Southern Soul Yoga

Introduction to Southern Soul Yoga

Southern Soul Yoga is a yoga studio dedicated to promoting the interconnectedness of mind, body, and soul. They are deeply rooted in the philosophy that physical and spiritual health are intertwined and require equal care. The studio offers an array of classes ranging from gentle flow to restorative yoga to suit every level of skill and experience, as well as workshops focused on deepening one’s understanding of various aspects of yoga. Southern Soul Yoga is also committed to creating a safe and welcoming space for practitioners of all backgrounds and experience levels. As part of their dedication to this cause, they provide free classes for members of disadvantaged communities so that everyone has access to the mindfulness and healing benefits of yoga. In addition, the studio works with local partners to provide workships in schools, corporate offices, retreat centers, events etc., spreading awareness about the power of Yoga.

The essence of Southern Soul Yoga lies in its mission statement which encapsulates their core values: “to teach with compassion, create community through connection, inspire personal growth and support holistic wellness for every being that comes into this sacred space.” Every class at the studio is an opportunity for life-changing transformation both on our mat and off it; on our journey to finding balance between our inner self and outer world while honoring each individual’s own truth; by coming together with open hearts we can tap into deeper realizations within ourselves ” something far more powerful than any physical practice alone could ever achieve.

Benefits of Yoga at Southern Soul

At Southern Soul Yoga, we offer classes for every level of yoga experience. Beginner classes are a great way to get started with yoga and understand the basics. We’ll help you learn the fundamentals including proper form, alignment, and breathing techniques that will help you progress as your practice grows. More experienced yogis can take advantage of our advanced classes to challenge their practice and hone their skills! No matter your level, our experienced instructors are committed to helping each student reach their goals in a safe and supportive environment.

Yoga is known for its many positive benefits ” from increased flexibility to reduced stress levels. When practiced regularly, yoga can improve strength and balance, energy levels, and mental clarity. Participants report improved immunity after just a few weeks of regular practice! Additionally, our classes act as an opportunity for self-reflection and spiritual growth – come find your inner peace while engaging in deep relaxation practices like meditation or guided visualization.

No matter what sort of journey you’re on or what you’d like to take away from your yoga practice, Southern Soul Yoga is here to provide guidance every step of the way! Book a class today and begin tapping into your full potential now!

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What’s on Offer

Southern Soul Yoga offers a variety of yoga classes and workshops that are suitable for all levels, from the beginner yogi to the experienced practitioner. Prices range from $10-$25 per class depending on the type of class being offered. Class times vary throughout the week and include both early morning and evening options. Some unique activities found at Southern Soul Yoga include restorative yoga and yoga nidra, which are also known as ‘Yogic Sleep’ ” offering an opportunity to experience deep relaxation and to bring balance between body and mind. There is also a full schedule of events available online that includes workshops, special seminars on meditation techniques, retreats, masterclasses, moon circles, kirtans (chanting), and inspirational talks. The studio also offers private sessions for individuals or families as well as team building sessions for small businesses. For more information about what Southern Soul Yoga has to offer visit their website or drop in during regular studio hours.

Creating Community

Southern Soul Yoga strives to connect people through yoga and create a strong sense of community that lasts far beyond the practice. Our students become more than just participants in a class”they become part of the “southern soul” family. By giving each student an opportunity to get to know one another and build relationships with their fellow yogis, we emphasize the importance of creating connections both on and off their mats.

The benefits of being part of a yoga community are extensive”from forming meaningful friendships and exchanging ideas, to gaining knowledge about various aspects of yogic philosophy. When we focus on building relationships with each other rather than competing, it allows us all to experience the joys of gentle, compassionate communication and connection. Through this process, our students learn to trust one another and can create stronger bonds that support them during challenging times or periods when progress seems stalled.

At Southern Soul Yoga, we believe that not only is the practice profoundly transformative but also powerful when shared within an open and loving community. We encourage our members to meet new friends before or after class, join in on group activities such as monthly potlucks or beach trips, or come out for special workshops like Reiki circles where students can connect through sharing stories in a safe space. Additionally, we host Cuddle Puddles”caring exchanges meant to restore balance in the nervous system so our yogis can leave feeling grounded and connected.

By providing our students with multiple opportunities to gather socially, everyone feels acknowledged and appreciated for who they are as individuals while still partaking in collective activities that unite them at a deeper level. As such, they begin to truly appreciate how connecting with others can heal the body and soul while bringing joy into life!

A Soulful Practice

Tara is a former Southern Soul Yogi who always felt she wasn’t living in her fullest potential. Her job was going well, but she knew there was something missing from her life. She took the leap and started practicing yoga regularly with Southern Soul Yoga to dig deeper into herself and create transformation from within. Immediately she could feel a shift in her energy; it was like waves of calming healing light were coursing through her body as she moved through the gentle poses. She quickly learned how beneficial yoga was for physical and emotional health, as within a few weeks Tara felt more relaxed, focused, and at peace with herself than ever before.

Seated Hip Opener Yoga Sequence

As time went on, Tara experienced more profound breakthroughs leading to feelings of greater overall wellbeing. She finally felt ready to take the next steps toward self-actualization; she began taking steps to align with her goals and purpose in life, feeling deeply connected to her authentic truth. Thanks largely to Southern Soul Yoga’s contribution to Tara’s life journey, today she has left behind all limitations and grounded herself in a practice that helps her keep tapping into her truest potential every day.


At Southern Soul Yoga, we welcome all walks of life to come and experience the calming and energizing practice of yoga. Our instructors strive to provide the ultimate experience in yogic teaching and gentle care. We believe that each individual should feel comfortable to unlock their body’s highest potential for enhanced vitality and peace of mind. As we all pursue our own personal journey of health and well-being, we are here to support one another as a community.

For experienced and new practitioners alike, Southern Soul Yoga has something special in store. Our trained staff welcomes questions and can help guide you through postures that are suitable for all levels. Come find balance through diverse classes such as Vinyasa Flow, Yin & Restorative Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation, Injury Prevention, Chair Yoga (for seniors), Kids’ Camps (for children) and Prenatal/Postnatal sessions. We also offer workshops designed to deepen your understanding and somatic perception of yourself on the mat.

We invite you to come experience the warmth and care of Southern Soul Yoga for yourself! Whether it be for a single session or a long-term commitment, make Southern Soul Yoga part of your regular routine today!

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