel Experience

Yoga is an essential element of lifestyle for many individuals. Being able to practice it in public transportation is an exciting venture, making it available to everyone. With the introduction of Subway Yoga Mats, commuters in certain cities now have the opportunity to broaden their practice.

## What Are Subway Yoga Mats?

Subway Yoga Mats are mats that are made available in select International cities such as Barcelona and Tokyo. This allows commuters to do yoga while they ride the subway. All riders need to do is pick up a mat at a ticket counter, bring it into their car, and practice. It’s that simple!

## What to Consider Before Partaking in Subway Yoga

Before partaking in this novel experience, it is important to take into consideration a few things:

* Respect for fellow passengers: It is important to respect fellow passengers and be mindful of their space when engaging in yoga in the subway.

* Adequate hydration: There is no air circulation in the subway, and thus it can get quite hot. It’s wise to bring extra water or electrolyte drinks and stay hydrated throughout the practice.

* Accessibility and size of space: For larger poses, the space within a truck can be confined. It is advised that poses that require more space should be avoided, or opted for in the more spacious cars.

* Time of day: Depending on the hour of the day and the number of passengers, this activity can be frowned upon or even disrupted.

## The Benefits of Subway Yoga

How Many People Do Yoga

Despite the potential drawbacks, Subway Yoga has many benefits:

* Flexibility: There are no time slot restrictions, making it easy to slot in yoga where and whenever is most convenient.

* Convenience: Practicing yoga can be very inconvenient in some cities. With Subway Yoga, commuters can fit the practice into their daily routine.

* Stress relief: Practicing yoga during a commute can be a great way to decompress from the day’s events, and get into a relaxed mindset for the journey ahead.

* Shared experience: Essentially one is sharing the experience with others. This creates an empowering environment, and encourages others to join in on the journey.

## You Can Try it Too

Subway Yoga can be an exciting and invigorating experience. It’s a great opportunity for commuters to get their dose of relaxation and grounding before their journey. Next time you are in a city that provides these special mats, try out Subway Yoga for yourself and see how it fits into your routine!

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