Socially Distanced Yoga

Socially Distanced Yoga: Learn How to Practice Yoga Safely During the Pandemic

Practicing yoga is one of the most popular ways to stay healthy and keep fit in the world. But with the pandemic, it is important to practice yoga safely and make sure we maintain physical distancing.

Advantages of Socially Distanced Yoga

Pandemic or not, socially distanced yoga comes with many benefits:

  • Safety. Maintaining a safe distance offers peace of mind, knowing that you aren’t putting yourself and others at risk while you practice.
  • Creativity. Limiting contact opens up lots of opportunities to get creative with your practice. From lengthening your poses and breathing techniques to exploring variants of classic asanas, you can make the most of your socially distanced yoga.
  • Focus. Socially distanced yoga gives you the chance to stay focused on your practice without any external distraction.

7 Tips to Practice Socially Distanced Yoga Safely

Here are seven tips to practice yoga safely while respecting social distancing rules:

  1. Check the regulations. The regulations might differ from one country to another. Make sure to consult the local authority for updated information about their regulations.
  2. Bring your gear. Bring your own mat and props, such as straps and blocks, to avoid contact with shared items.
  3. Follow the guidelines. Wear a mask in public spaces and follow the instructor’s instructions. Respect the distance between you and your classmates.
  4. Sanitize regularly. Make sure to wash and sanitize your hands and props before and after the practice.
  5. Stay mindful. Monitor your breathing, keep your eyes open, and try to stay mindful to better detect any sign of distress.
  6. Eat properly. Make sure you eat plenty of food before and after your practice. Eating the right amount of food will help your body to react appropriately to different poses.
  7. Stay hydrated. Always bring your own water bottle to replenish your fluids during and after the practice.


Socially distanced yoga is a great way to keep fit and healthy during this pandemic. Remember to always follow the regulations and safety protocols when practicing. With the help of these seven tips, you can make the most of your socially distanced yoga practice!

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