Should You Do Yoga During Periods


Yoga has been practiced for centuries and is known to bring physical, mental, and emotional benefits to its practitioners. With the rise of its popularity, many now consider doing yoga during their menstrual cycle. Despite what has been said about its positive effects on menstrual cramps, it is important to understand that there could be potential challenges when it comes to practicing yoga during this time of the month.

Some argue that doing yoga during your period has a plethora of benefits. For one, it can help alleviate symptoms such as bloating and cramping in the lower abdomen area often associated with menstruation. The stretching exercises that come with yoga may also help expel stagnant energy in the body and reduce stress levels often heightened by hormonal shifts during menstruation. Furthermore, certain poses can even stimulate areas like the hips which can help reduce fatigue brought by heavy periods and even boost your energy so you can get through your day-to-day activities more successfully.

However, while there are numerous benefits associated with yoga during periods, there are also some risks to consider before you decide whether or not to practice. It is important to remember that each individual is different”some may be able to handle strenuous physical activity without any issues while others may find it difficult due to aches and fatigue brought about by PMS or menstruation itself. Therefore special care should be taken when deciding which types of poses are suitable for oneself based on one’s individual needs and current state of health or energy. Additionally, one should avoid exerting themselves too much as over-exertion could lead to uncomfortable heat in the body which might exacerbate existing menstrual pain instead of alleviating them like one intends for it to do! Lastly, pregnant women should abstain from practicing yoga altogether since there are specific poses contraindicated for pregnancy which may potentially harm them and their unborn child if done incorrectly or too frequently.
All in all, while yoga can provide many physical, mental, and emotional benefits if done properly during an individuals period; they should do proper research first before engaging in this form of exercise as mild discomfort or injury may occur when done recklessly or outside of ones physical limitations at that moment in time!

What Are Some of the Benefits of Doing Yoga During Periods?

Yes, you should definitely consider doing yoga during your periods. Yoga can be a great way to help reduce cramping, reduce bloating, and regulate hormones that often cause mood swings. Doing specific yoga poses such as Child’s Pose or Butterfly Pose can help to target the abdominal area and provide relief from any discomfort associated with the menstrual cycle. Furthermore, focusing on the breath during yoga can help to focus the mind, relaxes tense muscles and aid in pain management. Additionally, yoga offers stress relief by allowing your body and mind to take a break from everyday life and recenter yourself. As an extra bonus, practicing regular yoga may even help alleviate heavy or irregular periods by improving circulation and reducing PMS symptoms.

The Drawbacks to Doing Yoga During Periods

Yoga has been practiced for centuries and is touted as one of the most effective forms of physical activity available. At the same time, many women feel uncertain about whether they should do yoga during their period. Doing certain types of yoga while menstruating comes with possible drawbacks that should be considered before starting a routine.

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One potential drawback to doing yoga during your periods is comfort level. Many poses are more difficult to perform and may be uncomfortable if done during that time of the month. Additionally, yoga involves stretching and contracting muscles which can cause cramping and other types of pain for those who are prone to it during their menstrual cycle. Another consideration is fatigue; due to premenstrual syndrome (PMS) some women may feel very exhausted when trying to do any type of exercise, including yoga. Lastly, depending on the individual’s period flow, doing certain types of yoga such as “hot” or “vinyasa” can be tricky since some poses will cause unwanted leakage or embarrassment.

It is important for individuals to weigh all the pros and cons before selecting what form of exercise works best for them during their periods. If you choose to do yoga while menstruating make sure you discuss your concerns with an instructor so they can provide modifications that work best for your individual needs.

Appropriate Poses to Use When Doing Yoga During Your Period

Yes, you should definitely do yoga during your menstrual cycle. Yoga can be a great outlet for stress and can help improve mood and ease bodily discomfort. It also serves as a form of exercise that allows you to both relax and work the body gently. When doing yoga during your period, there are some poses that are more appropriate than others. Forward bends such as Paschimottanasana (seated forward bend) can help lengthen and revive the back muscles, while strengthening the abdominal wall and helping relieve cramping. Other gentle poses like Ananda Balasana (happy baby pose) or Viparita Karani (legs up the wall pose) can provide relief from sensations like heaviness in the lower belly with its therapeutic effects by improving circulation. Child’s pose is also excellent for relaxation of both hormones and nerves. Lastly, low-impact activities such as restorative yoga or gentle stretching should be favored over vigorous exercise routines to prevent inflammation; doing so is important to acknowledge that it may take a little while longer to complete each practice but will pay off in the end!

Tips and Techniques to Make Yoga During Periods More Comfortable

Yes, absolutely! Yoga during periods can be incredibly beneficial. It is a great way to help alleviate period cramps and other uncomfortable symptoms, as well as providing an overall state of wellbeing. That said, it’s important to remember that everyone is different and injuries can occur with any type of exercise – so please always consult your doctor before beginning any physical activity or yoga routine.

If you’d like to practice yoga during your menstrual cycle there are a few tips that you can use to make it more comfortable:

1. Stay hydrated: Drink plenty of water in order to keep your energy up and stay hydrated through the poses. This helps to replenish the body and keep muscles loose while practicing yoga.

2. Focus on gentle movements: During your periods it is best to focus on gentle movements such as sun salutations and stretches rather than more strenuous poses asanas or power vinyasas. This will not only make you feel better but reduce the risk for injury too!

3. Reclining posture: Spend some time in reclining postures such as Shavasana (corpse pose) or supine twists which are particularly helpful for achieving relaxation states when feeling crampy during your cycle. An added bonus is that these postures also allow you to rest without putting strain on your body.

4. Use bolsters/ pillows: When practicing yoga during periods use props such as bolsters or pillows under knees if wanting extra cushioning in positions such as child’s pose or forward folds which may naturally increase abdominal pain and tension due to their forward-bending nature.

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5 Listen to Your body : Most importantly, listen to your body ! If something doesn’t feel right or Pose becomes too intense then don’t hesitate in taking a break from practice or changing/modifying poses according preferences and needs at that particular point. Being kind towards yourself during menstruation should be top priority ” remember Ahimsa (non-violence) principle when learning Yoga 😉

Different Approaches to Do Yoga During Periods

Yes, you can do yoga during your periods. In fact, many yogis swear by it as a great way to manage cramps, alleviate discomfort associated with menstruation and ease stress. Different approaches may be taken depending on your individual preference and health.

For example, some practitioners find that gentle restorative yoga poses or breathing exercises are the most beneficial for this time of month, as allowing the body to relax and lengthen the spine is key. Others prefer to take a more active route by performing vinyasa poses such as bridge or low lunge which can help to stimulate circulation. Additionally, some find it helpful to incorporate specialized poses such as knees-to-chest or abdominal twists which loosen up tight muscles while providing relief from bloating and menstrual cramps. Ultimately if one practice doesn’t work, move onto something else until you find what best supports your body’s needs during this time of month.

Aside from postures in yoga class, incorporating mindfulness tools both on and off the mat can be incredibly beneficial during one’s period. For instance, taking a few moments out of each day for silent meditation ” either sitting upright on your mat or lying down in bed ” can offer a great opportunity for emotional release and provide deep nourishing relaxation. Incorporating healing sound frequencies from singing bowls, mantras or chanting also helps to access deeper states of consciousness which facilitates emotional purging in addition to bringing an overall sense of well-being. Taking this time to truly listen to yourself provides an opportunity for clarity around how you are feeling at any given moment which may lead to even greater self awareness around what type of support your body needs right now!


Though there is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question of whether or not you should do yoga during your periods, it can definitely be beneficial for the physical and mental health. To determine if yoga is a good fit for you during menstruation, it’s important to assess your own comfort level with the practice and consider potential benefits as well as risks. Some womxn find that their cramps lessen with regular performance of asanas; others choose to focus more on restorative poses like supported twist and Child’s Pose, which are better suited for alleviating cramp-related pain. Ultimately, choosing a practice that works best for you will serve to substantially increase its positive effect on your body and mind during this time. As long as you’re comfortable with your decisions regarding the type of yoga you want to do while on your period and remain mindful of any health risks associated with the practice, then practicing yoga during menstruation can be a great way to nurture yourself holistically.

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